first_imgIn this third article of the series centered on the necessary requirement of loyalty particular attention will be paid to how one can cultivate and maintain the virtuous habit of loyalty. Loyalty like most virtues can be craved, formed and maintained by conscious thought and practice. How? The rest of this article will endeavor to answer. The second article on the vice of disloyalty observed the following points:To be loyal means to be faithful to a person, institution, nation or a cause for as long as it takes and is required. It is the act of giving oneself totally in terms of time, energy, obedience, resources, and best thoughts to a cause or person. Loyalty is the giving of total support to a person or a cause. It is the act of keeping a promise come what may. It means being committed to the core. Loyalty means loving, defending, and promoting what one believes in. To be loyal is to be true to a person or cause at all times and under all circumstances.The exact opposite of loyalty is disloyalty. It means to be unfaithful, uncommitted and unreliable with regard to a cause or person. At its worst it takes the form of betrayal wherein one connives with the enemies of a friend, family or a cause that one is supposed to defend and promote to harm that friend, family or cause. It hurts deeply when one is supposed to be a loyal friend, family or a fan of a cause but is found to be the exact opposite.!This act of betrayal or lack of commitment is one of the major causes of families, institutions and nations not doing as well as they ought to. Disloyalty impedes and stifles their progress. Liberia is lacking behind countries in Africa that she is supposed to be leading in terms of stability and socio-economic wellbeing all because of the lack of patriotism which is another form of disloyalty on the part of many of her citizens, especially those in positions of leadership. Many Liberians pay a lip service to the indispensable quality of patriotism but in practice are very disloyal to the overall interests of the nation.If Liberia is to recover from past mistakes and make rapid and lasting progress in advancing the welfare of its vast majority of citizens, Liberians, must learn and practice patriotism. On the individual and institutional level, disloyalty can be overcome by the realization that it is a part of life and that anyone or institution can be a victim of it. When it does occur one or an institution must not let it be a determiner of fate. Progress must be continued as if disloyalty never occurred. Disloyalty occurs in all sorts of ways and to all sorts of people and institutions and it hurts. But to overcome it and not let it impede the achievement of dreams and aspirations, is an important strategy for any successful living.How then may one form and keep the good habit of loyalty to the right causes and persons? Loyalty is both a virtue and a principle. A virtue must be consciously owed, practiced as often as possible and made one’s second nature. One must believe passionately that loyalty is essential for a successful living and for pleasing God and all those to whom one is accountable. All just causes require loyal promoters.Just as one can resolve to be sincere under all circumstances, as far as humanly possible, one can also to be loyal to God Almighty and those just and noble causes and persons who promote justice and believe and work for the common good of the neighbor and all of society. Of course, a resolution is only a resolution on paper or in the mind until it is demonstrated through living it out. The way one can convince oneself and others is by living the virtue of loyalty.The saying is true that charity (the old word for love) begins at home. Loyalty has to begin with God the Creator and Source of all that one is and has. Someone has rightly observed that if one is unfaithful (dishonest) to God in prayer, giving (tithes and dues) and in worship, then one is likely to be disloyal to one’s partner, children, job and others. One way to demonstrate that one is loyal to God is to be loyal to the persons and causes that one is closest to and interact with most frequently. When such a habit is formed then it is a lot easier to extend it to those far off. Loyalty to just causes and persons is a necessity for living a healthy and fulfilled life and all sober minded persons must endeavor to form it and live it daily.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

A contrite Arnold

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Humbled by Tuesday’s overwhelming electoral defeat, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has struck a conciliatory tone. Having seen his strategy of bypassing the Legislature by going directly to the people fail, he now pledges to try to re-engage Democratic leaders in Sacramento – a wise, if obvious, move. The critics grouse that Schwarzenegger hasn’t gone far enough. He should apologize, they say, for calling the special election in the first place. But this is just ugly partisanship. Schwarzenegger no more needs to apologize for losing last week than Gray Davis should have groveled for forgiveness after the recall. Politics is about winners and losers, and progress only comes about when leaders take risks. Sometimes risks result in failure. It beats the all-too-common alternative of gutless, poll-driven politicians who refuse to confront the hard issues. Still, as Schwarzenegger admits, he badly misjudged the will of the electorate in pushing for the special election. It’s a mistake that cost the state $55 million, a small fraction of the rampant waste that Schwarzenegger was trying to rein in, but a real loss nonetheless. The governor’s failure has also set back the reform movement, and wiped out much of the political capital he will need to be effective in working with the Legislature. It’s easy to understand his regret. But to his credit, he’s accepted “full responsibility,” rather than simply blaming his aides, the public or his political opponents. This is a key first step toward rehabilitating the state’s dysfunctional political system. A good second step is Schwarzenegger’s promise to include Democratic leaders in putting together his next State of the State address. Legislators were taken aback last year to learn about the governor’s reform agenda without being consulted first. What comes next depends on how Sacramento Democrats react to the new, contrite Arnold. They’ve long said they want to cooperate more, and they now seem to have the opportunity. If their conciliatory words last week are any indication, both sides could well rise to the occasion. We can only hope. Somehow, the state needs to tackle its many problems. It couldn’t be done at the ballot box, and so now it must be done in Sacramento.last_img read more