Keywords shallow solution and search engine relationship

set of keywords, also have a certain scale. For example: in the setting of keyword and description, the more popular keywords is not set more better. Just imagine, if the keywords too common, many people want to get, then we all use the same or similar words, so words will be with others website keywords of your site, then nothing advantage of the weight of your site then this keyword set is useless, no meaning. The relationship between the size of the web site keywords and website weight closely. We believe that the external set of keywords, generally set up a core keywords or subject to, do not choose a very popular word. Keywords description can be set on the core theme, adding regional, descriptive adjectives. The core is the best site keywords often appear and site theme related words, second words around a core, and the best set of keywords, generally within 3, set too many keywords, will dilute the keywords, thus reducing the weight ratio of keywords. header part, title, keyword, description, adding" theme or keywords, keywords in part, it is best to take the product before, after the company name in order. Description on the description website, can expand the modification of keywords, but should not more than 200 words, your keyword, or search engine will think of cheating, and reduce the PR value. Above is the personal shallow solution of key words, please expert advice, and discuss together. The original article, this paper from the 贵族宝贝greatekled贵族宝贝, please. Analysis of Summary: in the " search engine on the weights of the website, is generally taken from top to bottom, from left to right, the principle of habit. So "header text in the search engine weight is very important. The body tag page before the words search engine will be more attention, especially in the love of Shanghai search engine, which reflect the most obvious. Such as: I added a word "LED lighting" in the above website, and set the relevant links, through the search, often search "LED lighting" in love Shanghai, the website ranking. The importance of love Shanghai "in front of the text. Suggestions on the site the first line is set to < H1 > the title, this helps to enhance the search engine of the site’s weight analysis, then, for the page title, how much text search engine more attention? General recommendations in about 80 characters is better, can do the related modification, related to the title or keyword description second keywords, other parts of web pages also occupy a certain proportion, a page of 2-3 keywords, help to stimulate the attention of the search engine, especially the popular keywords, keyword selection can be up to Baidu, the corresponding keyword query related search engine noble baby’s popularity.

Why do you go beyond the competition ranking

content is king, the chain for the emperor of this problem is the disputes a commonplace talk of an old scholar for a long time, I do not think it should be said that content is king, the link for the emperor, first of all to know within the chain also can give our website ranking of the vote, the chain is the goal of promoting the key word ranking, this is a misunderstanding come, but some is why the chain, included many, new snapshot, website ranking is not very optimistic? Always go beyond the rank and confused me here to introduce my personal views: ! third factors: the chain ranking must be very good? The chain ranking will rise? When, some time ago I have submitted the chain to quantity and quality, a high quality link than you hard post hundreds and, some sites outside the chain is not a little right Shanghai? Love related domain or even dozens of it, but the chain was ranked as steady as Mount Tai, may be their own " ranking factors to do a lot, as many as 200 kinds of factors, I summarize why you can not go beyond competitors a few of them, purely personal point of view, for reference only, we do not pull that crap so much, I hope to help you oh. is the first factor: the site is included in the search engine of the time, the so-called domain name age (exact age, domain name registration website) you did not build a website, but discarded there anyway, so that the domain name will have some advantages, but very low weight, website search engine to keep updating has been included, renew your domain name, it occupies a certain advantage, otherwise how so many people go to buy the old domain name do stand, this is also a factor of influence ranking, the old domain name to do the new search engine has been recognized, practice has proved that the old domain construction site is included after the seconds the next day, the snapshot directly, this is I do stand group of experience, I often in the A5 forum to acquire the old domain name is such a principle, when your ranking does not go on, you can query The opponent’s website included age, what is the time to start, but not necessarily can’t beat the old station, a matter of time, fell in love with the sea is not always the first second factors: many novice blind worship site, some sites included hundreds of thousands also is not the same as not what ranking and traffic, and even rarely, your website is also a factor, but pay attention to the content or quality, whether to help users, how so many portal pages ranking than you well, don’t let a search engine will not related pages or junk content in the first place? There is some, but you can not see the long-term? By means of cheating, usually […]

The product system startup outLu Songsong from the point of view of the operation of L-carnitine net

  L-carnitine users a high degree of concern, it was natural to play on the network marketing attention, such as in sh419 search "s" in the top ten of all is the promotion, in all advertising can be seen everywhere in the L-carnitine for advertising, Lu Songsong in the blog shlf1314 AdSense show three link address among them, two are l-carnitine. in the recognized technical threshold is getting lower and lower today, want to make products stand out, is undoubtedly more and more difficult. New products will always encounter homogenization competition, so the Internet entrepreneurs will focus their attention on a star product manager. These people seem to have a gold key. weight loss can be said to be a very promising market, but because the industry is not standardized, the market competition is fierce, but this is precisely the characteristics of profiteering industry. Lu Songsong on the Internet checked, wholesale raw material prices in 15 yuan a pound, finished at about 20-40 yuan a box, and once in the hands of the final merchant, a box of L-carnitine slimming products in the price of 150-200 yuan. The power of network marketing is more and more big, and the competition of all kinds of high profit products will be more and more fierce. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a fiery scene as shown above. this is a topic that varies from company to company. Almost everyone is exploring. Almost every one has gone through his own crooked road. Therefore, we look for some entrepreneurs, some of them worked in large Internet companies, their products become a pawn in the system; some is a former product manager, after the start was determined not to set the product manager. . L-carnitine changes within half a year on the sh419 index Is the product system of multinational giants such as Hunan satellite TV "Encyclopedia all said" in favor of a word – "L-carnitine."". With the hit of the program, the word is understood by more and more people. With the increasing concern, this slimming products, but also a sudden variety of products, from L-carnitine milk tea to L-carnitine biscuits and so on. ?The first step: choose hot product whether you are doing Ali mom, shlf1314, AdWords or sh419 promotion, you can see a bidding ad: "L-carnitine."". The four strange words suddenly appeared in front of the public. Today I am not discussing how to reduce weight the effect of L-carnitine, L-carnitine to illustrate mainly through this uncommon word: a scratch of the product is how to do network marketing? And through this popular product, how many webmaster Likotu. in the "entrepreneur" for the "investigation" system, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are mentioned from the transition to the lightweight small team needs clear product lines, increase the number of products, increase team, professional segments, there is always a time point or even a long for some time, will be entangled in the product system: when we sold through the network products, […]

Novice how to quickly and accurately quote keywords

4. Look at the number of the web page on the first page? If you are a content page, then the key is very simple. If all that page, keywords have difficulty. Please see below:   1. love Shanghai or Google index analysis. Look at the key words in the search volume fell in love with the sea every day and every month on Google search volume, is to determine the difficulty of the words, in my heart there is a price Shanghai dragon ER. colleagues! three, and the customer quotation details. most of the time, a successful cooperation, from bargaining began, therefore, offer for buyers and sellers is the key. believes that most of the Shanghai dragon ER is human as the offer, because we do not check the key data, and my heart is not assured. So, people need to look at those who offer key data 3. the first page of the last page website strength. The number of included quantity and check each other sites outside the chain, and the domain name registration information on time. , an online quote tool query keywords. 2. see   A5 and in the search outside to see many of my friends are in the share of Shanghai dragon skills, if the king cast sail to write Shanghai dragon skills, feeling is not a bit superfluous! So, today is going to write your own daily orders is how to offer keywords, keywords from the angle of how to offer hope to seize the customers? Help those individuals or small teams of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ? many Internet companies or webmaster forums appeared online keyword quotation system, Wang Shifan basically are tested, the best feeling, the most recommended or webmaster tools above. We compared human quotation result was very close, but it information than other online tools, lists around the keywords of the long tail keywords, index, included quantity, number, home site top ten web site analysis, the number of sites and the difficulty of bidding optimization. two, artificially price. said the details determine success or failure in the business field, the same is true. Every Shanghai dragon ER has its own bidding space, which is the lowest. love Shanghai auction or bidding Google number. The auction amount is more, the higher the difficulty of keywords. The general look of bidding number every day is the best of the peak of the Internet, so that more scientific. as a new Shanghai dragon, if you really do not know how to face the customer’s keywords offer, you can use this tool, of course, price can be less. According to the customer, or quotation number, this will talk about the specific. The overall strength of the first page of the website

How to get high quality flow by using the long tail word

4, the use of online quiz platform: for example in Shanghai know that search a target keywords, there will be many problems associated with this keyword, and then search through the many related issues, and there will be more on this key problem, so the cycle of the long tail keywords available resources is endless. can analyze the competitor’s website to get the love of Shanghai keywords tool and three party tools, but also on the industry forum, website access. how to get the long tail keywords? 3, said the site traffic, many owners think only a high search volume, high index keywords to get traffic and weight. In fact, there is not the case, in order to obtain high flow, high conversion effect, can use the long tail word acquisition. The Xuzhou website promotion is small talk about how to use the long tail word site traffic. 6, the target keywords restructuring and modification: such as service counseling training site, according to area, grade, subject, cost, etc. the main keywords > 2, analysis of competitors: some homemade crawler grab the long tail word of the website came to heavy, screening, stored in the lexicon. Or use the love Shanghai index, Search Ranking these tools to collect and develop some long tail word. mining, 5 through third party tools: some webmaster tools such as Shanghai love promotion assistant, love Shanghai index, love station tools, to expand the long tail keywords. 1, the use of search engines: these words largely will allow users to directly search, it also has access and conversion effect, but also the search drop-down box. if only high index, high word searches for keywords, it is difficult to bring effective flow and a large number of enquiries to you. Such as "mobile phone", the keyword search volume reached 100000000, Shanghai love index reached "44, 742" such words, search volume is high, its ranking index is high, will be pushed to the home page, the flow is scanty. But on the other hand, this word will also bring a lot of information of competing products. We can start from the user’s point of view, will own as a user, to find the precise product, how would you search, search term will bring this effect. So, to use the "long tail word keywords" to enhance the flow of. Long tail keywords than the core keywords more sophisticated, focused search keywords, long tail keywords often in length is composed of 3-4 words. Some may think that the long tail keywords search volume is low, but how to get more traffic? But in fact, from a long-term point of view, the long tail keywords in optimization plays a more important role, optimization of long tail keywords can bring huge traffic, digging out the long tail keywords user needs is the way to have transport power on the road to success.

On 6 points Shanghai dragon will do er!

the construction of the chain will never be outdated, what now can not do the chain, it will be like K is shit, outdated garbage outside the chain, love Shanghai already. Since the latest Google 5, users SSL statement can enhance your natural ranking, caused a stir in the Google Shanghai dragon world. 2, URL simplification, not with parameters of more than link building 3, abandon your Shanghai Longfeng formula, provide true and valuable content for The parameters of Shanghai dragon isn’t a good one or two is enough, you need to improve the health of Shanghai Longfeng many aspects, compared with Google’s SSL optimization mentioned, I think this is about the 6 most important rankings: 4, make your page as far as possible by the top, not on the bottom of the !The main content of first, the spider crawling is straight from the top of the page, from top to bottom to crawl the 1, URL standard too much may cause the crawler to enter an infinite loop, resulting in weight loss of Shanghai dragon short URL user experience better, looks more credible remain the only page of URL, for the love of Shanghai "and" a domain name domain name贵族宝贝 "贵族宝贝/" are two different addresses, so proposed the establishment of the long tail word standard, ensure the uniqueness of the corresponding URL keywords and corresponding page, contribute to the concentration of weight. forget it, if you really provide valuable content for the visiting user, you can discard this formula, the user experience how good how to write are you still doing so: 300-500 word, a picture, plus 3 to 5 anchor text, nature is divided into 3 sections…… More URL so you should try to put at the top of the web page, or a spider to climb around a lot of pictures and numerous hills and streams, such as the DIV code, you can find the center content. But this time, if the content is too much, even in front of the spider will think than you really want to show the contents of the more important. simplified help SE spider crawling, in the love of Shanghai official guide, are advised not to take too many parameters such as "id**669977?", there are two reasons: so as to simplify the code, let the spider to grab as soon as you want to show the contents of the ! but I want to say, no one method or change a piece of code, can help you save time and effort to get a lot of traffic in Shanghai dragon. as practitioners, we are always looking for can help improve the method of keyword ranking, so Google so mentioning that Shanghai dragon Er are devoted to try new methods. The content of

No suspense the information collected in September plunged into the era of elimination

A: on the contrary to expectation, but if you just do is one of these types of sites, from my point of view can give you a piece of advice: do not be too concerned about the amount of information, multi control network > two: what type of website will be eliminated first !" before writing this article today want to write for a long time, what kind of article is the writing significance! Also saw technology blog a lot, looking for some good direction, but more is the "heart rule of a commonplace talk of an old scholar", is really too little. In fact, presumably, human are selfish, so write those who are of course does not rule out the fur, occasionally found an inspiring article. began in 2005 when the website, do not need what the original, every morning a key acquisition can be very good on it. Not nonsense, is really a slight ability to make money, came from that era webmaster all know. But now? I can’t see ten years ago, just looked at when the number of 2010 the website is 191W, then by the end of 2015 has reached 426W, it is now about 500W, this is not the mobile terminal. why now stood less and less, and more and more enterprises stand? Because most people, has been difficult to stop the advance of history: the fate of all walks of life, the cost of living is more and more big, but has been difficult to take personal. Similarly, some type of website is so "survival cost is low, out of the greater the probability of the number of sites, not only represents the fierce competition, it is representative of the huge "redundancy", even if we don’t, for those useless information to waste their resources, or more resources will be wasted. From this moment, the Internet site officially entered the "era of elimination". for almost an hour, some think of some time ago to consult with my friends from Shanghai dragon often asked questions included: crash! And is included in the September crash. Today, on this topic, this round of share : "there after the games, class, business class, talent supply, image class, trading" is processed in the integration of information in efforts greater. As for why I know it? Of course is to look at the data to speak. Of course, this is not to say that it is difficult to survive, but will be most filtered, retained some of the most reliable, professional, high speed website ". like movies, music, novels of this type will not say, would have been eliminated almost, but now? September plunged more confined to some of the relatively low cost of publishing "sites, such as micro business website types, we look at the recent site, also included not ideal. A surge of is also reasonable

Love Shanghai secret test new home 7 years old in the home page or the end

  sources provided to Sina Technology screenshot shows, love Shanghai new home still uses a blue hue, the entire home only search box and the upper right corner of the "function" and "set" and "login" three entrance, but before the "news" and "Post Bar" "Encyclopedia" and "music" text chain have all been canceled, in the form of icon is folded to the upper right corner of the function of "button". all products entrance is folded to the upper right corner of the love the sea new minimalist home but to the function must log before use, because love Shanghai login user ratio is not high, the significance of this version than substance. Love Shanghai at the time of function has not used the default home page.     love CEO Robin Li then said, this version of love Shanghai new home has three features, one is the service integration, will be used on the Internet, information services, integrated; two is the number one to use an account, do not need to switch, you can reach many sites; the three is a smart recommendation based on the machine learning algorithm and machine, the users want to intelligent recommendation information, service or application. love Shanghai current home to begin from January 22, 2007, on the line for 7 years, in addition to individual character adjustments, the whole page pattern without any change, this is the love of a version of the longest time in the history of Shanghai.   love love Shanghai in September 2011 Shanghai World Conference released a new love Shanghai home, in the traditional search box, add navigation notice, real hot, new applications, and other four modules. According to the Shanghai &nb> technology news January 21st morning news, news sources, the love of Shanghai (170.14, -2.86, -1.65%) is a small range of testing a new minimalist home, the new home of the removal of text links, retaining only the search box, and various functions of entrance are folded to the upper right corner of the page. love Shanghai home 13 years change review Sina love Shanghai new home input keywords effect now Shanghai ciccas, this edition started from January 22, 2007 in 2001, soon after the establishment of the Shanghai love just a search function, do not provide services directly to users, but as a technology provider, Silicon Valley power companies such as ChinaRen, indirectly provide search services. At the time of the Shanghai love home just a business introductory page, show love Shanghai product introduction. The

Love I know Shanghai ranking algorithm

  then the next push 56- Wang Baochen think the structure of the site is very important, in the past, most of the enterprise stand or some industry site, is a fixed set of ideas: company profile, contact us, product display, honor, news etc.. The structure of conventional businesses here of course 56- Bao Chen said that the station, flash or guide page is not mentioned, in the words of a "master", what reason do you have to do the flash website > The structure of I believe that as long as The title of type I first mentioned is the type of site, why? A lot of customers or friends, they do not understand some of the vocabulary is not just a website or blog can do, such as nuts, or gold, silver, including 2 words some mechanical industry vocabulary, you will find these results page most are portal, or mall. And if you first determine a goal, to do this 56 words, Wang Baochen here to remind the webmaster forum must first analyzed the words belong to the type of site, and then go to the production site. then followed by title or matching degree. We all know that love is Shanghai participle principle, but also have a saying called the whole match, that is to say you search words, such as: Zhengzhou website (www.zzbaoying贵族宝贝) the results page mostly covers the vocabulary of Zhengzhou website construction, this is the whole matching. Love the sea first to identify the title of a web site, word segmentation is in your higher weight first meet the matching condition, those with larger page segmentation we weight gap case will likely ranking on the home page. Of course there are exceptions: some seemingly gray industry, full matching can not be used before they met this thing. is engaged in IT or website promotion friends, all love to study some "algorithm" search engine, the domestic research mostly comrades love Shanghai search engine, we can from various angles, analysis of various factors to "guess" what are the a site in the search engine ranking factors? Bao Chen mentioned in the previous article, 56 – 2010 Baochen King webmaster forum February came into contact with the promotion of the enterprise, mainly specializing in the station optimization, has more than 3 years, the operation of the 80 enterprises to station, this is 3 years, also saw many stations because the search ranking factors change, and they are not the change from Shanghai in search of love, finally can not find, but also see some "the bright younger generation" in just a few months time, the corresponding keyword ranking in the love of Shanghai The home page, and is still preserved, Bao Chen told you, if you are engaged in the promotion of friends, study better than our competitors, learn something new, it must be, well, no nonsense, get together to see Bao Chen now understand the ranking factors in the end have a fall in love with […]

To charge a cypress Park site as an example, talk about how to do the cosmetics industry website opt

cosmetics is used to make people become beautiful, then the site is in order to achieve the effect of "beauty". The so-called people rely on clothes horse saddle, the first user browsing feeling is very important. Including the optimization of web design, UI parts and product picture visual optimization. We browse the site a lot of young women, mostly with pink and light color as the main tone, UI components will pale hue. But when the contents of the product pictures have reflected different colors, showing different personalities of each product. While some of the site’s tone emphasis, but the contents of the product color light, also very attractive. Therefore, we can see that the product design and web images both as long as in the visual color forming the corresponding contrast, the first impression is good. website promotion routines change, all cannot do without the search engine optimization, we are known as the Shanghai dragon optimization, in order to cater to the search engine, from the inside, how to optimize the site structure? Many people know that the structure should be simplified, it is best not to "the level of more than 3 layers, but you have not thought about, how to simplify it. That’s because you do not understand your product, if a company has 10 products, so many friends will directly think simply 10 products directly in the home and put a row of this structure is not simplified? In fact, because you only in the physical structure is simplified, you have simplified in logic and function 10, if the product directly in front of you, what would you feel, suddenly feeling confused, do not know how to choose, it may be more difficult choice disease we made. So if the company has 100 or thousands of products. > if a single from the content of the web page design and product design between the pros and cons, we take the domestic well-known electronic business platform to carry on the analysis, web design color they are partial to "red", we are generally classified as pink, I am not here. One by one, another is "yellow" we put it into the orange department, on behalf of my orange department is self-evident. Whether it is pink or orange color, they are the main color of expression or less, it is actually more visual space for product design, product color to fill the surplus space to make products more vivid expression. , a visual optimization as the saying goes, specialize in. Several years ago, I mentioned the website optimization in the future more of the industry in an article in the optimization. You know, website optimization before, may be a fresh all day, but with the growing number of traditional industries and the Internet integration, structure and optimization of each industry slowly website has become professional and industry characteristics especially in cosmetics website. The following is to optimize the cosmetics brand website do website optimization aspects.     two, optimize […]

Anyang Shanghai Longfeng for customer site optimization for 4 months, the effect of share

Anyang Shanghai dragon in recent months to update the site optimization of the article is based on the customer (Quanjian natural medicine) website to share, I believe this station has been concerned about the optimization of the update of the friends all know. Today the sun again data not for anything else, just to give you a bit of encouragement. In the right direction to persist, the gold glitters then today Anyang Shanghai dragon to share customer website for everyone why how large rank changes, I believe we still remember when we had Anyang Shanghai dragon at the end of March is just to take over the customer site to share a customer experience become the priority among priorities of Web site optimization ranking. If you remember this article, then Anyang Shanghai dragon can be very responsible to tell you there is such a big change in the ranking of key is the title of this article. If you don’t know or forget the content of the paper, can go back to see oh. The Anyang Shanghai dragon is an analysis of some elements in the website can let love Shanghai light: Do you see the from their own point of view is that you let your fantasies into a user in the update the content, write out the content to be useful and valuable for the best! Now in the form of illustrations can achieve the effect, if necessary can also add View > second, want to improve the degree of customer experience must be from their own perspective 4 months before we started for the customer (Quanjian natural medicine) website optimization in the station for the public to share, when website optimization data changes will occur in the Anyang Shanghai dragon website to share with you, if you don’t understand this site first case can go to the station site in Shanghai dragon column optimization ranking carefully read the website case our customer data analysis. !The so-called loop in live content can read? Or that they immediately went to Shanghai just love a search and see the results now, there is no such phenomenon. Why is there such a phenomenon, how do "graphic" two characters in search results? In fact, I believe that everyone should know, this is what we today has been repeated in the customer experience". Love is like us and Shanghai ah, love Shanghai in order to help users find more valuable information or love Shanghai in order to survive in the competition, to improve customer experience for everyone here! What questions the customer experience is very clear?…… first, the site must have a clear positioning, otherwise don’t search engine spider crawling difficult, even the customer into the website you are touched with the website where where, in each section of each code and user experience are closely linked. Again the customer experience that I believe in, let everyone see an example will be very clear. day! The whole framework of

Google exhaust, love Shanghai not to flow independent blog decide on what path to follow

!But users! Google is good, it’s exhausting, sometimes the most time of the day is not available. So, want to flow from Google there is not easy. No love Shanghai, independent blog ! Just build independent blog soon, met the record, met closures at the end of 09 at the beginning of 10, my independent blog at once without being spent more than three months. is really easy, just after the tide, Google has a certain flow, lovely Shanghai, Sogou still not flow. Wait until I love Shanghai Sogou flow to the time, and by web, came to a horse, or one or two months a big aunt. please look at my flow screenshots! When Google fan, my flow mainly from the old ! when I have some Qiexi, taking unscrupulous to host renewals, take my space to hang a month. I was on a business trip, no time, don’t know. Wait until I know, in the space, all night! Independent blog recovery in the first few days, one day only about ten of the old users in the click, no search traffic. Later, the old users gradually increased, and I continue to do outside the chain, Google slowly restored included, has given me a new flow! Sogou, will be returned to some. Is love Shanghai, soso not to delay traffic. Later, soso also gave a little. Love is feeling soso shadow of Shanghai, even the search results are similar to me!! is this love Shanghai more than half a year, there is no traffic included! But the next day I started blogging in 2006, first in the Sina blog, and later went to Shanghai and visited the love space, Sohu, NetEase, etc., and Tianya set up a blog are not well developed, can not get the official blog recommendation and without traffic restrictions. Up to dozens of hits a day! Eventually choose to give up, the establishment of the independent blog. Have your own domain name and space, can speak, write and play love Shanghai traffic began to less, from up to six and seven hundred IP was gradually dropped to about one hundred or two hundred. In the last year of a "big aunt", because I do not understand the blog backup, recovery after a less than three in a month, three months at once disappeared. I had to re upload. As can be imagined, love Shanghai! Search immediately punished. Flow down to about two hundred. If the old user support, I am afraid tianbai ten IP have a problem! When everything slowly stabilized, IP began to restore the traffic. Google’s advertising revenue continues to rise. Because I do is a regular blog, basically are original, advertising keywords quite agree. Therefore, advertising click can be considerable, income is considerable will decide on what path to follow? ! for technical people, is undoubtedly the crowning calamity! I don’t understand this

Shanghai Longfeng occupation and change from the characteristics of talent network

is engaged in talent network for many years, Shanghai dragon from scratch in the talent online, from single to rich, is undoubtedly the best way to reflect the change of occupation. No matter how the future of Shanghai dragon, at least in the past few years is gradually mature, but also gradually become a young people love the occupation. This is a mature, many hobbies to the real Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng work at. just started Shanghai dragon basic is all powerful, from the website construction, website update, outside the chain, any soft with the website detached are responsible in the end, do most of the Shanghai dragon is a person. But with the Shanghai dragon mechanism has been found, the competition will become fierce. Single-handed combat has basically been unable to survive in the industry. Most strength and confidence in the development of the network company, have set up their own Shanghai dragon team, and according to the need for job segments, from the chain, Links Commissioner, editor to supervisor, Yigai evil. This will greatly reduce any want to enter Shanghai dragon industry novice, novice can go from one position to enter the industry and then gradually to understand the related knowledge. just started back into the Shanghai dragon talent network, when the boss estimates are just heard this word, and Shanghai dragon is frequently advocated badly. Under the requirements, Shanghai dragon are included in the website administrator, "a class of design requirements. If there is a separate written word, is able to do the first words in a short period of time. And now is not too much to see this situation, the real demand of Shanghai Longfeng will reasonably and effect to write requirements. go to the actual work requirements experience is greater than all the The position of degree in this industry did not require any foreign language, except of course need this skill. All to experience line, especially there are examples of successful cases, the better. This job is relatively simple is where success stories are difficult to fake. You have done in the first case, is the first in the top 100 is 100 outside. How much weight, high flow, can be through the third party monitoring. gradually subdivision focus on industry profits although the Shanghai dragon is strong and can do basic coverage of all walks of life. But because of some shortcomings of Shanghai dragon itself, such as the effective time long, part of the competition is too fierce, love Shanghai auction industry monopoly, some search volume co.. So it’s not any industry enterprises will choose to do Shanghai dragon. The stand of these requirements, to the heart, willing to throw money, mostly belonging to the profits of the industry. For example, the medical industry, cosmetics industry, machinery industry, foreign trade and so on. There are always some grey profiteering industry profiteering industry, want to enter the industry, can advance the understanding of these related things.

Shanghai dragon novice ER optimization six secret

Select space is the best choice of independent IP, do not covet cheap and buy junk space. If the chain structure within your site, the quality of the articles and the chain are doing very well, but the space here to visit the slow ah, always closed, so the site’s ranking is not good, often appear in the IIS log in 503, there will be 400. Because of space reasons, do not covet those cheap, or they will suffer a great deal. Now many sites are for reasons of space, so the ranking has been not to imagine who do not love, often not open websites. 1. domain name 5. website home page must be focused and original articles, in order to grab a spider. The best program can generate HTML static or pseudo static, is conducive to the search engine, the website of unnecessary code can be little as little as possible, would interfere with the spider crawling. The structure of the website to pay attention to the flat, the directory hierarchy is not too deep, to prevent the spiders crawl up, a lot of websites to good effect and nice use of FLASH effects, but the search engine is that the code is not caught, these we are free to remove. 3. The no matter what we have is a process from not meeting, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is like this, also from this process in the past, so we as a novice Shanghai dragon ER should pay attention to what the problem? Today I come with you to Shanghai dragon ER Optimization Website should pay attention to the novice this is my own doing, Shanghai dragon optimization point experience: 4. external links here is divided into three parts: 1, Links, it is best to find related industries Links. The PR value is only a part not all, but also included and snapshots. 2, go to the forum post with anchor text links and their text in some high weight forum to register in SNS. 3. have some blog, Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other well-known Web site blog users, give yourself a one-way link, must be high level will have effect. if you have resources, can use the old domain name, the domain name industry is related to the best and you have to do, there are a lot of old domain name in reverse link, search engine is also recorded, which included on the site is very advantageous, so our website directly inherited the original site of the weight this, our starting point is better than the others, plus the domain name there are many of the PR value, we go to the exchange Links than to take a new station to exchange with others Links advantage of hate. site update frequency is consistent with the original. Pseudo original can also, but don’t be lazy to go after ctrl+c crtl+v. We must adhere to update. The search is love fresh things. Update 2. stable and smooth site structureThe

The article thinking fun Facebook

through this method, the re registration of N s, in fact, trumpet > Do foreign trade products, many companies want to carry out the 1: returning to the origin, why the "link"   second: how to build their own circle of we usually have to play like "social networking sites Sohu circle" type, such as love playing a game will join the game circle, love literature will join the literary circle, and love groupie love into their idol circle. Is actually very simple, a circle of people have a common love. On the one hand, everyone is a kind of person. Often release some information in the circle, of course, these topics are of concern to everyone. Love playing games online, may get some of their own proud equipment, love literature users might write their own log. I think we should pay attention to the following two principles: the use of Facebook to promote products 1, not the old whole productplacement: if you just add a friend, to send a letter of Short Message: "a certain product is on sale, more please login……" This disgusting advertising who will be disgusted, let alone see your website, buy your products. Facebook social network marketing, but at present, such talent is really very little. Facebook can give your site to bring considerable traffic, but the use of Facebook to carry out the ultimate goal of network marketing or sales of products, so if for the value of the flow, I think that you lost the original intention of marketing. Before also registered a Fackbook account, you must use VPN to open the official website Facebook. How can we make better use of Facebook to sell their products? I have no experience in this field, the following is just an idea, but also hope the experienced people who write about Facebook social network marketing article. The author thinks that the most fundamental thing is to rely on the Facebook circle. How to use the 2, a deeper understanding of your products: want to rely on Fackbook product sales promotion personnel must understand the products, so as to your potential customers (assuming a circle all the members) when communicating, have something to talk. circle? wants to add more potential customers, first you have to find them, and then put them together "circle". How to turn? Is to establish several key maintenance circle, as shown above, first establish several circles, and then slowly add friends, one day can not add too much. 10 or so, plus the official website will seal your account. If you are selling a brand shoes, you can create some of the brand shoes circle, often have a lot of this circle, then you can go to the other circle "pull".

Shanghai green line three class love algorithm sites will be affected

super chain intermediary more than three months ago, we shared the love of Shanghai super chain cheating attitudes and webmaster friends, after a period of observation and data accumulation, we are very pleased to see the part of the site has stopped this behavior and gradually remove the previous cheating super chain, it is very valuable to us the Internet is the development of the ecological environment; but at the same time, we are still sad that link behavior has been repeatedly emphasized here, still exist, we once again remind the webmaster, such links have been identified and calculated in the system has been cleared from the link. is a site with many kinds of profits, the quality of the original content to attract users is fixed, the introduction of high-quality advertising resources, and even hold offline activities, the profitable way we are happy to see, is a site of true value. But some basic web content collected from the network, in order to sell super chain location for the students; some institutions websites or linked intermediary leased link position for sale, the super chain market bubble.         network owners (admin5贵族宝贝) February 19th news today, A5 optimization team broke the love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm on-line, for sale in the removal of the chain link behavior based on the calculation, will make further adjustments to the site itself. Super chain link website, intermediary, sell buy links will be affected in different degrees. dear webmaster friends: 2, sell link website this adjustment, the following three types of sites will be affected in different degrees: 1, is necessary for us to emphasize again: link one hand affect the user experience, interfere with the search engine algorithm; on the other hand, speculative site enrichment, super chain intermediary real benefit, diligently do not have access to the return station is in such a bad Internet super chain. Therefore, for sale in the removal of the chain link behavior based on the calculation, we will make further adjustments to the site itself. everyone!         the announcement is as follows: the hyperlink on the Internet is relatively high-quality recommendation, is the content on the page, the website value between ordinary users and website, but now all kinds of super chain cheating making the real certainly become a stepping stone to seek benefits for some people, the user cannot link according to the recommended find high-quality resources needed, and serious interference the evaluation of search engine on the web. This is the formation of intermediary chain super super market chain deformity of the flowers of evil, we have the duty to maintain the chain of super pure safeguard the interests of users, also have the responsibility to guide the webmaster friends no longer spending unnecessary spending, so super chain intermediary will be in our target range.

The establishment of ecological system to guide the website ranking stable into the home (three)

precise positioning, excluded out of order most of the websites are facing a specific situation: I don’t know how to set the. Because many webmaster heart is too wide, a web site keywords to do more than 5, while this kind of website once on the flow must be very much, but the webmaster friends you have noticed that this kind of website is more difficult to do? Just correlation of website content hard to build, even the website column not a choice, for individual webmaster, we do not have so much time to add content to your site columns, so the website column is not possible, not more widely as possible. six, web hosting to stabilize the awesome power and stability of cycle five, the website column to column : the development of website and website are closely related, but also a part of the site circulation ecological system, we should do a good job in the column line on the site before setting work in setting time can be combined with the title, the title belt is what the long tail word then we set up a website in the column can be used also; need to pay attention to the difference in the set time, with a website similar to the website is best not to have, the website column page is not possible, if only one column in 2-4 is the best choice of the personal webmaster. many articles are talking about the purchase of the host, for a web host for the parameters are not the most important, stability is the first productivity of the host, the host site stable only can make web site to play a greater role, a recycling eco system web host can be said to be the core, grasp this core can make the development of the website strive for further improvement, if the web host is not stable, after the user enters the site wanted to visit for a while, but the page open half a day or even not open, this site does not control how famous, regardless of the content of your site is perfect, everything is empty. suggested that the host is the first productive site, no stable host development sites do not talk, we must test the choice of host when testing the stability test, the loading rate of the page, to test its Ping value, these tests are what we must do when choosing a host of things now. Reputable host many, indeed this kind of host host may look good, but I suggest you also the best person to check it, perhaps the only way to make the website. on a web site to establish "ecological system to guide the ranking stability into the home (two)" in the article mainly study basic code and site outside the chain to promote the role of the two functions of the learning website can help establish a qualified search engine grab line, help the site more […]

Search = future Love Shanghai search 82.8% market space in the future than what imagination

, love Shanghai commercial intimate redefines the search form, emphasizing the industry "search", through intelligent push to a search request in electricity, games, tourism, health care, education and other fields, to further enhance the user experience, derived from the sea love education, love Shanghai, love micro purchase Shanghai like other popular products. PC search Leadership Innovation love Shanghai in the mobile terminal layout is not the first, but from the beginning of last year to force. On the outside, the acquisition of 91, including: Abstract: love Shanghai to search for the low base, with large data, the core strengths of technology, overall layout, continuous innovation, showing strong leadership and innovation, and gradually establish their own health search engine ecology, will help in the future to better enhance the user experience and user traffic. careful layout boost mobile search user loyalty highest first, in the overall search market, the last two months, love Shanghai’s market share was 80.6% and 82.8%, steadily, to further consolidate its leadership in the search market only the status of the brand, but also love Shanghai use rate was as high as 98.5% and 9.1% over the past two months, almost full coverage netizens. In second of the 360 search market share in April is 10.9%, and by May, has fallen to 10.4%, with the gap between the obvious love Shanghai. Followed, Google, Sogou, soso Bing, points out 3-6. It is worth mentioning that, Sogou soso + share has accounted for 2.7%, forcing Google to become the market before three. love at the same time, Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users is due to the promotion of business qualifications, the implementation of the official website or take the fake phishing and other fraudulent behavior by the actual economic loss to give the user support in terms of consumer rights. it is because love Shanghai innovation, improve the search mode, making it more fit market demand, in order to keep the leadership in the desktop search. today, the first quadrant released in 4 and May the search report. From the report, we can clearly outline the current domestic search market competition pattern and development trend. in desktop search, the love of Shanghai is still in a strong leading position, market share is 83.6%. 360 search market share of second, 9.6%. Google, Sogou and Bing search market share was 3.4%, 1.9% and 0.8%. Love Shanghai for the PC side search can maintain leadership, with its launch of the Shanghai business, Aladdin, intimate love plan are inseparable. second, Aladdin line platform, opened the prelude to love Shanghai search open cooperation platform. The main platform for the majority of owners and developers, they can directly submit structured data to love Shanghai search engine, get more valuable traffic, and users get a better search experience.

Shanghai dragon in the ideal to reality

reality, beat you, Shanghai dragon is only a means rather than purpose. is ranked Shanghai dragon standard, from this moment into reality. Ranking did not go up, instead of being punished in order to love Shanghai, your ideal, hard to hard, but your ranking is still not ideal. Many people think that learned Shanghai dragon can popular network, we can make money, their own business, what Taobao customers, what products, what business is not a problem. But the reality gave shattered his dream, if Shanghai is such an ideal beginner dragon, so this is actually a very wrong way of thinking. ideal is full, the reality is very skinny !What is the is for Shanghai dragon interest and ideal such as the author of a medical website, using the two domain names, beginning a lot of people are puzzled, why don’t you register a domain name to do optimization, two level domain name itself is hard to do rankings, you will fail to do so. Indeed, I failed, because the ranking has yet to achieve my ideal. Although I am short of failure, but my mind is not far behind. Before I wrote an article [inside the rapid promotion of the two level domain ranking methodology], in accordance with the method of achieving a ranking is not difficult, but the reality beat me, because I love Shanghai don’t love it, we have to fix the love of Shanghai, love is the need to > Shanghai Longfeng most of the people are for the interest. Interest is the best teacher, so learn the Shanghai dragon, the ideal slowly becomes larger. The ideal person to the achievements of the Shanghai dragon, also Shanghai dragon also achieved ideal. There is a technology, out looking for a job, do not have to go to the wall. Although the Shanghai dragon in China has not been recognized by most people, but the enterprise cannot do without Shanghai dragon. It will have the advantage of Shanghai dragon. This is the truth, Shanghai dragon is the foundation, the foundation of network marketing. Network marketing is the first choice for enterprises to enter the Shanghai dragon. Just beginning to learn Shanghai dragon is only a means rather than purpose. ? said there is beside the point, the back key. Shanghai dragon in a web site, often with a mission to do. With interest, purpose, mission, so this time, passion is surging. Is often a day of hard work can be, write non-stop, repeating the chain is happy, because at this time the Shanghai dragon has an ideal, the ideal of them are longing. of Shanghai Longfeng people’s ideal? What is the Shanghai dragon facing remember, Shanghai dragon is a kind of the most basic means of network marketing in it, Shanghai dragon will not to. If the Shanghai dragon is the goal, then do not play, then love will be more rampant in Shanghai. If you think the ranking is a kind of purpose, then I tell you […]

Some views on the blog marketing chain

Intel: how to "enterprise citizen" and the world economy "" MSN:windows 7 genuine activities focus on public welfare social networking platform MSN presents users love so we can see that the blog is not in the chain to increase enterprise website, but to convey a kind of culture, is a kind of communication as a corporate citizen participation in society, thus regardless of the final, qualitative sprocket is white hat or black hat, blog as a victim of culture have doomed the chain, we should not only focus on the Shanghai dragon company ranking, everything no matter how to use, which will eventually lead us to see the site will become "XX shopping navigation" "XX products", please. Blog leave a clean sky. is, so the complete departure from the sprocket blog blog free original intention, characteristic greatly reduces the blog "grass-roots culture", from the beginning, the blog is a "close" way of communication for network services, so the blog is easy to use a blog website not only disrupted the blogosphere audio-visual, and the slightest mistake will cause the website cluttered, although the ranking is up, but the key words to blog and clutter will become a problem. The main function of article from the www.qdxin贵族宝贝, please indicate the source. But I think is not network marketing blog ranking optimization, but the website and customer communication way, every department of the enterprise can form a blog circle, improve the mutual exchanges between customers and enterprises will not only sell cold products, it is a pin of the corporate culture in business. In this regard, we might look at the foreign counterparts is how to use blogs to communicate: saw some of the peers in the discussion of "Shanghai dragon use blog sprocket to enhance the optimization of the topic recently in the forum, it is to establish several data integrity of high blog links to each other, forming" blog sprocket "and so the last link to the main station, thus greatly enhance the master degree of attention, many Shanghai dragon this mixed together.