How to make proper use of micro-blog to sell your website

this year, the site did not engage in micro-blog marketing, met, do not know what to talk about. With the gradual warming of micro-blog in China, more and more individual owners and enterprises are investing in micro-blog marketing. Like SEO or any other marketing in the past, opportunistic people are everywhere. Brush fans, fans, buy a small forwarding micro-blog N has been waiting together means believe the webmaster application can recite fluently from memory. For marketing and marketing, forget the essence and purpose of marketing, micro-blog is not a tool, can only be a tool to hurt yourself. Internet marketing, regardless of the tools used, is consistent in its essence. Like micro-blog marketing, you can think of it as a subscription, your fans are subscribers, and your web content is what they focus on. Only under the guidance of the correct concept, persevere in the implementation of micro-blog marketing, your website can achieve the desired goal. So, at present, so impetuous background, how should the webmaster correctly use micro-blog marketing their website? The author combined with their own practice, summarized the following points. read more

When I start the business of

actually, I started the website first, mainly wanting to be a station to pull down the assembly line, SPEDIA is the kind of advertisement that looks at the advertisement for you to give the American dollar by hour.

now looking back, I was making money for the site, not for interest, so all my websites have been making money so far.

I started the first site is ninth city answer library, should have played in ninth cities, all know this station. Unfortunately, later graduated, and ninth cities no longer focus on the community, so I’m too lazy to do it. read more

See the negative marketing website from Dzodzo network recruiting heavily

is like a spring night, an unknown and mysterious website: Dzodzo network advertisement appeared in many job sites and IT related sites, even though the self styled Chinaz portal, still have display at the grassroots level webmaster forum, which opened the 200 thousand pay IT attracted many people’s attention and the rich a lot of people flock to the other conditions of


a few days ago, I unfortunately in the domestic well-known community website editor Bianews see negative reports about the recruitment network Dzodzo events, this paper analysis Dzodzo network this time just under the guise of eleven to cheat site traffic planning scheme in this paper, plagiarism! Reporter posing as candidates for an interview, and interview other applicants, a detailed analysis of the recruitment event read more

The market value soared to 3 times 5 years, or comparable to Amazon, Adobe how can the old spring

Abstract: comparable to Amazon gorgeous turn.

5 years the share price increased by 300%, the growth rate and Amazon level; nearly $70 billion worth of digital marketing contributed $1 billion 740 million in 2016; digital marketing business revenue in 2019 is expected to become the first industry; digital marketing can reach the market scale will reach $40 billion, a huge potential.

Adobe is a contemporary technology company with apple and Microsoft, the dominant player in the digital content creation software industry, and also marketing software No. 1. read more

Sharing network so answer, let me very sad

himself made a room in the, and it started fine. Suddenly, one day, I found many random codes behind the URL. The first reaction was poisoned. Looking for a long time, did not find the reason behind, in the webmaster Network Forum comrades help, I know that the server opened the firewall. (add know why I went to flat-share network MM told him that you have problems she began to speak at the N for a long time, he said the firewall cannot cancel. read more

Several factors determining the success of your website

recently for free, my friends have been asking about the website production, operation and promotion issues, basically everyone has a very excited expression, what they want to do about the content of the website, the vast majority of people are watching others doing a similar website, then they want to do.

for such a friend, I will first ask three questions: 1., what is your purpose of doing the site? What is the business model of the 2. website? Where are the users of the 3. website?

these three questions must be thought of before you do them. The reasons for doing the most common are two cases: 1., they have a product, and 2. have a hobby. read more

How to break the chain of conventional thinking to help the development of the site

webmaster have different views on the construction of the chain site, can be said that the 100 owners can come up with 100 kinds of methods to do the chain, but we can also found that most of the construction of the chain method are some general ideas, no new ideas, and the site chain construction and walk or sale the link of the old, can be said that the construction of the chain behavior is wrong.

with the algorithm of Baidu search engine is constantly changing, the construction of the chain now has a new idea of the construction of the chain has break the normal procedure of website development is imminent thing, so as a webmaster how to help the construction of the chain will break the normal procedure website development read more

Eight years of old technology, half a year’s new Adsense

              now recall the day of graduation, although bitter, but still feel very interesting. Because at that time, no matter what we do, we are full of hope. We always feel that the future will be better and better. In fact, things will continue to develop in accordance with the imagination. Everything went smoothly although sometimes superior to gas, but because the job is too tired and complain, that sometimes conflicts with colleagues. But in any case, the work is still constantly in the development. Technology is constantly improving and wages are increasing. read more

Membership is the king of the development of the industry website

for a newly started with the development of industry website, membership, especially high quality membership is essential, so how to develop the quality of membership? My own development Chinese construction machinery member of a years of experience in a method, may seem simple, it is important to every little bit to do.

1. first identify the relevant industry members are concentrated in places such as I do the construction machinery industry, often concerned about is nothing more than the QQ group (known), the Alibaba, global resources comprehensive website, as well as related industries such as excavator BBS forum. These together to establish a table to record every day, know what add QQ group, which links to the forum members, which was posted on their own, so every day to do everything in good order and well arranged, the things clear, greatly improve the efficiency, otherwise, are busy every day to find what members contacted, which members didn’t call the. read more

Discussion how should the promotion staff assess to improve work efficiency

promotion staff in the end should be how to assess? I think if you are not grassroots webmaster, usually recruit a team to do the site, the team will certainly be equipped with natural extension staff. My first thought is that is a natural generalization of personnel, the main work is as much as possible at other sites outside the chain, can be regarded as other sites of supernumerary editing, the only difference is that the editor is the purpose of writing to your website.

starting from the above idea, I was doing the operation of the shareholders school, I feel that since it is an editor, how many articles published, is definitely one of the basic requirements of the editor. Thus, the assessment of these chains, the first requirement is to promote the amount of post staff. read more

A 10 year + product director on the WeChat photo red page product layer thinking

we all know, the WeChat on a red circle of friends, we are talking about the operation strategy, the company said the competition about how Alipay trembled, these have been finished talking. Today, I decided to be a little more rational and talk about the product design in this event from the unique perspective of the product dog.

this WeChat has two big functional points, 1 are two circles of friends red envelopes photos, 2 is shake New Year’s red envelopes, tentatively think WeChat is in the test. read more

How to write an attractive article in the art of blogging

1, content is king

if a man can’t write well, he can’t think well, and if he can’t think well, others will think for him. -Georage Orwell

is like telling stories and lectures. You need to guide your readers and guide them into a situation – a situation you construct and conform to your expectations. What you need to do is get readers to get knowledge from you, not to give you knowledge. In the 35 leading blog deserted reason, also emphasized the content is king this point. read more

Let users really remember your website

a few elements of a site that will run successfully (from the point of view of a client accessing a web site). We can simulate the process of customers visiting a website, a customer on the Internet, and occasionally by search engine or online advertising, or other ways to find your website

1, know:

to let customers find you know you, it will be through the network advertising and other forms of advertising to promote, but the publicity is an expensive thing, if not to spend too much money, but also want to have a good effect, that is, seo. So SEO is the front desk technology, is a kind of how to let customers quickly find you a kind of technology. SEO is not cheating, SEO is the basic work of website operation. read more

How to maintain online word-of-mouth enterprises in social networking era

the Internet is a double-edged sword, brings to the enterprise business opportunities at the same time, also because of enterprise a negative news night returned to liberation, when careful layout of enterprises on the Internet word of mouth, or a malicious opponent of the enterprise product defects, will soon have a "Domino" effect, such as negative the recent news of Volkswagen, has let the public opinion into the mud. In the social network era, the enterprise maintenance cost much more than good word-of-mouth marketing costs, and "crisis public relations" need to be cautious, a little accident, read more

Celebrity, event marketing, hospital marketing, double-edged sword

today in QQ group, friends in a heated discussion with some celebrity event promotion in plastic hospital network marketing, such as the hospital to find XX Reds do activities, in fact, a cosmetic industry celebrity event marketing, Beijing and even the whole country, may walk in front of the hospital is so few, when I entered the plastic the beauty industry for 2 years, focus on the business news more, but also has a habit of love, to find the root cause behind the incident.

"artificial beauty" — speculation needs first, do not try. read more

Ai Qing key target groups and mining methods for website profitability (Part I)

do anything before basically have a relatively simple plan, as the webmaster of us, the site wants to profit, the prophase planning is very important. Some webmasters have done for a long time, the site has not been profitable, it has complained that the industry can not want to profit, too difficult, and then gave up directly, fought in other industries. In fact, live so far as to think, often may be in the webmaster for the planning aspects of the site, because only with a passion, in accordance with the idea of the moment on the site, so no certain planning, not to mention profitable, when you have a moment of passion, estimate the website also was ruined. read more

Female star pictures as an example, talk about pictures station experience experience

After the last

movie website crackdown, I diverted to web site, after a female star pictures website, at the beginning of the site originally wanted to do a information network, but after the sensory information is too large, we should always pay attention to the dynamic star day, celebrity gossip, personal feeling a little to do do the website pictures. Although not all of the pictures, but the key to build or to focus on pictures, summed up a few experiences:

The analysis of the star website how to classify read more

Mao Hongliang IDC host space providers good or bad, the focus is on Service

Hello, everybody. I’m an old friend of yours. Today, and we talk about the good or bad IDC, can buy a satisfactory host space, it is really a great happiness to do the webmaster. As a writer in the Internet for several years, I also summed up a number of conclusions: the virtual host can not meet the needs of the site, and the choice of site server, even if VPS is OK, there are too many restrictions on the virtual host. Of course, today I do not want to give which host business to write soft wen. I would like to focus on the service attitude of the host service provider. read more

Internet trends – sourcing search is the preferred channel

        according to the American Association of industrial enterprises, before buyers looking for new suppliers of the way through the exhibition, sales calls and printed catalogue, these traditional methods are alternative web search. Purchasing professional search engine has become the first channel for buyers to find new suppliers, followed by the online industry online catalog, the two together accounted for 73% of the procurement channels, printing directory role has been reduced to a minimum. read more

How to build a high traffic QQ space station

said QQ space station is becoming more and more difficult to do, because QQ space station to develop more and more, although the QQ user base is large, but after so many QQ stations equipartition, traffic is very poor. In fact, a good code QQ space station is not difficult, but you did not grasp the good promotion strategy, can not only through the web site is no good or bad, Tongqiao webmaster. QQ me in my space show business (, located in the QQ space third party code quality station on the site after 3 months on the line, traffic reached more than 10 thousand, now some publicity strategies and methods I share, such as you think it useful to learn, if you think not, please do not personal attacks, each road, a different point of view, I don’t need read more