What do Shanghai Longfeng common promotion methods

is more common are: Baidu, bShare and jiathis share share share. Why is this in the first row? In the search engine algorithm change constantly, the role promotion before more and more small, and now the search engine, we all know that the search engine has a very famous algorithm, it is actually a voting algorithm by sharing tools to share is a vote.

forum to promote method is the oldest and most webmaster, mainly the use of signature on the forum, the general webmaster is to promote the use of signature, the theme was posted on the forum, leave your address space. So even on Management read more

To enhance marketing effectiveness should be the first out of the site title writing errors

Two, creative writing title

, a website quoted

website construction and network marketing is definitely one of the details of the winning work, continue to strengthen in the search engine user experience first now, maybe just a little detail negligence will make all efforts. We have enough reason to believe that the search engine in the website, and not all subjective cheating, or lack of quality content. As one of the three major features of cognitive website theme, site title has been plagued by users and search attention. Unfortunately, even so important and so attention, but many website title is not standardized. At least from the user’s perspective, not attractive enough, but also not conducive to the development of Internet marketing. read more

Occupation development direction on professional talents of Shanghai dragon er

do not know how many owners feel it is understood the Shanghai dragon in this industry website is a broad road in your life, we are trapped in the many owners do not know whether to go on in the future of the industry, also have a lot of people have encountered such embarrassing: asked friends and relatives to your occupation when you first start, proudly replied: "I was doing the Internet industry" or "I’m IT", relatives and friends will think you are 80% basic computer computer city, said the Shanghai dragon industry belongs to the very mysterious occupation in the eyes of outsiders, for the webmaster, lengnuanzizhi, this so-called "future occupation" in the end there are several go? Today we channel said. read more

Lei Jun talk about entrepreneurship from the big companies out of the people must first brandished a


don’t think too much, don’t plan too long, especially the plan can’t be too complicated. What you need to succeed is the ability to discover opportunities and quick break, plus a little luck. Big companies have too much work experience, but sometimes they will limit their own practices.

I have a friend, in a large software enterprises to do ten years of software research and development, want to start business, ask me what should I pay attention to?. I joked that if you want to be successful, the first is "" brandished a knife from the palace. read more

Optimization techniques on the search results page picture of love Shanghai

For example,

when love Shanghai to have such a service, I believe that in the near future, more and more owners began to optimize the results page picture, no will add pictures, so as to enhance the user’s attention. But once in love Shanghai results page, are a variety of pictures, so how to attract users to click, enhance the image optimization effect? I think we can from the following aspects: to improve the

first, optimize the picture title. The picture was able to display the results page, because the title of the icon or the ALT attribute provides relevant search keywords, such images can be displayed in the results page love Shanghai. This must optimize the picture’s title, and the title of the picture content and content of the combination, such as the medical talent network picture has a big "hire", which has a significant correlation. If not related to pictures and text results page, this is not only a good optimization, actually will cause the user antipathy. read more

n 2015 the need to pay attention to the link secret trick

3. Links page not included in


is similar to phishing sites, the real home with your home address flicker is very similar to

link and delete link exchange. reduce weight home !!!

some sites in the chain is individually made a page on the home page, put all the friends of the chain. They through the nofollow so that the property of this page to reduce its weight. Now the chain is usually on the first page of the home page, small and medium enterprises generally do not often encounter this kind of situation. read more

Nine how to do a good job of Shanghai dragon new love Shanghai included


to select some well-known Web site space business, there are some word of mouth in the webmaster between some good business space also can be used. A stable space business do not have to worry about the site will not open the real situation. Do the above three aspects of the website basically is not what big problem, next is the optimization efforts.

2, the update of the original, suggestions. A spider crawling to your site, find your site is used to eat the content, I am afraid not much interest, it is very difficult to be loved by Shanghai. The worst is today found your website is full of spiders in the content, your website and the garbage station and the acquisition station is very bad with read more

Shanghai dragon should not only imitate innovation and optimization

two: imitation brush flow, caused by K

! ! feeling!My friend

then I put the anchor text related is optimized, the anchor text does not increase every article, but related keywords very natural place to add one or two anchor text links, through the gradual approach to innovation, optimization methods and not others, finally let my website ranking has improved! The imitation is a thing very wrong!

many foreigners love at our Chinese can only imitate, not innovation, I beg to differ, I think we Chinese is the most creative, but you are not aware of the innovation to innovation, take the love of Shanghai and Taobao, these companies are the imitation of foreign enterprises, but in in our country, because Google search industry leader is not innovation, love Shanghai beat, so many foreigners still blame eBay, but love Shanghai and Taobao imitation, is really love Shanghai and Taobao in our own field, continuous innovation to beat foreign companies! So we should expect to do Shanghai dragon optimization, should always have the spirit of innovation, if just imitate, it is certainly not to be successful! We will give two examples of Shanghai Dragon Do not harm innovation read more

Study on love Shanghai intimate search

drunk after his gentle: 贵族宝贝chinaautolighting贵族宝贝/newsshow.aspx? Iid=6408 please indicate the source, thank you

from above we can also see that love Shanghai’s intimate search shows a lot of long tail keywords to us, so you can predict that after the long tail keywords search volume will rise

from Shanghai show love intimate search relevant search results and show the right in the search, the search will further close to the user as the center, each search analysis of the user’s true intentions. Two reduce user clicks and search time read more

Shanghai dragon on how to query the dry cargo to the precise amount included love Shanghai

you need to use the index amount of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform query tool as long as registered on the platform and submit websites.

most currently only know that there is only one way to query the amount collected, that is in the search box enter site with your own domain name, in fact, this inquiry method with love Shanghai’s own words is "the numerical site grammar is estimated to compare the index. The webmaster recommended to use the new tools for us, and we are also working to improve site grammar." So what is a new tool to love Shanghai, in fact, in addition to the site grammar, love Shanghai also opened the other two kinds of tools for the webmaster website included quantity. The first open in Shanghai statistics, as shown below: read more

Shanghai dragon treasure how to use the Shanghai dragon profit

, the first Shanghai Longfeng list, after a quotation, this is a general business of Shanghai Longfeng company has, like some of the popular keywords, like steel, type of surrogate, lottery of keyword price is very high, this is one of the most cherished list before class do, start from the site, optimization and promotion to the one-stop service, is typical of treasure site in Shijiazhuang JianShe Railway Station (stone technology).

now you use Shanghai Longfeng money mainly there are a few categories of read more

Shanghai dragon core is the user experience of OR users’ loyalty

to search for the word "Chengdu tourism" in time to fall in love with the sea. Remove their products and love love Shanghai ranked Shanghai Aladdin cooperation in those rankings, only 2 on its own.

? Now we

"Shanghai dragon user experience" the word is how come? In fact, the user experience in various industries are mentioned, especially in the marketing industry, the user experience will be introduced in Shanghai Longfeng industry, it is Shanghai dragon training that several network marketing circles great god. Here I have no derogatory meaning, but they still on the "Shanghai dragon user experience" theory remained in marketing in the "user experience" that level of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is still not essential. I believe that reading Zac by Zan Hui "Shanghai dragon actual combat password", people would be more clear he said "all the user good do bad to the user do not do. The website useful to users, search engines also love. The user is useless, the search engine is not love. Looking for and want to search engine rankings, is the user experience good site." This is the first time I read about "Shanghai dragon user experience" the new vocabulary description, then also think this sentence is reasonable. But the sum down is the site editor to stand in the user perspective, provide useful users search for content, only willing to fall in love with the sea in front of the web site keywords ranking. Look now, this is "another expression of user experience in the marketing of read more

Directly related to the weight of good and bad four factors

three heads are better than one Zhu Geliang! Site outside the chain is the equivalent of the stooges, more and higher quality. If the Three Stooges are fools, better than? If the chain of poor quality can effectively improve the weight? The chain weight but also pay close attention to quality. A high quality outside the chain of more than ten spam chain. But the chain to improve the weight has a direct impact. Look at your website is good, the weight is high, without the aid of time weight query tool, which is from the outside of the chain to determine the matter. So, the webmaster do not covet the chain have been tens of thousands of that number to corruption will corrupt the matter. Pay attention to quality and quantity, quality and quantity is not the website weight fly? Weight, ranking far? read more

Examples prove that the algorithm is not effective Scindapsus site Links implicated

Links right down:

today the dragon as usual to open the company’s website, this Saturday that there won’t be any new changes, surprisingly website ranking moment, used to refresh the webmaster tools can books remain unchanged, I am not willing to love Shanghai so directly proved completely the website keywords, the right to be reduced, so the ranking overnight to hundreds of meters away. Figure:


is outside the chain, this probability is smaller, because the site is in the maintenance period, every day I update the quantitative timing of a high quality paper, basically do not do what the chain, the chain of punishment probability is very small. Perhaps some will say is not for a long time have not done outside the chain, resulting in decreased the weight of the website and then bring down right? The Dragon according to their years of experience, because if the competitor is only beyond keyword decline, could not bring the site right down, and steps should be decreased the rhythm of the website will not let nothing overnight. Of course, the website is taking personal record, I can query so much personal record of the site have no problem, don’t let me alone in the website of the read more

Avoid spider trap eight mainstream method

has some website design to do the search engine is very friendly, leads to the spider crawling and crawling, in fact, so as to form a spider trap. So, what is not conducive to the spider crawling and grab? Shanghai dragon Er are also should be how to avoid these spider trap? The following is to share their own experience.

three, flash


if the use of our website Session ID tracking user access, so that there will be a phenomenon, a different Session ID search engine every time we visit the page, even if the visit is the same page, it will not appear the same as ID, but the content is the same, just the formation of a repetitive content, this has also formed a spider trap, is not conducive to the website optimization. So we suggest that you don’t usually use cookies to generate Session ID. read more

Don’t put yourself trapped in the Shanghai dragon

first, we engaged in Shanghai Longfeng positions, the most common is the Network Promotion Commissioner of the post. Precisely the idea of optimization has already begun in the site before, so in Shanghai Longfeng positions on the more you should consider is the layout of the site, as well as the choice of keywords. Even if you are in the company, also need to consider the layout of site at the moment, and the choice of keywords, combined with marketing ideas to make a comprehensive analysis of their own website, do not blindly "bricks", only into their best marketing ideas, to maximize the benefits of the optimization of the key word. Is the real success. read more

A few details on the site optimization to maintain long term execution is critical

website weight is the webmaster has been more concerned about the place, some weight good site, will get the search engine popularity, however, the weight only in the proof of website in a field to obtain the user’s favor, but not comprehensive, in the field of electronic commerce, Taobao is only two boss, however, if a blog, it may be Sina micro-blog, this is the difference between the weight of the weight, why should we say, is to let the owners to avoid such mistakes, my website weight is very high, so the love of Shanghai is very friendly to me, I can neglect the management of content, relative to a new station, with a certain weight site already there is a certain "status", this position is who give you? Is the search engines or users, or a large number of external links, we should put this into Clear. The weight is for your data, these data is generally cold, perhaps the search engine users buy your account, but whether these, they pay more attention to the topic they care about. read more

What are the details of the site optimization will affect the crawler to grab love Shanghai


love Shanghai spider is used by IP to capture, at the same time to a number of IP crawl is limited, if many sites on your IP, then assigned to grab a site will become low, especially with large IP. On the other hand, with the IP website or sensitive site and your site is similar to the station, will also affect your site to grab from the side, so try to select the independent IP website optimization.

most of the webmaster know the importance of love Shanghai general web crawler, you participate in the rankings to be divided into four steps, namely, crawling, indexing, which included the show, grab is the first step we do in Shanghai dragon website optimization, then the problem, Ji’nan Shanghai dragon training to tell you what the operation of Shanghai Longfeng station the influence to Ji’nan Shanghai dragon love Shanghai website optimization spider read more

The search market share war staged SNS vertical to the new direction of development

Zhou Hongyi of Qihoo 360 (micro-blog) also said that 360 is not plagiarism, will not do a search in Shanghai as like as two peas with love. 360 will be combined with the browser to launch the "vertical search" business. The so-called vertical search, is a professional search engine for a particular population, domain specific or specific needs and related services to provide some valuable information and.

The social networking site

snatch search engine market

recently, Tencent senior executive vice president Li Haixiang said, the Tencent will increase R & D investment of Tencent soso, an additional 1 billion force Tencent to search business next year. The coveted love Shanghai, love Shanghai’s old rival Qihoo 360. The day before, the Qihoo 360 announced its entry into the search field, the search engines love Shanghai boss status is being challenged. Five years ago, love Shanghai and Google can be said to dominate the world, and the two well-known Internet Co specializing in the search business. But now the situation has quietly changed, the boss of traditional Internet search engine is now subject to various challenges, in just two weeks, two local search engine companies have announced in China has surpassed Google, and will be directed at the local search engine boss love Shanghai. read more

The user behaviors that affect the ranking is not working

3, your website can stick to the user

? ?After Oh!

in general, the proportion of stores and web page is called the click rate in search results. Although the click rate is mainly determined by the ranking has decided, but the characteristics of popularity, user experience, Title Difference in writing website, there will be "although PageRank may rely on, but the click rate is high the phenomenon of" Oh! Of course, as Shanghai Longfeng professionals, analysis of web page hits, a a very important role in the late Shanghai dragon strategy adjustment. Of course, if your analysis precision, then the rankings will be very normal read more