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Shanghai dragon often headache, not included, can not talk about ranking index. In particular, to achieve a certain scale website, the website is a full collection of troubling Shanghai Dragon technology, for example, when the page reached hundreds of thousands, no matter how, how to optimize the site architecture design, 100% included is impossible, can only try to improve the collection rate. But sometimes how to prevent search engines may also become a problem recently, has increasingly become a problem. To prevent the recorded information as confidential information, copy the contents, advertising links etc.. The commonly used methods include stop included password protection, put content in the table behind, the use of JS/Ajax, Flash etc.. Today saw an article in the blog network noble baby, these methods are not insurance. read more

The needs of the market cultivation keyword optimization requires patience

Shanghai dragon

actually do a keyword optimization, to make some achievements, and is steadily firmly maintained at a certain rank, do well in the station update has a certain security, after all, constantly update the consumer industry station right at the same time, to do well in the station optimization, as well as their website love Shanghai through various means of increasing weight so, you can gradually make robust and secure keyword ranking, this time to continue to release some of the high quality of the chain, and exchange some good friends of the chain of words, then the site overall weight must be steady rise, so that the keyword can be gradually increased to their ideal position, so as to obtain good effect of search engine marketing the. read more

How do put shlf1314 AdSense ads on sh419 spaceWith the blog blog a monthly income of 200 dollars

      the method is simple; we analyze the profits of a product; the higher the profit, the higher the advertising it pays. For example, UPS power supply, higher profits, its advertising prices are generally very impressive.

add shlf1314 code to JS code, including pop:

To tell you that


2, the establishment of a web page in the local name for the name abc.html can play.

4, close the Notepad, open the abc.html and press CTRL+A to copy down the page, and then directly on the sh419 post edit page, paste it, they shield the code editor, can in fact be through this mode of direct copy. read more

Beware of pitfalls making money online common pitfallsPK value of nternet traffic in different n

1, registered as developed countries. Pretending to be a member of the developed countries, we can get more opportunities to make more money, but we think the foreigner is too simple. Even webmaster, I will be based on your IP address online analysis of where you come from including countries, provinces and even cities, foreigners can not? This is a typical kind of cheating, when you receive the company will handle your click Wangzhuan, and ultimately a sieve. By the way, some of our friends are studying abroad. These friends can be registered as citizens of their places without any trouble read more

Noble baby mobile search volume over PC the core business needs change

in addition to these changes, because the baby is not noble in the mobile search field to occupy the dominant position, so noble baby will face a lot of competition, now people use mobile phone browser with a search bar, the search bar is probably the nobility baby rival search engines based on the user, in order to facilitate may imperceptibly pulled to the use of other search engines, will be virtually noble baby to seize the market, how to quickly occupy the dominant position in the search field of mobile, noble baby would be a huge challenge. read more

Outstanding Shanghai dragon Er need to have those qualities

website optimization has been more than a year’s time, the Shanghai dragon, he still is a rookie level, just inside Shanghai Longfeng circle so long, met Shanghai dragon master, Shanghai dragon novice, have told me the same Shanghai dragon rookie level, often in Shanghai Phoenix Forum, Shanghai dragon QQ group inside heard many people complain about, how to learn some of what Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon should have what kind of quality, whether Shanghai Dragon technology is advanced, Shanghai dragon what need to proceed from what place…… Early to write an article on that share their ideas of learning Shanghai dragon this year with you, today you have a personal QQ, add me as a friend, I asked him what he needs? He told to share on the Internet to see some Shanghai Longfeng experience I wrote have experience, feel very much, ask me to learn what Shanghai Longfeng need to know what knowledge, I am suitable for Shanghai dragon Er?…… After he face some problem I detailed understanding of some of his situation, put me in recent years Shanghai Longfeng experience experience to share with him on the way home, after feel it necessary to write an article on that, and we share with me to Shanghai dragon some insights into what a Shanghai dragon Er what qualities are required to write enough, meaning I hope you understand, is my wise remark of an experienced person. read more

Amateur Adsense money test100 days’ share of mobile nternet start ups

after all, seeing is believing, the network information collected is not intuitive understanding, therefore, I began to visit some of the name of cooperation, agent industry companies, mainly Shanghai local, local telephone communication, a Beijing company is good, use the weekend to go for a trip, the general feeling, although they do earlier also, there is a certain scale, but also in the development stage, the opportunity! PS: this process takes longer, of which there is a plug.

30 days, inspection. read more

Discussion how to build a high quality website content

site will do in the directory page and the article page, add the inner chain, add a variety of lists, such as the latest list of articles, popular articles list, a list of related articles, random article list, which can be reduced to some extent with other web page similarity.

Most of this

3. generation polymerization page

2. difference with other web content

in this shopping guide website, site or shopping sharing site is typical, such as e, Amoy beauty said, their goods are collected in other shopping sites, these goods because the original page problem to obtain ranking is limited, but can page through the integration of competition ranking, such as brand, category, price and usage attribute and location of permutation and combination. Because the shopping guide websites such as inside the commodity will come from many websites, such a page is the original. The way you can through the label page or search page (see below for polymerization of a women’s website label). read more

3 excellent qualities of a successful webmaster to have

three, honest sub points do stand

, persevere tenacity essential

a lot of people want to come out from the grass roots, the creation of their own piece of the sky on the Internet, but failed to make the Internet business as their own business, but with speculation, cheating, bluff and deceive mentality to do. A no technology, no two to three, no money, no four good attitude, you say how can you succeed! In this paper, we have to share with everyone, how in the case of poor and blank how to business success, make a success of their own website. read more

Analysis of content update techniques to optimize the multiplier

may be a little bit surprised, what skills of website content updates, as long as the original, or require a little more high quality original web content is enough to meet the demand of optimization. So to study the skills is a bit superfluous? But we need to know that the website content is not simply in order to optimize the search engine, we have one important objective that is to attract the user’s attention, and let these users gradually transformed into loyal users of website.

Many webmaster read more

Five years experience in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng only there is no short cut to insist an

Of course,

think in Shanghai Longfeng work has been 5 years, some people may feel that since 5 years engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work, must experience, and master the Shanghai dragon optimization tips, if you think you are wrong, in fact, I engaged in Shanghai Longfeng to work, I learned a truth, that Shanghai is not only a dragon, persistence and effort, will only follow the correct optimization method has a stable and efficient keyword ranking, so in this article, I share the first experience is: Shanghai dragon no shortcut, only persistence and efforts for the position. read more

From the angle of comparison of 360 webmaster search love Shanghai Google

I personally think that

finally, each search engine has its own good, only 360 to enter the market to let the webmaster a little better, as do love should also be like a Shanghai Google optimization guide, let the webmaster can have a goal, or very blind optimization. I love the breast 贵族宝贝fengxiong521贵族宝贝>

always love Shanghai included is not easy to do, on the basic of Google is very fierce, but 360 is included less poor, do webmaster after deal with love Shanghai also to cope with the 360 at the same time? May it difference algorithm. read more

Discuz online article keywords based on optimized batch Dedecms segmentation


$id = isset ($id) & & is_numeric ($id) $id: 0;

? ?

< require_once (dirname? Php
(__FILE__). The "/include/");

for ($a=$id; $a< $id+10; $a++) {

method, the CMS installation directory, new c.php, copy into the following contents, their corresponding encoding with Notepad set GBK or utf8. Run the yourwebsite/c.php id=1

dedecms itself tag (keywords) extraction function, but the word is always not accurate enough. Of course, to update a dozen entries and on Shanghai Longfeng precise execution of the users, the manual input can better control. But for the theme of more extensive, content update a large amount of users, Dede split is not perfect. read more

A5 marketing non official website website needs to pay attention to what is not love Shanghai right

note: the site with a "non official website information will be right down

will be right down if a web site with a "non official website information? Is the official website with information on the website, and then in the" official "front plus a" non ", this information will not be love Shanghai drop right? A5 marketing idea is this:

2, "non official website" website with a "not" word, not only to deceive the user and deceive the search engine. read more

According to the Shanghai love rival effective anti chain data to develop Shanghai dragon competitio

query keywords ranking on the home page of the site, Shanghai love chain total effective statistics.

as shown below:

then the third question, "the love of Shanghai anti chain number" and "love Shanghai effective anti chain number" what is the difference? The first two are the number of domain names containing the page returned from the love Shanghai address in the library. The difference is that love the address of Shanghai library, some love address is Shanghai included, released a snapshot, a little snapshot was released, including "love Shanghai trans total is consists of two parts, the snapshot was released and no snapshot of the page is the first page of the query results returned. "Love" read more

Brand promotion PK Shanghai dragon who is superior

brand promotion

rely on search engines to Shanghai dragon and survival, almost all of the traffic comes from search engines, but in some cases even if we worked hard to put a certain key words do it first will find the results of their own imagination and there is a large gap, the reason is a lot of such words are for advertising in the world, but even if we get the flow, which also has a large part is not the desire to buy traffic..

in China’s rapid economic development today, a lot of people not only to meet the basic material needs, is more to the pursuit to the brand. Many consumers in the consumption of some products even is not only expensive to buy "mentality, which reflect the current Chinese people for the pursuit of the brand. Take it to the Mid Autumn Festival as an example, this year we can see the so-called "moon cakes" hundreds of boxes of moon cake sell, these mooncakes are not "dragon meat", so what makes such a box of moon cakes can be sold price? That is the brand effect. read more

Why do entrepreneurs forget about financing in 2017Gold rush station associated with Mylot’s scoring

The motivation of

3, and one of the most important issues, there is no support point, no one topic, for example, what is your forum to discuss? What is the charm of your forum, who still has a visitor,

when an investor vote for you, does not mean that you will succeed; similarly, when investors reject you, does not mean that your project is not only feasible, that expected your project failed to surpass the trend of future investors; or in risk can not let people have a sense of security investment. read more

Eight Tips to do your online businessOn the road to University Entrepreneurship

The importance of

is getting tired. The university more spare time is limited, to deal with a lot of things, he also participated in many societies, due to the limitations of the site itself is not what income, tired feeling more intense! If I should persist? When the site in two months to reach 2 of the weight, I will no longer continue to update. The ranking of the site is still relatively good, of course, no effect of competitive factors cannot be excluded.

until Huangjiahu surrounding a merchant to contact me, have the advertising intention, after receiving 500 dollars each month advertising has completed its company website promotion. Of course, the market price of thousands of ordinary keywords, I will receive one thousand, the total completion of the optimization of 7 thousand yuan, maintenance costs hundreds of pieces each month. It’s a real income list, and many website optimizations have been done before, helping friends with friendship. Later, the average monthly income of about 3 thousand. read more

Most embarrassing boss call 191 employees only 1 employees holdings of 1000 sharesThe correct addr

even more embarrassing is that the employee also quilt, as of 14, the closing, the Great Wall animation stock price reported 9.83 yuan / share, the staff lost 185 yuan.

reporter noted that for such extraordinary results in a "embarrassment" and "upgrade a not far behind him, I fell into the" comment, a netizen solemnly pointed out: "well, your employees are not confident, the image of the crash, one cannot alter m."


it came to this step, also called real fallback type holdings. But by June 11th, for whatever reasons, the Great Wall animation and issued a supplementary notice, the provisions of the compensation limit: the employees buy the Great Wall animation stock value does not exceed the monthly salary 12 times the loss of compensation, by the chairman of the board, staff is expected to buy the amount of 16 million 596 thousand yuan. Prior to the announcement of the issue, no excess has been purchased beyond this limit. read more

Wangzhuan experience how to choose advertising to make moneyDeep dialogue Chen Danian talk about

Chen Danian has just won the fortune Chinese edition, 40 business elites aged under 40 years old,

I was physically poor from 2006 to 2008, because before

Chen Danian: when we were all reading, we were taught to work hard to get rich and to learn by drinking coffee. And then to the Internet, it is said that the Internet is a speed of development of the industry, with each passing day, people’s pace of life has become faster.

but today, the Internet has been improving and relatively mature. In one way or another, "all routines", when the Internet models mature, I think we should actually throw away this kind of hard won approach. read more