1×1 of Atlético: The wall of Felipe and the pundonor of Morata had no final prize

first_imgHerrera: Start again with the absence of Koke. Strength in the middle, powerful in the melee and in the fight for the ball, however he was more inaccurate when he had to be in charge of getting the ball played. He failed to pause the ball in the middle. He left replaced by Vitolo near arriving at game time. Belt: Intense in the recovery from the right wing, put in a lot of trouble to the white back in the ball. It generated danger and left a play in the area where the auction was about to arrive after making several breaks in the area. He focused his position, until he started the second part as a second point. He asked for a penalty for a trip of Ramos. With the passing of the minutes his participation went off. He was about to score in the last two actions of the extension. It is pure electricity. Constant work, emptied physically. GIUSEPPE CACACE & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Correa, during the match against Real Madrid.GIUSEPPE CACACE (AFP) Oblak: Sure to tackle the auctions of Modric and Mendy in the first half. Double action of merit in the extension before the shooting of Modric and Mariano, the latter very close. He had two plays with difficulty communicating with Felipe and Giménez. Very attentive also in the lateral centers. Your ability to catch the ball without leaving any rejections in the area is gold. He continues to falter in the penalty shootings, where it is hard for him to hit the opponent’s pitch. He did not stop any of the pitches of the Madrid players. Trippier: He received a hard hit from Isco as soon as the match began. The Englishman did not have a comfortable encounter and lived to the limit of He relied on a play where he ended up finishing Mendy after beating his back. Fantastic shipment to space to generate an occasion of Morata gold in the second half. He marked his penalty. Felipe: He was not heavy to see a yellow at 27 minutes for a foul on Jovic. Very safe in the air game and intuitive to get ahead of the Serbian striker, it is a wall behind. Fantastic signing of Atlético. Savic’s entry made him go on to play as the left center. He completed 14 clearances, the one that more of the game bending to Ramos, the second that more. Giménez: Back to eleven after missing the semifinals for inconvenience. Well in his constant aid to Lodi, acting as a central left and falling a lot to the band. He had to go to the ground to prevent Jovic from planting hand in hand with Oblak. He had to face an extension after a very physically demanding game and left replaced by Savic at 97 minutes. He showed his frustration on the bench after being changed. I gave it: Unsure in defense with the entries of Valverde and Carvajal by its side. Madrid looked for him and Simeone was disdained in the band correcting his position. During the second half he suffered less in defense, but his participation did not increase. In attack he was shown in band as support for his teammates, although they did not seek him regularly. He left replaced in minute 87 by Llorente. Thomas: Participation with the ball in search of breaking lines, something he managed to find Morata at 20 minutes generating danger. Sometimes he risks too much and commits dangerous losses, but he is the only player in the middle who tries to do different things from behind. He got the yellow one in the 74th minute for a foul on Rodrygo. He tested Courtois in the 90th minute with a very distant foul. His penalty was guessed by Courtois, who cleared his pitch. Atlético jumped into the derby with the only novelty of Giménez instead of Savic regarding the eleven that defeated Barcelona. However, despite the fact that the team was the same, the starting pressure lines were much higher than in the semifinals against Barcelona. Atlético squeezed the exit of Madrid a lot, without allowing Ramos to leave with ease and a robbery, João Félix’s first chance came, whose shot was defective. With the passing of the minutes and without the goal came, Atlético was retreating over its area and the robberies were taking place further. In the end of the first part and in the second it was Correa in charge of starting as second point and João Félix on the right wing. Simeone moved the change before reaching game time to give vitality to the rojiblanco attack with Vitolo in the place of Herrera passing Saul to the center of the field. Like any final against Madrid, the game went on extra time with very few occasions, one of them from Morata against Courtois who did not finish well and another from Vitolo already in extra time. The ‘9’ was planted hand in hand when Valverde hunted him from behind with a very hard entrance that cost him the red one. In the penalty shootout Atlético fell again with the failures of Saul and Thomas. center_img Saul: Inner left, he worked in defense and in attack had freedom of movement. He tried to find a goal with a Chilean far away. He was not precise with the ball. With the first change, Vitolo for Herrera, he went on to play in double pivot with Thomas. There he had more presence, winning many stunts with white midfielders and trying to unbalance with game changes. With the entry of Llorente by Lodi he had his third change of position of the game, going on to play on the left side. Then he returned to the middle when Arias replaced João Félix. He threw his penalty to the stick. João Felix: More participatory at the start of the game than against Barça, he had the first great opportunity for Atlético taking advantage of a steal from Sergio Ramos in the front of the rival area, but his shot went too cross. An occasion where greater precision is required. Over the minutes he moved from the front to the right wing. It was a chance to punch the table and he didn’t take it. He lacked clarity when receiving the ball and turning and sometimes he tried to find the pipe and the beautiful action before the most practical. He participated in a danger play by Vitolo with a nice heel. He said goodbye to the game at 100 minutes, the last athletic change. Morata: At 80 minutes he did not score on a very clear occasion against Courtois, taking advantage of a fantastic shipment of Trippier into space, but his shot was easy for Courtois. He was the player who generated more danger and had two other occasions to try the goal. He tested his distant shot with a right hand near the goal of Courtois at 20 minutes and with a scissors in 106 that Courtois stopped. Valverde prevented him from staying hand-in-hand with Courtois with a very hard entry in the race and while he was on the ground he stomped on his head that caused him a huge bump. Batallador in the air balls, had a difficult mission with Ramos and Varane in their attempts to retain the ball. He could not reproach effort, squeezing Courtois and the centrals, but rarely won. Four changesVitolo: He replaced Herrera in the 56th minute. He positioned himself on the left wing to find the imbalance. He tested Courtois at the start of the extension by taking advantage of a pass to Morata’s space, but the Belgian came out victorious in his shot down. He had some very dangerous loss back. With the ball try to always look for the partner to attack by combining. Llorente: Change in the last moments of the regulatory time by Lodi to reinforce the midfield. It gave strength and was an important piece with its multiple aids to the defenders. Savic: For Cholo, the physicist of Giménez said enough in 97 ‘and the Montenegrin jumped into the field as a central right. He saw the yellow after facing Carvajal through the very strong entrance of Valverde to Morata.Arias: He entered the left side by changing the entire tactical scheme by replacing João Félix. It was hard to profile towards the less skilled leg.last_img read more

Tony Becca: Rising pressure on cricket’s Big Three

first_img Overall commitment The question was asked by Damian Collins, the Conservative MP for Folkestone and Hythe, who has called on the ECB to answer six questions pertaining to Clarke’s ongoing role and the board’s overall commitment to good governance that he believes the cricketing public deserves to know. The six questions include: “What is the ECB’s vision for how the ICC should be run? Does the ICC feel that Transparency International has been fair in its criticism of the ICC is failing to adhere to recognised governance standards, including increased accountability and transparency? And, if so, as an influential boat at ICC, is the ECB prepared to publicly commit to tackling these problems? “Will the ECB be putting forward Giles Clarke as their nominee for ICC Chairman? And, if so, does the ECB think it is appropriate to be endorsing someone who played such a prominent role in reforms that have been widely condemned as bullying, inequitable, and ignoring the need for those basic governance standards as noted? “Can the ECB give full disclosure as to the terms of Giles Clarke’s presidency of the organisation? And what does Giles Clarke’s duties as president of ECB entail? Are they limited to representing the board at the ICC?” Clarke’s candidacy, however, received a blow earlier this year when it was understood that neither South Africa nor Australia was willing to support his bid to become the ICC chairman, although, at a recent meeting in Dubai, it was agreed that all nominees had to be either a past or present ICC board member. Clarke, who was chairman of the ECB at the time of the ICC takeover, became the ECB president in 2015, and the feeling is that if he takes over as the chairman of the ICC, it would be seen as a “conflict of interest”. That is why MP Collins, who sits on the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s Select Committee, wants Clarke before the committee to answer the six questions, especially after the move among sporting bodies towards “transparent and accountable governance” and particularly after the Indian court forced Narainswamy Srinivasan to give up his dual role as ICC chairman and BCCI president after he was found to have ownership of IPL franchise, Chennai Super Kings. The committee, it is said by a member of the House of Commons committee, decided to look into the conduct of the ECB in relation to cricket because of the recent scandal in FIFA and because of other investigations it has been doing in football, athletics, and tennis as far as sports governance is concerned. While Clarke’s appearance before the select committee of the House of Commons may come to nought as far as the ‘Big Three’ is concerned, it may be the start of something big. In terms of the British parliament’s influence on cricket in particular, and on sports in general, it may be something probably as big as the impact, not only of 50-over cricket and of 20-over cricket, but also of franchise cricket. Cricket, sports in general, and politics should not mix, not according to the ICC, FIFA, IOC, IAAF, ITF, and many international sporting bodies. In most cases, governments toe the line, especially when it comes to influencing sporting policies and selections. Control everything Following the ICC’s interim chairman Shashank Manohar’s broadsided attack on the cricket coup of 2014, cricket’s unpopular takeover by the ‘Big Three’ of India, England, and Australia is coming under increasing pressure to survive. The coup, which was planned in almost secrecy and which promised the other ICC members, among other things, but more important, better financial returns, took place after a long fight headed by South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, who resisted the takeover to the end. The first to come out against it was Manohar, an Indian. Then there was a protest to “change cricket”, organised by Sam Collins and Jarrod Kimber outside The Oval on the first morning of the fifth Test between England and Australia, and then there was a film, Death of a Gentleman, named as the Documentary of the Year by the Sports Journalists’ Association in London last week, which was shown in the House of Commons on Monday evening. The fifth and probably most deadly attack on the coup came a week or two ago, and it was an attack bearing far-reaching implications for the official running of the game, and especially so at this time in the West Indies. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has been asked by the British parliament, by a member, to “confirm whether it intends to put forward Giles Clarke, the ECB president, as its nominee for the forthcoming election for the ICC chairman in June, in spite of his prominent role in the ICC structural reforms of 2014 that were widely criticised in last month’s ICC board meeting in Dubai”. Other investigations While most countries go along with this quietly, some countries, like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, do not agree with it and sometimes do their own thing. The feeling is that if they control everything else in the country and pay the bill for things to do with sports, and in some cases, all things to do with sports, they should have a say in all sports. In Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, where the sports minister recently made Kumar Sangakkara a selector of the national team, the governments are involved in almost everything and yet the ICC turns a blind eye. In other countries, like the West Indies, the governments follow almost blindly. They toe the line, regardless. Things, however, may change shortly. The tide appears to be changing. With Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh doing their own thing already, with India joining the action, and with Britain seemingly set to follow, it may be, or will be, only a matter of time before it becomes the norm. The West Indies, and their many separate sovereign governments, are probably looking on longingly, hoping for that day to come, and quickly at that, especially after last week’s rejection by the board of the governments’ plan to scrap it. The present confrontation between the West Indies Cricket Board and the heads of governments may have left the governments, the representatives of the people, coming to the conclusion that they who pay the piper, they who pay the bills, especially at the request of the board, have the right to call the tune, not in cases of selection and such technical matters, but especially when it comes to good governance, or as Keith Mitchell, the prime minister of Grenada, said a few days ago, and accountability.last_img read more

Supt. Zuagele Wants Buutuo Mob to Face Justice

first_imgNimba County Superintendent, Fong G. Zuagele, has directed civil authorities of Buu – Yao Administrative District, including the chiefs and commissioners, to ensure that those involved in the brutal killing of a murder suspect at the Buutuo Police Station in late February are brought to justice. Supt Zuagele gave the order during a one day “Non Mob Violence” forum held in Gblorlay Township on Tuesday, April 21 when he instructed the chiefs and civil authorities in the district to ensure that those who carried out the mob justice are arrested and turned over to police so that peace, justice and security can prevail in the area.“I will be very clear here. Our partners will be gone and thereafter, we will make sure that the rule of law prevails because we have the responsibility to support law enforcement without any limitation,” he said. Supt. Zuagele further emphasized that anybody who commits crimes such as murder and their collaborators, irrespective of their status will be prosecuted by our administration.  Speaking on the topic, “Consolidating Buu – Yao District,” he described the area as the food producing belt of the county. He then cautioned the residents to shun violence and instead seek peace and unity. The occasion brought together nearly all stakeholders of Nimba, including commissioners, chiefs, elders, youths, security apparatus in Nimba and also citizens of the two chiefdoms (Wea and Nimkwai) where the dispute leading to the mob violence started.Earlier, the Acting Clan Chief of Frolay Town, Nuah Yealue, who initially handled the case, expressed dismay over the manner he and the elders were marginalized by the Statutory Superintendent of Zoe Geh District, Albert Farnga, and the Commissioner, Daniel Zehkpeh, who he accused of not showing any concern over the incident.On February 23, a group of angry men from Wea Chiefdom stormed the Buutuo Police Station, overpowered the two police officers assigned there and hacked to death a suspected murderer who was in police custody. The suspected murderer was accused by the angry men of killing one of their kinsmen.Since the incident, the police have been able to arrest two persons, while 11 others are still at large. There is a speculation that those involved are carrying on their normal business without any attempt being made to arrest them for their alleged complicity in the murder.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Ministry says “integrity, ethics” the hallmarks of contract award

first_imgHaags Bosch contract controversyThe Communities Ministry has once again reached out to the public in defence of the process used to award the $221 million contract to Puran Brothers Disposal Inc for the development and maintenance of the controversial Haags Bosch solid waste disposal site at Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD).The Ministry had come under fire last week by another contractor, Cevon’s Waste Management, which had also bid for the contract. Cevon’s had accused Government of going against protocol to hand the project to Puran Brothers.The Ministry had immediately responded to the claims by Cevon’s, but has again made a statement in this regard.The release said that the Ministry would at no time seek to deny any interested stakeholder the opportunity to contribute to the integrity and reliability of the process that would lead to improved solid waste management.“The Ministry further reiterates that it will act with dispatch in accordance with the necessary provisions to secure the environmental integrity in the operation of sanitary landfills.”According to the Ministry, no effort will be spared to ensure the highest standards of integrity, civility and ethics at the other municipal landfill facilities.Cevon’s Management, following the award of the contract to Puran Brothers, had moved to file a protest with the Bid Protest Committee (BPC). It said the decision to award the contract to Puran Brothers Disposal Inc was unfair and biased. Cevon’s also cited low price, technical competence, operation methodology and past performance as reasons for the protestLast week, the $221 million one-year contract was inked between the Communities Ministry and Puran Brothers Inc for that company to maintain the Eccles, EBD dumpsite. Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan, when questioned by Guyana Times assured that the awardee was found to be the most suitable among the bidders for the project.He said efforts to bring relief to residents of Eccles and neighbouring communities have been, over the past several months, in the pipeline to ensure that the Haags Bosch Landfill facility was transformed into a site which complied with international and environmental standards.The Ministry said it remained committed to ensuring that new measures were implemented to guarantee the effective management of waste.At the signing of the contract, Bulkan had said that the signing of the new contract provided for different and improved features, including the use of a compactor unit to more efficiently manage waste and to extend the lifespan of the landfill site.“There will be daily cover of the waste to prevent odour and other unsanitary effects. There will also be proper firefighting equipment,” he said, since there have been numerous fires during the last couple of months, following the departure of the previous contractor.The Communities Minister said it was expected that a “fresh approach” from what was said was the continuation of an intended meaningful relationship between Central and Local Government.last_img read more

O-T-L registration closes Wednesday

first_imgRegistration is now open for the second annual Over the Line tournament, as part of High-on-Ice weekend.It costs $100 per team, for teams of 4-6 players. Registration Packages available at the North Peace Leisure Pool – Register your team by 10:00PM on Wednesday, January 14th, 2009.Taking place on January 17th, OTL is fun, easy to learn, and easy to play. Participants last year had a great time, and more teams are expected this year.- Advertisement -For more info – you can call Byron Stewart at 250-787-7161.The Sweaty Yetis at the 2008 OTL tourneyThe Hazmats at the 2008 OTL tourney – photos courtesy Byron StewartAdvertisementlast_img read more

Lille ready to offload Arsenal and West Ham target

first_img Former Chelsea hitman Salomon Kalou Lille are hoping to offload West Ham and Arsenal target Salomon Kalou in order to pursue a move for Jordan Ayew.The French club are desperate to land the Marseille striker this summer but will only be able to afford the deal if they can flog Kalou, who is one of their highest earners.The Hammers and Arsenal have both been heavily linked with the Ivorian forward, who has scored 30 goals in 66 Ligue 1 games since joining from Chelsea back in 2012.And both London clubs could be encouraged to move for Kalou now Lille have opened the door to his departure, according to sources in France. 1last_img read more

‘I haven’t spoken to Guardiola’ – Spain star denies he has agreed Man City move

first_imgNolito insists he has yet to hold talks with Pep Guardiola over a move to Manchester City.The Celta Vigo star is understood to be one of Guardiola’s main transfer targets this summer.There were even suggestions earlier this week that City had activated the Spaniard’s £14m release clause and were close to clinching his signature.But the 29-year-old, currently part of the Spain squad at Euro 2016, says he is not on the verge of sealing a switch – although he is not ruling out a move.“We’ll see what happens with my future,” Nolito told Radio Marca.“But I won’t complain about how things are going for me sportingly.“For now, I haven’t signed with Manchester City, but I won’t lie so we’ll see. I haven’t spoken to [Pep] Guardiola.” 1 Nolito in action for Spain at Euro 2016 last_img read more


first_imgRaphoe Family Resource CentreChild Counselling Service:The Family Resource Centre provides a free and confidential Child Counselling Service, made possible from funding received from the Child and Family Agency. The Counsellor, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who is a member of the National Association of Psychotherapists will be available in the Family Resource Centre on Mondays (excluding Bank Holidays) from 11.30am-3.00pm.To make an appointment please contact 086 3969149.Please note, when it is considered to be appropriate parental/guardian consent will be required.Raphoe 5K: Raphoe 5k in association with Lifford Athletic Club will take place on Tuesday evening 15th July so don’t forget to pencil in the date!The race, which is now into its 4th year, and which is part of Donegal Co. Athletics Board’s Grand Prix Series has been incredibly successful thanks to the large number of entrants not only from the Raphoe area but from the surrounding towns of Lifford, Convoy, Castlefin, St. Johnston, Aghyaran as well as runners from Ballybofey, Letterkenny, Strabane and Derry.Brendan O’Donnell, Lifford Athletic Club has been of tremendous support to the Family Resource Centre in the organising and running of this fundraising event and we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Brendan for that support.Little Smiles with Big Dreams:Little Smiles with Big Dreams is a parent and toddler group that meets every Wednesday morning at 10.30am –12 noon in the Family Resource Centre. Anyone who is in care of a child where it is an aunt / uncle/ child-minder or grandparent is welcome.The kiddies can get involved in Messy play, free play, story time and music time where the adult can enjoy a cuppa tea and meet other adults.Parent and Toddler are a great way to enhance your little one confidence and meet others their age. A light lunch is provided and a small cost of 50 cent per family.Quiz Night: A Quiz in aid of the Sean O’Hare Unit will be held in the Central Hotel, Raphoe on Thursday 10th July commencing at 8.30pm sharp.Loads of raffle prizes on the night including a Donegal GAA jersey.St. Marys Gaelic 4 Mothers & OthersSt. Marys GAA pitch Convoy Wed 8:15pmIf you are 18 years and over and would like to get fit, learn a new skill,have fun and meet new friends then this is the team for you!Commit to be fit!Going Bananas!Raphoe Congregational Church will be holding its Summer Holiday Club from Monday 14th –Friday 18th July. Going Bananas! will hold it’s pre-registration on Friday 27th June at the Church Hall from 7.00-8.00pm.The Club is free and all National School children are welcome!DD LOCAL: FOURTH RAPHOE 5K TO TAKE PLACE ON JULY 15TH was last modified: July 4th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:5kDD LOCAL: RaphoeFeaturesNoticeslast_img read more

What to know while battling palmer amaranth, waterhemp, more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest At the recent Seed Consultants field day, agronomist Bill McDonald talked with Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo about identifying the different types of weeds in Ohio fields. Differences between waterhemp and palmer amaranth is explained as is the need to take care of the weeds quickly and completely.last_img