The call for Baidu’s Hi name was loud

recently came online, Guangdong netizens issued two major reasons for the strong demand for Baidu Hi name, post who have also given their own views, for the following reasons: 1. in the Guangdong area, with Cantonese say Hi is a very civilized language, and said that very vulgar Baidu ~ ~ ~ hope to seriously consider the Guangdong area, it is difficult to compete with Tencent, Tencent is Shenzhen after all, a better understanding of Guangdong culture… 2. and Baidu space "Hi" repeat, after all, is the two product…… Baidu Hi users directly indicates itself in tort, but I do not know how to infringement, may be invaded their rights, but also found that many users are not very supportive of Baidu HI, think this is just a false performance, more say more unpleasant, here not to describe indelicate. from my point of view, the name is more chatty, I am authentic northerners, is not very love to name, we may have the habit of amiable name, think IM products should be your own personal buddy, such as Tencent, called QQ, fluently, and choose the "Penguin" as the image of IM, see is very cute, it is not only his buddy, for adults, more like it as his own child care, NetEase bubble and Taobao Wangwang, this name is more cordial, very much in line with the Chinese taste, Baidu Hi, called up, is really a little stiff, and we can see the Baidu IM image, I look more like a PigHead, is 07 years of development, is the year of the pig, affected, so I chose a PigHead as these images, I Many users will not be too willing to accept, no wonder, we have a lot of views on Baidu Hi. at the same time, many users also said that for Baidu HI, you can try, but not always, no matter how, not to give up the lovely QQ, it’s a good partner, his many years, therefore, it can be concluded that the Baidu Hi will not have an impact on the Tencent. Baidu Hi believes it will not easily change its name again. It has just changed its image and changed its name. I am afraid it will be a big loss to my company’s image. this is a brand, Baidu may Hi is the value of a brand, while ignoring the netizens heart, accurate is Chinese the voice users, this name is in abroad, will not have such a strong reaction. my station name, is very lovable, directly enabled bubble is a bubble, statistics, sounds very fluently, let the webmaster friends can remember what’s the name, although the domain name is not very good, but at least the name okay to listen to some. Baidu Hi might want to create a name, but it’s going to cost you… don’t know, we renamed on the Baidu Hi, to what advice do not leave your advice, visit _____________________________! "

Webmaster, don’t forget to check the links every day

Baidu recently in site a cramp, individuality signature ( station, see the collection included thousands of pages, while hundreds of pages, see my little darling "plop plop jump". Really test the heart of the station bear ability ah! ! in the process of website development, to do friendship links is taken for granted, is also essential. Especially for new sites, the bad links for the impact of the station is not small, although because friends chain was K station, and no authoritative description. But experienced webmaster said it will have an impact. It is said that the search engine also explains, and will be implicated because of friendship links to the station. And because the chain case is There are plenty of people who K. The importance of Links I do not have to say, then do Links, should be especially careful. Don’t do the link after over every day, don’t forget to do link checking, found links to timely remove ! new sites, especially just been included in the home page Baidu site, had better not and have been included in the station to do links. This may affect your registration and snapshot update time. After the home page included, do more and website content close to the website. Don’t try to find links to unrelated websites. links, reduce the weight of the link page, only on the home page, or on the site map page link links. In this way, links can also be included in the search engine, but the entire web site has only one or two pages linked to the links page. This link structure makes the link pages very low in weight. The normal website structure should be the link page, which is one of the organic components of the entire site, and should be handled the same as the other pages. For example, the links page is a channel, which is divided into many categories. Well, this channel should be like all other content channels, and there is a navigation link on all pages to make the link page get its due weight. some webmaster although in the page to make friendship link page looks like ordinary web page, but in fact use robots.txt file or meta tag, so that links page can’t be included. That’s one of the reasons why I think PR sometimes has some uses. If the page has PR, at least the page has been indexed by Google. Some webmaster links and nofollow attributes, sometimes the link is to use script to turn. At this point, such links are actually not normal links, and can not convey any weight. Some webmasters do more covert, using the JS script, the link is turned, but when the mouse is placed on the link, the browser status bar shows normal links. , unless you check his source code, it’s hard to see that the links he gave are actually scripted. Some webmaster in for you to exchange friendship link email, tell you, […]

Some ideas at the Admin5 forum selling stations

contacted the website and Admin5 this year, and learned a lot in the webmaster network. So there will be a personal website of their own. website just started, also everywhere sends the post, sends ad. Do some general webmaster will do, is to hope that the site traffic can be higher and higher. Through their continuous efforts, the site from 0 to do 1000IP, so I want to do what kind of advertising, you can make some money. Put a lot of alliances, not buckle volume, that is, the unit price is too low, a month down, basically can not turn to what money. Thought I worked hard to do stand for a month even 300 yuan to do really is a failure. Then there was an impulse to sell the station. open the Admin5 forum for District, but also a lot of receiving station, so I contacted a network called slippers webmaster, saw him on the QQ website price is also good, about 700 yuan for a long time has finally talk about the price, ha ha, I thought this station a month to earn 300 yuan unexpectedly sold today 700 really good happy, then contact the agency quickly completed the transaction. When the money to hand, only to find that money is still so easy. have you ever thought of joining a 1000IP station, you can sell more than 700, one also do 3 stations, they IP to 1000 to sell, what kind of concept will this be?. if you say your website is 1000IP a month, how much do you think you can earn every month? opens Admin5 forum, buying so many websites every day. Why don’t anyone sell it, or what’s the reason, ?   good beginning is half of success, I wish all the webmaster friends can choose to start a good development direction to make money for themselves, to rely on the site to make money already has a certain scale of things, we must reconsider the position for my money, I think what place do you know, out of the ordinary, create new styles, the world of information, God helps those who help themselves, too, only you out of the ordinary, you will have a better development opportunities.

On the behavior of marketing alliance advertising portal

today, the customer complained about the poor advertising effect, and then realized that the door had been forced advertising. below is a bit of a feeling: started from April through the portal space, my site traffic is in a portal bubusheng up. Thank you very much for the steady service that portal has been offering, no matter when it was three thousand IP or thirty thousand IP, I never thought it was slow. for so long free, always hope that the door through the advertising union out early, but today finally came out, but not surprise, is a bit depressed. My website also has the lower right corner of the floating window, I have not seen the door through the advertising, until this evening the customer complained that the advertising effect is very bad, and sent a screenshot to me, I just know what is going on. in fact, portal through advertising is normal, but also through the door to survive and develop, and only profitable to provide better service. So I definitely support the gateway. but now the form of advertising is somewhat difficult to accept, I hope the gateway can carefully consider the views of the majority of the webmaster. Develop embedded ads as soon as possible. but no matter what, I will support the gateway, and now I will accept the advertising, after all, portal enough to pay. I just don’t want to see the door lead to decline because of this kind of advertisement, but I can’t find such a good space in the future. Ha-ha。 portal, come on, economic winter, webmaster, we have reason to believe that the gateway will have a satisfactory solution.

We study, my road is bumpy

contact network is about 2000, when I began to have a broadband telecommunications, the local small game room after another began to put on a computer all day, students and some young people in and out, some day mixed games and surfing the Internet in Internet bar. I have already graduated from college to work, the street to work every day to go through our county is known as the "game Street", the street after several years of development, from the beginning of the game to the computer Internet narrowband and broadband Internet access, and eventually formed a "bar street", has been quite the size of the street, on both sides of the "Internet cafes" have more than 20, all day long bustling, on Saturday at the same time in the Internet about five or six students and young people. Later I found out how many students and young people wasted their time and youth on this Internet cafe street. never before due to contact with the network, although heard of the online world is very exciting, but also know how to get on the Internet, is it a little bit of technology, not like a book, open the text is full out. So, often passing there, and never dare to go in, afraid of those little guy jokes. for the first time to enter the Internet bar is purely accidental, that just want to buy a pack of cigarettes in a cafe door, inside the young people waved to me, is my neighbor, never graduated from junior high school entrance, doing nothing, all day in the cafe dawdle. Give them a few cigarettes, and I’ll sit there and watch them surf the web. They don’t know much about the Internet. They’re very flexible with their Pinyin input, chatting with people QQ, and more playing online games and Jianghu communities. When it comes to exciting, I also want to talk to each other, with five methods of input I have learned in college, I am interested in talking with my friends who can’t see them. they motioned me to rent machine on the Internet, I was a fool in front of embarrassed, the small guy, but curiosity overcame all this, when I’m here and there, just don’t know how to "network", the network to call me, pointing to a similar satellite orbiting the earth. Double click when they finally know the Internet to use a "browser" that thing. then the Internet, if not Baidu, no blog and space, the most commonly used is the QQ chat, and chat rooms, so distant and authentic communication that kind of feeling is very good, because there was no camera, also just imagine the computer on the other side of the man’s appearance, until now. There are a lot of friends have not seen in the video, some have not been on line, do not know the distant side, is not too good? In the impression, just have a say, a sign. a few […]

Personal opinions on the operation of educational websites

first, I used to do the tests, test, examination and network education and other more than 10 related sites, the author of the other education and training sites are not the right of discourse. We also talk about self promotion and operation experience into the site, when the right to initiate. 1. Locate according to the customer base I first came to these sites, that the self examination into customers are students, the talk with the leadership of the company was informed that the self examination into the selection of customers, most of them are state-owned enterprises or large enterprises as a position, only to get a diploma or professional title or position, the second is part of the professional college students. knows the company’s main customer base and locates the site according to the customer’s needs. 1, according to popular Related words to locate the site such as the Hunan area has a lot of famous university, but the university entrance examination part more attention by people, and this is the time to choose this university. 2 locate according to customer’s needs customers are mainly divided into diploma, special professional student demand and so on. For the diploma older customers, schools and professional website will highlight the "business management" and "marketing" is passed; for professional characteristics, such as nurses, civil engineering and other professional students, the author mainly selected the Hunan area of the more prominent professional school. knows the main customers and builds the website, which will be promoted in the future. two, a kind of self promotion of the website self test site promotion and common sites are similar, but there are also other characteristics of the industry, in order to avoid about the education of the site promotion focus. 1, SEO promotion key education sites and other sites are not the same, such as the author did before the Hunan self test network, there are dozens of schools under the exam. At present, many educational companies, including the author, have adopted dual line warfare methods. What is the topic page is double, master opened up the school, such as Polytechnic, Lake etc.. At the same time, and with a domain independent school website, then one. education company adopts double combat also has its difficulties, such as search engine algorithm to adjust, if a site is K, the company cut off most. Second, the increasing competition in the industry also allows education companies to use top-level domain names to promote the site. 2, to seize the three major library platform education website external promotion, do not need to do blog marketing, BBS marketing, and so on. Self examination into members of the forum have been registered, the author has tried for a time by the forum automatic greeting sent the message sending software, its effect is little, the author finally decisively abandoned. The following figure is a screenshot of the author’s numerous Baidu library accounts. < >

Free to quickly improve the PR value of the site

many webmasters believe that it is difficult to raise the PR value to 5 and let other websites actively link to it. Their only idea is to raise the PR value of their website by buying external links. Here is another free way to improve the PR value of your website, rather than by bulk software or buy external links to achieve. 1) submit your web site to the directory. It may take some time, if it is collected, it will at least your website PR value and reverse link to improve 70%. 2) write articles and submit them to professional article catalogues. There are many professional English articles in foreign countries. If you write an article, it will only bring you a very low PR value, because the new article is updated, your article will soon be replaced by other new articles…. But if you can write 15-30 article and submitted to the PR6 or PR7 article directory sites, the contents of the article, you can row in the novel structure, the front page of the site, so each article can bring at least 10 valid backlinks to you. This link will convince Google that your website page is an important site, and that Google might give you 5 or 6 of the page’s PR value. 3) to some PR value high BBS release information, in the release of information when you want to remember to bring a signature, signature can usually bring the web site. Attention should not be arbitrarily sent advertising information, good forums are generally administrator in the audit, and found that your IP is very easy to screen. 4) search with Google! If your website is about car type, you can enter " in Google; Cars exchange link, with us", or " cars link, exchange, page", etc…. Some PR value high site, they have self-help link function, will soon appear in front of the search engine, you can directly through these pages to submit links. About " Wooden serving trays" in general, through Google to search the Links website, you can enter the " wooden trays" " Wooden; serving trays" such as keyword search, will soon find a lot of relevant information. Here, suggest you, some irrelevant website can do not link. 5) leave a message or write some thank-you notes. Try to remember previously provided you with SEO, links, network promotion and other related services web site. You can always visit them and leave messages or suggestions on them. Your avatar will appear on it, and it will also bring you some useful links. >

Give a suggestion to a webmaster who wants to make a website for an industry

sharing is the source of personal webmaster progress, but also the personal stationmaster’s grave. sees a lot of friends like to send soft Wen on stationmaster kind website, popularize their industry website. I know, the day of the release, you must have brought a lot of traffic, but I want to tell you, those traffic is completely worthless traffic, the webmaster will not buy your product, but they will COPY your model. tells two real things. remembers that he was afraid he hadn’t written a new article for three months. The main fear is, the last time I write an article mentioned that I had a medical website, and then it made articles "in the promotion of soft paper, because it is his station, so specially in the" bar to the set of recommendations, the soft effect is there, that give me the medicine Station with hundreds of people, but the basic is the webmaster, less than half a month later, I found that my recovery station was dead, I each update an article, estimates there are dozens of websites where I collected the day. I can hardly do it anymore. I have the individual collection station or a domain name, the weight is higher than me, the Baidu actually judging my article is collecting his station. The medical station theme I do when I did last year I found under the Baidu search also few people do, but since I write soft article promotion, the type of the station increases sharply, yesterday I search, I kind of theme has hundreds of medical stations. It’s horrible。 The result is that I have insisted for more than a year, I am still standing around 2000 people, the competition is too fierce, too many people, I did not make any natural money, I do not want to update. The site is pretty much gone. a few days ago, there is a friend to find me, he and I said, his website to promote, in the web page to send a text, soft Wen, I want to recommend. He who stands do is a word in Baidu keyword that in addition to bid, he ranked third, he is selling a product (product name, I will not say, because I estimate a say, my friend’s station and I immediately did last year, the medical stations like OVER) he one day hundreds of people, but he has more than 10 thousand months of income. Therefore, doing network business is still very good, mainly to choose a product, income than you do stand selling advertising to others better. In the choice of products, recommended to choose fine, all of your site’s theme is only around a word, it is generally the result you persist for some time, your words if competition is not very intense, the general can enter Baidu first page, you can make a phone call in several other bills. through these two examples I just want to tell you one thing, when you […]

A5 security group MS SQL lecture memoir

Hello everyone. I’m the A5 security team. Let’s talk about MSSQL’s security, and I won’t talk about it any more. This patch is sure to be played. Otherwise, overflow tools such as sqlhello overflow. here, say "SA". SA and administrator are the same. So it’s dangerous. If you use SA as your link account. Imagine it’s very dangerous. But if you use SA, that’s the case. Or organize intruders from all sides. removes components such as cmdshell. Xp_dirtree and their DLL, xplog70.dll, and so on, have many components. Can go online to find DLL files, in general, those four. Xp_web what?. OA. Wait。 After the is deleted, they can be organized and answered with statements. But if hackers combine your WEBshell, you can say you’re done. They can add it themselves. Reply to all of you. There is a script on the website, lake2 written by brother lake2.dll, and this component is similar to that of oa. Cannot answer back. But they can export text using > and c:a.txt, so there’s no recommendation to use SA here. general website, no matter what, we use db_owner and public on it. If I do it, just give it to public. Because pubilc lacks several functions and has no backup function. db_owner everyone knows that you can backup to get shell’, but public can’t be used to get shell. But he’s still in danger. Public can still use the xp_dirtree component. they can write what they have written into the established table. Then use select to see. So it’s dangerous. By the way, a hacker is missing. When he is invading, he meets web data. How can he solve this problem?. They can be invoked with a component using remote. Select executes queries using remote SQL queries. The permissions for public can be listed in the directory. One can imagine that they can look over your website carefully. So it’s still dangerous. So it’s ultimately due to the xp_dirtree component. Maybe many people don’t know that xp_dirtree has another brother, that is, xp_subdirs and xp_dirtree are the same, and the functions are exactly the same. so it’s still DLL to solve the problem, so here we have to pay attention. Db_owner can backup a script to your startup project and have access to it. So limit them back to the startup item. also >

Grassroots Adsense, network entrepreneurship, real experience sharing (1)

1, the friendship and interests in the team should be clearly defined, is one single-handed limited capacity, development team will grow better, but a team can not be built on the basis of friendship, friendship rather cultivate interests first, because friendship will drag in the days after the decision on the division of labor. Because everyone’s "embarrassed" and reduce the efficiency of the entire team. 2, thinking should be advanced, the pace of progress must follow here is mainly to learn advanced thinking plan to do before, and immediately to carry out the plan early, we only need a final goal, a stage plan, this goal was not achieved before, it is best not to think too much, a creative today, tomorrow and a creative way not realistic, individual owners have several uncompleted website too common, but individual owners have a website are also many examples of the essence. 3, big dreams are not recommended, serious implementation is the key, network business has its own characteristics, often want to network entrepreneurs who are from others and to rich and successful entrepreneurs to join in, the process of network business is expected to be too optimistic, a lofty, gallop world, over a period of time will complain, even disappeared". No matter what you do, what you do is not say, say, say, but do, do, and do. 4, unwavering faith is important, network entrepreneurship is not overnight, starting from the idea of entrepreneurship, to entrepreneurial success, there is a long process. In this process, to bear the pains and hungry body skin pain, especially for young people, will encounter many have never met face a lot of ups and downs, I do not know how to break the problem of entrepreneurship is a solution to the problem of dream tramp over mountains and through ravines, firm belief is the inexhaustible motive force support you resolve a problem. 5, do a good job with time to stop standing network business with open shops are a little different, not crowded downtown area on the network, customers, users need to spend effort to accumulate, this time how long? No one can answer, I used 3 years to a palm sized field, finally can not afford to eat the meal to chew on bread, although it is over but I think still scared, not to mention Mr. Ma Yun for 8 years now has made achievements, so do the project before you want to bet good time PK years ? 6, don’t always ask some suck problems to see more advanced experience of the article, encountered problems do not understand, to communicate with friends. But don’t add other people’s QQ, even the minimum "hello" is not, in determining the other party is an expert, immediately to sentence, "tell me what station, both traffic and make money quickly."". For an expert, what you do is both traffic and money, and for you, it’s probably what you do

Good behavior advertising strategies for buyers of fast-moving consumer goods

consumers among countries may have more in common than we know, at least in the purchasing of fast moving consumer goods. According to the world’s third largest case research company Ipsos (Ipsos) a new study found that no matter in which country, 23 countries surveyed consumers in the purchase of FMCG when they behave the same way. according to consumer attitudes and shopping habits, the study divided consumers into five different categories: (1) brand enthusiast (2) price guide (3) impulsive shopper (4) planned buyer (5) bargain buyer is the most common "price oriented" and "buying" type of consumer groups, which accounted for 23% of consumers surveyed and 25%. are more likely to buy high-end brand brand lovers accounted for 19%, with a fixed budget plan buyers accounted for 17%, has its own unique way of shopping place and impulse shoppers accounted for 16%. of each group of consumers, and this can be for those who wish to cover these groups of marketing personnel to provide valuable reference for advice. When developing media plans and media buying strategies, digital marketers continue to consider consumer behavior, but they do not go further into the representation of specific consumer groups that do their best to cover them. However, the Ipsos research company provides this information, marketers can the target audience more fine classification, and provide better advertising campaigns for their needs. but after this problem is solved, there is one more difficult thing to do. That is, choose the right advertising type. How can we ensure that the choice of the website, advertising or advertising format and position of each consumer groups will resonate? Of course, if consumers FMCG shopping differently, then the brand advertising campaign will be different. In this case, the best thing to do is to divide the ads into different pieces based on the personal interests of potential customers (from retailers to brand enthusiasts). induced brand lovers and impulse shoppers according to Ipsos research, the two consumer groups have some common characteristics. For example, both sides are willing to buy brand products, and will be affected by the wise remark of an experienced person shop staff, whether it is recommended or a more expensive product tastes better etc.. these brand conscious consumer groups are more likely to respond to this kind of advertising: advertising shows both products, brands, and allows them to interact with products. Branding the Facebook page and using the Facebook’s "like" button can not only satisfy consumers’ pride in buying the product, but also allow them to show their affinity to their online friends. Mini sites, brands, videos and features

How to allow micro precision fans active plus you as a friend

students, I believe that today this article, mostly doing micro business students, and think you are the micro business people, what is the term "derivative" understand? Is selling things on a mobile phone? Or use WeChat to sell things is the derivative of me? Understanding of the micro business, but it should be called a community or community electricity supplier, electricity supplier, belongs to a branch of business. Since it is the electricity supplier, traffic is the most basic source. Now many micro business do not understand or do not understand what is flow, but every day there are basic requirements, homework is constantly to add group, near the people, brush powder software, the purpose is only one, plus friends. This is actually a process of storing up the seed of manufacturing flow for itself. But after that each person has the basic question, why the fans did not translate the Calais? No deal is no cash flow orders?. A lot of people are asking this question.   today I had this problem, first out, is that you have to the fans not quality! Let alone come with precision! Fans, not zombie fans, is not interested in you waste powder, and only came to refresh in your circle of friends. Well, that’s a real sell. What to do? Share some tips for adding fans today. 1. Disadvantages of traditional methods of adding wants to know the problem and has to find the source and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the promotion methods used. Here are some of the micro I have listed vendors commonly used methods of promotion for your understanding and analysis. (B grade) 1, WeChat, uses the WeChat group to send red packets, hard ads, and powder, which is now a way of adding many micro agents to the operation, because the cost is not high, by everyone’s favor, but the conversion effect is passable, plus is not a colleague, is zombie powder, conversion rate is low. The difficulty of operation: * * you can feel . cost: * * * * * effect: you can feel you can feel . score: * * pain points: to attract fans with a red envelope is not accurate, hard wide was kicked out of the group, mutual powder is mostly Calais counterparts, low conversion rate. 2, software automatically adds hundreds of dollars a set of software, through the automatic greeting and annex people, every day added to the friends also have hundreds of or so, but most of them are zombie powder, and there is no interest in the garbage powder. Plus fans are not accurate, the conversion rate is extremely low, The difficulty of operation, you can feel: * * Cost: assumes you effect: you can feel you can feel . comprehensive score >

How did I earn my first 15 days on the site

author website: Shandong art entrance examination network was formally launched in April 10th, just 15 days, I have thousands of months of income, although very little, but I see the hope. himself has limited style of writing, and briefly talks about how to build a website 1. site location: now a lot of people come up is to do a local portal, industry website, if the individual owners are difficult to develop, I also try to do a 2007 local community website, not two months will have to exit, here wants to explain is the site location, for individual owners can not be greedy I think we should, starting from the demand, seize the opportunity, from small start, a small market, as long as you are NO1, I believe you will not be sad. 2.SEO: in this respect, I’m a rookie. I use Dede CMS, personally feel that Dede still has advantages in terms of SEO, because it is new, my station is still ranked rise, do Baidu one or two position should be another point the day and await for it, I found that to establish their own web links on Sina Baidu blog quickly to be included, so new webmaster reference. 3. content should be updated in a timely manner, content is the foundation of the site, the site to sustainable development, we should uphold the "content is king" concept, especially the right amount of originality. sum up: the concept of my station is: demand first, content is king, technical means to follow up. welcome and the majority of webmaster exchange website operation experience.

LZCMS talk about Google exit, Adsense should pay attention to matters

from Google Chinese, but it is not completely out, can open, only to Hongkong, Google if it is completely out of the station, we should pay attention to what happens, I will talk about today. one. Google’s thinking Google is gone, let us first think of is Chinese investment environment, but it is China heavenly things, regardless of our business, we can think of people, big companies do not go, we look after these small owners really pay attention, don’t say what to draw further apart, China we do on the line, not to engage in what tricks. two. Other search engines in China Google is gone, our website also have subsequently fought other search engines in China, Google’s 1/3 share of course will also be other search engines in China, now Google has not completely withdraw from our website is best to prepare early, early to do optimization for other search engines, have let other search engines early included, included. Google is gone, some people will be very Chinese pictures, indeed, Google online translation is very useful to us, the grass can also see foreigners faster website, take it to the registered foreign M, m m to transfer abroad, if not the Google translation, we can only see the tutorial step a step of the operation, it is too much trouble. three. About the Google advertising coalition, Google withdrew from China, there may be advertising alliance left, just take it as before. Before Google did not come to China, the same can apply for advertising alliance, but it was not the same as now. Now exit information is issued, may Google in the advertising business China connected will reduce part of advertising is reduced, the price of course advertising alliance will reduce the price a little, of course we do not need to continue to use the Google Adsense, now we can actually begin to look at other domestic advertising alliance, more understanding some. four. Google PR value, from Google Chinese, may the PR value of the site would not cancel, Google PR will not have any impact on the Chinese China, now in a sense, Google will cherish their own products, of course, the Google PR value is not canceled. five. Google will also include Chinese websites, Google is gone, but the Internet is no boundaries, I think Google Corporation will not ban Chinese included about the site, there is no need to deliberately suppress the China website China website, said Google is in multinational companies in foreign Chinese will check some things about China with Google. Google let go of China, but he will never put any Chinese, so we can rest assured that Google will be included in our Chinese website. as a whole, Google is gone. From now on, it’s just changed to HK, we >

How to manage a large number of websites on the IIS

many webmasters now use VPS or servers, whether VPS or server, roughly two systems, not Windows systems, or Linux systems. The windowns system combined with IIS server, it should be many webmaster selection. Because the function is more, for those who use the window system more smoothly. Windows, sever + IIS operations, access, mysql, SQL and other databases are also more convenient. although IIS management website is more convenient, but once the server on the site more, it is more difficult to manage. Do not say a few hundred, that is, 10, a few, twenty, several sites mixed together, to clear browsing and management is still time-consuming and trouble. , there are a lot of site management procedures can be used directly, such as virtual host management procedures, such as selling space station, you can choose actually getting a virtual host program, there are a lot of free, two, but I still like the server a little more relaxed, with more procedures, loading more things, will affect the operation of the server. The following is to share the IIS without the use of third software how to clear management group. 1, first of all to their own stations to do a good job classification, my station is broadly divided into these categories: portals or large websites, corporate websites, celebrities, personal websites, temporary sites (including temporary demonstration, test site). ‘s main directory is wwwroot, according to the above 4 categories, build 4 directory placed website, portal or large website – > Sups, > Coms, enterprise website; celebrity personal website – > Ones, Tems; temporary site – > sup is the super acronym, meaning com super station; the company is the abbreviation; one is a personal meaning, meaning tem is temporary. You can write your name according to your own needs. Manage sites on 2 and IIS. IIS does not support the classification of the website management, to clear the management of so many sites, you need to rely on naming to complete. as follows, generally open IIS, see the site is unordered arrangement, the site is more, is management headache. in accordance with the classification of first points, when the site on the IIS, the name of the site with classification, such as now to add a large station, then IIS is named, that is, plus a Sups_ prefix. Each site is classified according to its own name, then when entering IIS, according to the description of the sorting order, then the station will be clear on the group. As follows: in fact, my classification is not only 4 categories, Mas prefix is a number of celebrity master web site, Dir prefix is some web site to turn. According to the above method, basically can be very much

Baidu yesterday updated spike station analysis of the problem

came back one day later and opened the QQ client to ask why he couldn’t search my home network online. Halo, immediately open BAIDU, because GOOGLE is relatively stable, and do not worry too much. Sure enough,, I can’t find any content. Depressed, more headache, can not find the reason. From October last year, the small station was established, insisting on manual updates every day, and this year began a lot of content original, Baidu daily updates than home page, but also almost every day update station news. Last night still ADMIN5 hair article, hope to share with you today is really good website, actually he is very hard to find their own seckill! Why, the general problems may arise in brief, hope master who help me, I’m not going to do what changes at present, is to do an experiment. 1, the site home from ordinary TABLE replaced by DIV+CSS, completely written by himself, and from the day of change has already started two months fast, Baidu updated daily home page. I don’t think it should be a problem. He Baidu can’t let me change clothes, and I did it just this once. And, TITLE, the other descriptions change just a few words, 2, part of the revision. Specifically for the Ezhou news and Ezhou property. At the same time, the revision was rewritten in DIV+CSS. First changed news, Baidu soon included, and news updates are more frequent. Then changed to Ezhou real estate, great changes, increased functions, indeed from the revision to the present, the column has not been updated, but there are updated specific property information. So I feel this should not let Baidu spike ah, ! 3, written in recent sections of the soft more points. This you can look into my space, in fact, not many, are a little more likely. Do the software will lead to the increase of the K station? Map kings encourage soft Wen, so I think the possibility is not ! , a 4 page link Ezhou real estate bureau recently modified version, and that included is a serious decline, but the station is the official website, should not be so low weight, but also through the search Ezhou real estate network, the station has a good ranking! 5, human rights down, optimize the excessive, this is even better, I stand in the local absolute content first, many other sites, but a lot of information from my website. Optimization is impossible, first of all, I do not understand SEO, not to mention excessive optimization ah, 6, is the so-called small problems together Many a little make a mickle.? Big problems? But why didn’t sign? Seckill! The growth process of specific I stand we can see my personal space on ADMIN5, please tell me QQ:7591159 be generous with your criticism!

Light design makes websites sensitive and lightweight with 6 Tips

in the planning and design of websites or software, we often hear such a discussion: "this function is designed too heavy" or "we want to be able to handle it lightly."". It seems light design is the current hot topic is just unfolding Web2.0 under the waves of designers (see the love in the world blossom everywhere SNS sites, both visual elements or interactive process can light the light). In this paper, from the point of view of practice and summary, 6 techniques are put forward to make design lighter. what is lightweight design: Before begins, you need to specify what light design is. There is no desire to give the next professional definition of light design, but only the understanding of the characteristics of light design should be summed up. has sensitive, interactive elements: links on the page, text boxes, buttons, etc. interactive elements can respond sensitively to operations and provide immediate feedback. light flow and suggest that the current task does not interrupt the user’s task: try to use less and clear steps to complete, prompt and temporary task. Try not to interrupt the user main task, do not let the user confirmation and operation is not necessary. does not interfere with the user’s attention: the user is to use products and services, rather than to enjoy the exquisite design, if the process will use as design elements may be designed so distracted too heavy. Try to use less useful decorations and details. 6 tips for light design: 1. flexible logo response zone clicking on the site’s logo usually brings us back to the home page. From this point of view, Logo not only plays the role of brand identity, but also bear an important navigation function. Even plain links are underlined or colored when the mouse is crossed, so does logo, as a more important interactive element, also provide proper feedback when the mouse is passing? listed below several logo flexible response to the mouse example, the use of the process found that small changes not only enhance the availability, but also to make the site appear sensitive and angry.   2., a sensitive and interactive element, navigation for the importance of the site is self-evident, navigation elements to respond to the mouse operation immediately.   important operations and boot buttons should be designed more carefully, including three states of the button (normal, hover, active) and even four states (adding a disabled state). This is also done to enable important interactive elements to give timely feedback to different operations to make them agile and efficient.   < >

How to build strategic channel alliances and build strategic regional markets

the rapid development of China’s economy has brought a flourishing leather market environment, and the major enterprises are full of unprecedented expansion impulse, hoping to expand market share. These ideas are not local manufacturers of China’s enterprises, many foreign enterprises are holding this dream to invade the Chinese leather market, hoping to get more gold in this leather market in china". But with the expansion of the scale of the leather market, some enterprises gradually reveal weakness, staff expansion, increased costs, management has become more and more complicated; finally led to increased sales and profits decline symbiosis. the harsh situation forced the enterprises have to re-examine the market strategy, the development of leather regional market is no longer a simple landing, occupation, but its construction will become a lead to sustained profit market, which is a strategic regional market leather. This strategic regional market is the regional market that the enterprise can cover; it is a market with leading position in specialization and depth development; it is a market that can expand in scale and return in large profits. strategy for the construction of the regional market, manufacturers have a lot of work to do: it needs to break the boundaries of existing departments, according to the characteristics of the regional market development; need to provide a unique style of service; to improve the management efficiency, it needs a Zhang Wang, a network of relationships, a sales network of a talking! Network, a powerful network! For it call for it to its net sales, the regional market "fish". In short, we need to gain a much larger competitive edge than our competitors. to create strategic regional markets, the means of price competition will inevitably be replaced by perfect after-sales service and brand, which is gradually emerging on the market characteristics of competition. From the point of view of market operation, manufacturers should build a close dealer network system, build it into a quasi vertical integrated sales channel, and build a strategic channel alliance. but how should a brand be built, ? the simplest and most direct is – the fourth media – 167 million Internet users, this huge number, so that the network in China’s media leader position is far ahead. And low prices, but also for enterprises to build brands, save a lot of money. manufacturers hold in good faith and generosity of the network do not always think of you, how much money to the Internet still think back to your network, how much value to you, how much to sell, how much real benefits to you. What he brings is a brand, an image, which is priceless. Like you in to buy a piece of clothing, why buy a suit? A simple word – image problem! Another problem, you spend tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of tens of seconds to do so on TV, on the radio, he really to bring you the real profit is how many ? here I have to say we China […]

Initiative in the passive — talk about the recommendation function in the product

should not only show the content to the user, but let the user accept it passively. If all is useless, the result will be even worse. when I listen to music on the road, I’m always used to cut music in the "random play" mode until I cut the song I want to hear. I do not know similar scenes, we have no " experience " over, is my personal habits, or we have such a feeling, so I want to write out, incidentally, through this habit, extended some recommendations about the feelings. behavior: choose "random play", always want to cut songs to "listen to the song" random play from my habits, "" more random play on the way to work or just busy good time to relax a little, "" means "to play" this is "what song", belongs to the act of driving too goal-driven, similar to the hungry and want to eat but not yet think what a good hotel, want to see a film but did not decide what movie to see. Just listen to music as a tune, not a good appreciation of music. in this premise, if you let the user go to select the song, build a list, and then start playing what, it must be less enjoyable, just want to listen to casually. wants to hear the song What does do when she meets a song she doesn’t like in the "random play"? Click " the next " button is OK, and if you don’t like it, go ahead. Why not go directly to the songs you like to listen to? Instead, switch this way. Do a map, and you can see:   in the choice of when he wanted to listen to the song, the user’s mental model about figure, go looking for to hear in so many songs of the song (blue), if the target (blue dots), so it’s easy to find, but not particularly strong targets (blue dots), want to pick choose to listen to the song, it is not so easy, it is easy to choose difficult. and "random play" state, the song sequence is linear, the player will take the initiative to push the song to you, without thinking what is the next song, just the songs you want to hear, don’t want to listen to "cut", and then give you change, in the "passive" is still played at random the initiative. initiative in the passive – Personalized recommended products I have just described is called "passive" in the active, passive information is to show the content and order their arrangement, and the initiative is through some operations to change the passive presentation of information content. This kind of personalized recommendation form has been found when people use it at ordinary times, and these will definitely be the future trend.