How Nin skillfully plays with the strongest emotion – love

first_imgWith a diverse and rich program in the historic center of Nin, on Saturday, August 19, the Romantic Night is held for the third time in the most romantic destination – Nin.The event is organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Nin and invites tourists to come to the old town of Nin at 20.30 when this event begins. “ Share your most beautiful moments of life on the wall of memories: photos, drawings, messages… Kiss your loved one in the places marked for a “kiss point”, dance at a romance concert, take a seat on a romantic “lover bench”. Buy a rose at magic fairies and win valuable prizes and more. Come on a romantic night – there are romantic experiences to remember. ”Call from the Nin Tourist Board.Nina was awarded this flattering title by the portal in August 2015, declaring it the most romantic destination in Europe for that year out of about 50 cities that entered the competition for the title. On that occasion, the Tourist Board of Nin then organized the event Romantic Night, and that evening the city became a city of love in which everyone who was touched by “Cupid’s arrow” was waiting for a number of attractions. The event has taken place so far and attracts an increasing number of tourists, especially couples in love who want to feel the charms of romance in this old Croatian town.Often tourism workers forget that everyone, including tourists, remembers experiences and those little things that marked their lives. And that is why this story from Nin is very important and significant because it spontaneously and unobtrusively “plays” with the strongest emotion, and that is love. Someone once said a long time ago: “People change, but memories stay forever“. It is precisely these memories and experiences that we must provide to our tourists, and not sell the form without content through the classic rent of accommodation and the sun and the sea. “The Romantic Night event in the most romantic destination in Europe – Nin is being held for the third year in a row. In 2014, Nin entered the selection of the 48 most romantic cities in Europe by EBD – European Best Destination, and in 2015 it received the official logo of the Most Romantic Destination in Europe, which it can use in its promotion. Nin wants to be branded primarily as a romantic city, which includes existing brands: Nin is the first capital of the Croats, one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean, a European destination of excellence, etc. In Nin, everything is in the sign of romance: the church of St. The cross, which is called the smallest cathedral in the world, the church of St. Nikola, then Gregory of Nin and his thumb, which many touch for happiness, the Queen’s beach that offers a breathtaking view and many other romantic symbols of Nina“, Explains the director of the Tourist Board Nina, Ph.D. Marija Dejanović added that tourists are very receptive to the event and note that Nin is increasingly visited by young couples.Photo: Boris KačanAs banal as the Wall of Memories may seem to you, it is one of the most significant emotions. Tourists leave through a signature, a postcard, a message… part of themselves on the wall. And that’s the best marketing possible, especially if we do remarketing and remind them of that moment. Tourists have literally left a part of themselves, and that is not to be forgotten. Is it? Now imagine that they have that picture on their fridge that they look at every day… smart enough.As Nin bears the official label “European Best romantic destinations”, and I have written a couple of times that the EBD title is as credible as the destination makes it credible, Nin is skillfully and interestingly played and communicated as a city for romantics through the 3rd Romantic Nights in Nin. Zagreb and Nin have slanted the mentioned title to make and tell a new story, while Zadar has not, with the proviso that it should be emphasized that the Tourist Board of Nin has much less resources, both financial and human in relation to the mentioned cities. But they struggle, they don’t whine about how impossible it is and according to their resources, even beyond their means they tell great tourist stories. They give that emotion and energy more, and it is definitely felt. And tourists feel it too.And that Nin tells its story in a quality and long-term way, is evidenced by the growing number of arrivals and overnight stays. Thus, Nin is one of the two Croatian record holders in terms of population growth during the summer. According to the estimates of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the population of Nin, a city with about 3000 inhabitants, increases by almost five and a half times during the summer season due to tourists. “Last year, on Romantic Night in Nino, a couple received as a reward a romantic dinner where a young man, Nino, proposed to his girlfriend. Recently, two more young couples got engaged in Nin, and often couples can be seen taking photos on the streets and sandy beaches of romantic Nin. All this affects the increase in attendance in Nin as a tourist destination for romantic souls”, Says Marija Dejanovic.Romantic night in Nin / Photo: Boris KačanWhat characterizes this event as well as Nin in general, which is all spontaneous, without some classic exaggeration and inflating, ie commercialization. And this is exactly where Nina’s greatest charm is, which makes a man, including a guest, feel natural and relaxed. Imagine drinking a glass of indigenous wine with your sweetheart on a sandy beach, two chairs, one table and your moment. An invaluable experience, right? It is remembered, it is an experience, not accommodation.If Nin itself had a small wind back from tourist institutions, I am sure the whole of Europe would know about Nin. I honestly don’t know why Zadar doesn’t promote Nin, even Zadar itself has a greater interest of its own due to the sale of quality and authentic content. Also, as well as the CNTB, which should be much more proactive, especially when we talk about smaller tourist areas, not to mention the importance, potential and importance that Nin carries and represents. It is necessary to go a little outside the security of its offices in Zagreb, in fact, much more often if the CNTB cares about the development of tourism.Nin is so small, and so big, important and significant for our culture, tourism, identity… and definitely a tourist destination that has the most unique, amazing, diverse and authentic tourist stories in Croatia. Nin has yet to be discovered as they certainly deserve much more attention due to their incredible variety, authenticity and significance. I sincerely hope that through strategic and sustainable development, Nin will forever remain as it is, with soul and story. Also, I hope that in the future it will not fall under the pressure of mass tourism, but work to increase quality, not quantity, as a year-round tourist destination because it certainly can and should be.Related news: NIN CHOCOLATE FEST AS A GREAT AUTHENTIC TOURIST STORYlast_img read more

Arena Hospitality Group received world recognition for responsible tourism

first_imgArena Hospitality Group (AHG) as part of this year’s World Tourism Exchange WTM in London received recognition from the world organization “Responsible Tourism Partnership” for responsible tourism and coping in the covid-19 pandemic. Thus, AHG reaffirmed its social responsibility and commitment to the common good of the local community, which was recognized and rewarded by the world organization. “Responsible Tourism Partnership” Also, in cooperation with the hospital and their expressed need, and together with a long-term partner Kamgrad doo one of the leading domestic companies in the construction sector, AGH decided to finance the purchase of medical equipment, ie devices for disinfection of UVDI-360 in order to fight more efficiently. against COVID-19 infection. The total amount of HRK 362.500 was financed in the ratio of 50% / 50% between Kamgrad and AHG. Due to the crisis situation caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, Arena Hospitality Group dd has made all its possibilities available to help the local community and the population to overcome the difficult situation in which we all find ourselves. AHG donated 35 LCD TVs to the Pula General Hospital to make their stay easier, donated about 100 “lunch packages” a day for the hospital’s medical staff, and made their employees available to help prepare for moving into the new hospital premises and cleaning. for moving into hospital wards as soon as possible.last_img read more

Debate over systemic risk of asset management intensifies

first_imgThe debate over whether the asset management industry poses systemic risk is heating up after US lawmakers dismissed a report from the Office for Financial Research (OFR).In September 2013, the research body released a report, Asset Management and Financial Stability, which highlighted four potential vulnerabilities to the US financial system.The OFR was created in the wake of the financial crises and serves part of the US Treasury, responsible for providing research for the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC).Its report warned that managers ”herding” into asset classes, in search of yield, could push up prices and magnify volatility. It said investment vehicles with unrestricted redemption rights also posed a threat, as did managers selling other assets to cover redemptions, leading to stress contagion in those assets.It also highlighted what it considered to be excessive leverage in the industry.However, according to a letter seen by the Reuters news agency and sent to Jack Lew, secretary to the US Treasury, a bi-partisan group of five Senators has rejected the study.The letter said the study mischaracterised the industry and could damage the credibility of the OFR and FSOC.It also requested the FSOC not to base any policy or regulation on the contents of the study, which they said relied on faulty information in places.Concerns over the asset management industry and what security measures – such as financial buffers – would mean have also been debated in Europe.Earlier this month, the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the international body set up after the 2009 G20 summit to monitor global financial systems, said it would consult with the industry regarding systemic risk.Its consultation focused of identifying which organisations were sufficiently large, complex and systemically connected to cause disruption to the wider system.The FSB said it would not currently designate any specific entities in the category.But it added that, once its methodology of identifying them was complete, it would develop policy measures.Tom Brown, partner in KPMG’s investment management practice, said the FSB’s proposal was still a long way from policy.However, he pointed out that the FSB and the US Treasury’s papers currently differed on what the target of said policies might be.The FSB’s rationale is more towards looking at systemic risk at fund level, with the OFR’s paper more inclined towards asset managers.Brown said: “Focusing on the funds seems sensible, as there is a principal/agent relationship between the fund and the manager, so the real economic exposure is at the fund level.“It’s intellectually flawed focusing on the manager. If there is systemic risk, it lies with the fund.”He said potential outcomes could be limitations on counterparty risk, leverage and concentration, but he argued that this was still unclear and would depend on fund size.Sheila Nicoll, financial services senior adviser at Ernst & Young, said the debate concerning systemic risk in asset management would continue.“If they do decide fund management activity can have a systemic impact, the remedies will not be the same as those for banking – capital is not necessarily the answer,” she said.last_img read more

SBM Offshore riding the FPSO renaissance wave

first_imgWhile the first hull under the Fast4Ward concept was ordered in 2017, the thinking about the program began five years ago when the company started pondering how it could do better, bring ways of working to new levels, and to make the business less dependent on market cycles.During our visit to China, we spoke with Bernard van Leggelo, SBM Offshore’s Managing Director of Strategic Growth to learn more about Fast4Ward.“There is a lot of noise in the market that Fast4Ward is just an orange box, but the orange box is just one element of the philosophy and approach of delivery faster to the client.”It may not be “just an orange box” but it is worth stressing that Fast4Ward’s box shape has its benefits over the traditional VLCC shape FPSO with a bow.According to SBM Offshore, the current box-shaped hull of the Fast4Ward hulls, rather than a ship-shaped one, provides extra deck space for topside modules, allows for lower modules, less congestion, less piping, is safer to operate as you don’t have to climb six stairs up and six stairs down to the work, and is quicker to build.Bow shape means less deck space. Given the fact that FPSO doesn’t have to move fast as it will spend most of its life on one or two locations, there’s no need for a bow, and no bow shape on Fast4Ward means 13 percent extra deck space vs traditional FPSOs converted from VLCCs.This further allows for more space on hull facilitates lowering the modules for better access for maintenance, while improving safety.Standard FPSOs have been built in the past, but “every one of those companies went bankrupt,” Van Leggelo said. First hull ready to sail away Announcing its first Fast4Ward hull order on speculation in 2017, SBM Offshore said it was cautiously optimistic about the improvement in the FPSO market, and that it believed that Fast4Ward would give it a major competitive advantage once the FPSO market picks up, as it will fast-track projects compared with the industry average and can cut CAPEX and OPEX costs while providing clients earlier access to oil.Fast forward (PUN INTENDED) to the end of 2019, SBM Offshore’s optimism has firmed up, as the company recently ordered its fourth and fifth Fast4Ward hulls – also in China, and according to a recent report by Rystad Energy, there may be a need for many more FPSOs in the coming years. More here.The firm contract for the first Fast4Ward FPSO ordered in 2017, was secured in May 2019, and while the FPSO has been developed for Brazilian and West African environmental conditions, it won’t be deployed in either of the two regions. ExxonMobil will use it for its Liza 2 development in Guyana.Come June 2019, SBM Offshore signed an LoI with Petrobras for the supply of an FPSO for the Mero 2 development in Brazil.In August, construction began on the third Fast4Ward hull, and in December 2019, SBM Offshore ordered two more units in China, meaning SBM Offshore currently has five hulls on order,.“I’ve been doing a few of these over the years, and this is quite historic, to be doing five FPSO hulls simultaneously. This has never been done before, by far,” SBM Offshore’s Managing Director Strategic Growth, Bernard van Leggelo, has recently said.This is especially the case when one takes into consideration that the company has been ordering them without a firm contract in place.Worth noting, the firm contract for the Mero 2 FPSO was signed earlier in December 2019 following an LoI with Petrobras. The hull is being built by China Merchants Industry Holdings (CMIH) shipyard in China, as the FPSO is set to be delivered in 2022. From one hull to five in 2 years If you read Offshore Energy Today, you could’ve read about each of these five FPSO hull orders, and you could’ve noticed that we’ve probably overused the artist’s impression of the Fast4Ward FPSO hulls showing three orange-box type units with various mooring types.We did this simply because there were no photos to share as the first hull was still under construction. However, Offshore Energy Today was recently in China aboard the Liza Unity FPSO hull and now we have photos.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>The hull of the first MPF – the Liza Unity – is basically fully complete, as the SWS workers had been finishing up painting works on it during our December visit.The Liza Unity FPSO hull is scheduled to leave the SWS Shanghai shipyard in January 2020, on its way to Singapore where the topsides will be mounted aboard ahead of the final sail away to Guyana. This will be SBM Offshore’s largest FPSO so far.It is designed to produce 220,000 barrels of oil per day, to have associated gas treatment capacity of 400 million cubic feet per day and water injection capacity of 250,000 barrels per day.The FPSO will be spread moored in a water depth of about 1,600 meters and will be able to store around 2 million barrels of crude oil. Not just an orange box In surfing, reading the environment and anticipating a wave from a small lump on the horizon can be difficult, but rewarding.This is what SBM Offshore, a Dutch-based FPSO industry specialist which has been building floating production units for 60 years, had done when after a rather dry period for FPSO orders it ordered an FPSO hull from China’s SWS Shipyard in July 2017.FPSO suppliers usually order a hull when they have a contract for it secured, however, this FPSO hull, the first under SBM Offshore’s trademark Fast4Ward program was ordered on speculation, without a firm contract in hand.SBM Offshore’s Fast4Ward program includes a generic hull based on Brazilian and West African environmental conditions, with the versatility to receive various large topsides with spread or turret mooring configurations.The FPSO developed this way, SBM has said, can speed up delivery of an FPSO by up to 12 months. For a typical project, this can boost value for a client by more than US$0.5 billion, materially lowering project break-even prices, SBM Offshore has said.This might be key to securing new contracts, as Rystad Energy recently said that while the future of the FPSO industry now looks bright after a few years of downturn, a key challenge going forward would be project execution and cost control. So, why is SBM Offshore different? “The key difference is looking at the standardization of the individual building blocks while maintaining flexibility as FPSO at the end is still quite a custom piece,” Van Leggelo said.So, with the MPF hull being one piece of the puzzle, the other piece SBM Offshore highlights as important is its catalog of the topsides and all the other pieces such as flare tower, helideck, cranes. It currently has about 70 entries for clients to choose from.Van Leggelo said: “The clients have seen the benefits of our standards and of our flexibility. We can move faster without the constraints of moving fast. Because if you make a standard FPSO, as people tried 15 years ago, allegedly it’s ready to go but it never fits what the client wants. Combined with all the experience we’ve had with the units, the clients really start to see a big value proposition of Fast4Ward.”What will prevent any other FPSO supplier from doing a similar thing?“Well, they’re four years behind us, Paula Farquharson-Blengino SBM Offshore’s Press Offices says, smiling, and according to a recent report by the FPSO Network, track record is one of the most important things when it comes to ordering an FPSO.By Bartolomej TomićSpotted a typo? Have something more to add to the story? Maybe a nice photo? Contact our editorial team via email. Also, if you’re interested in showcasing your company, product, or technology on Offshore Energy Today, please contact us via our advertising form where you can also see our media kit.last_img read more

Charley backs Chase Your Dream, No Matter What

first_img England Golf Ambassador Charley Hull  told today how she has chased her golfing dream – no matter what.She was one of three Olympians backing a new campaign by Bridgestone UK to inspire people to ‘Chase Your Dream, No Matter What.’It includes the Chase Your Dream Trophy which offers a golfing adventure to members of England Golf’s 1900 clubs that could lead to a place in a European Tour pro-am.The Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign marks Bridgestone’s role as an official International Olympic Committee Partner – and Charley Hull was joined at the launch by Olympic champions Daley Thompson and Chris Mears.They shared their unique, personal stories of how they overcame adversity to realise their dreams against the odds.Charley, 20, is a hugely successful golfer who tied seventh on her Olympic debut in Rio, already has an LPGA win under her belt and was the youngest-ever Solheim Cup player when she played in her first match in 2013.But she has had to overcome obstacles and find the determination not to let anything or anyone hold her back in a still male-focused world of golf.“I’ve come up against many barriers as a female golfer and I’ve had to learn to battle these to succeed. When you feel strongly about something, it’s your spirit as much as your ability that gets you through. I feel that I have the spirit to chase my dream, no matter what,” she said.England Golf Chief Executive Nick Pink joined Charley at the launch and spoke of the work going on to change the perception of golf and attract more women and girls to play golf and join clubs. Initiatives such as Girls Golf Rocks are encouraging hundreds of girls across the country to try the game, while clubs are being supported to offer women the appealing golfing mix of outdoor sport, new friendships and many health benefits.“We are already seeing positive results which is a great boost,” he said.Chase Your Dream, No Matter What includes a host of grassroots events. Charley will host a golfing experience day as part of Bridgestone’s programme of grassroots events, while Thompson will hold an athletics-based challenge and Mears will offer diving with a twist.The Chase Your Dream Trophy also as a prominent role to play. It features separate competitions for men and women leading from club level to national finals in England Golf Week at Woodhall Spa. The winners will be England’s handicap golfers of the year and the top nine players at both finals will play in the pro-am at the Bridgestone Challenge on the European Challenge Tour at Luton Hoo, Bedfordshire, on 6 September. The most successful team there will play with a top European Tour player in the pro-am of the British Masters supported by Sky Sports at Close House, Northumberland on 27 September.Caption: Charley Hull at the launch of Chase Your Dream, No Matter What 16 Mar 2017 Charley backs Chase Your Dream, No Matter What last_img read more

English women’s championship goes back to its roots

first_img17 May 2019 English women’s championship goes back to its roots Tags: English Women’s Amateur, Saunton The English Women’s Amateur Championship will return to its roots when it is decided by match play next week at Saunton Golf Club in Devon.For the past seven years the championship has been played as a 72-hole stroke play event, but it will revert to its traditional format when it starts next Wednesday, 22 May.The competitors will play two stroke play rounds on the first two days to decide the 32 players who go head to head in the match pay.The last time it was played this way Charley Hull was a finalist, losing to Lucy Williams at West Sussex.This year’s contenders include the in-form Lily May Humphreys (Stoke by Nayland) who has just won the Irish and Welsh women’s open stroke play championships. She’s also past winner of this title, taking the honours in 2017.The defending champion is Georgina Blackman (Chelmsford), who was a member of England’s winning team in the recent England v Spain international. Humphreys also played in that team as did two other championship challengers, Bel Wardle (Prestbury) and Emily Toy (Carlyon Bay).Wardle is also on great form, having been runner-up in the Welsh stroke play, sixth in the Spanish amateur, and fourth in the Portuguese amateur. Toy, meanwhile, won the New South Wales Stroke Play on a tour of Australia earlier this season.Local interest will focus on the five Devon players in the field: Keeley Clarke (Torquay), Lexi Dart (Churston), Chloe Howard (Boringdon Park), Lauren Pearce (Woodbury Park) and Abigail Turner (Okehampton).The players will be challenged by the links of the West course at Saunton, which demands great positioning off the tee and 100% commitment on the green.The championship starts on Wednesday, with the final played on Sunday 26 May. Click here for more information including tee times.Caption: Saunton Golf Club (image copyright Leaderboard Photography).last_img read more

Cats open net season on fire, sweep opposition en route to Crowe title

first_imgThe tournament was the first test of the season for most teams.Although the Cats got an early start to the campaign in Metaline Falls, Washington, going 2-1 against the host Rangers.“We experimented with changes that we wanted to explore after last season,” said head coach Joe Moreira. “That helped us prepare for the weekend at Crowe.”Moreira said the changes appear to be working as the club played much better in Trail.The Cats, host of the B.C. High School A Girl’s Volleyball tournament November 28-December 1, entered the preseason ranked third overall.Mount Sentinel gets a big test this weekend when the team travels to Kelowna Friday to compete at a tournament at Immaculata.Immaculata is ranked second overall in the A girls poll behind Kelowna Christian.The Cats return home the following weekend to host the Kootenay Classic at Mount Sentinel. The Mount Sentinel Wildcats began to set the wheels in motion on what the players hope is a championship season after the squad captured the J. Lloyd Crowe High School Girl’s Volleyball tournament Saturday in the Silver City.The Cats, pretty much the same team that represented the zone at the B.C. High School A Girls Championships last season, swept through the tournament not losing a game.Mount Sentinel won the tournament by dumping Selkirk Storm of Kimberley 25-13, 25-13 in the final.L.V. Rogers Bombers of Nelson edge Golden Eagles 25-21, 25-23, to clinch the bronze medal.last_img read more

Dyck shoots Saints past TRU 3-2 in shootout

first_imgSelkirk currently trails the Clan by two points for first place in the BCIHL standings, but they are assured of overtaking their Lower Mainland rivals with three straight wins to close out the regular season.Game time is set for 7:30 PM at the Castlegar Recreation Complex.”It took us some time to start competing in the defensive zone tonight and we put ourselves in a hole because of that,” said Saints head coach Jeff Dubois. “But we have a lot of confidence in our offence to bring us back those types of situations, and I thought we did the things we needed to in order to win in the second and third periods. Former Selkirk forward Travis Herlein took advantage of a slow road start from the Saints, scoring twice in a span of 4:51 in the first period to give the WolfPack an early 2-0 lead.But the Saints rebounded before intermission, as Thomas Hardy took a slick pass from Mason Spear and beat TRU goaltender Mark Menicucci inside the far post to pull the visitors within one. Selkirk took control in the second period but were unable to even the score until Logan Proulx was sprung for a breakaway by linemate Jackson Garrett and blew a wrist shot past the glove of the WolfPack netminder.But that was the last time that the Saints would get the better of Menicucci during regulation, as the Surrey, BC product went on to make a number of sensational saves during the second and third periods. Following a scoreless overtime frame, Saints netminder Chris Hurry stopped all three WolfPack shootout attempts before Dyck beat Menicucci on a backhand deke to win the game and give Selkirk a much-needed two points. “(Mark) Menicucci was outstanding in goal for TRU and made some huge saves late in the game and overtime, so you have to tip your hat to him,” Dubois said.”It was the second night in a row where we had 50+ shots on goal and didn’t end up with a whole lot to show for it, but it was good to see us battle through that in both games and pick up two important wins.”GAME NOTES: With his second period goal, Proulx extended his season-long points streak to 21 games. Darnell Dyck scored in shootout to lift the Selkirk College Men’s Hockey team to a 3-2 victory over Thompson Rivers University in B.C. Intercollegiate Hockey League action Saturday in Kamloops.The win keeps the hopes for another first place BCIHL finish for the Saints alive.Saturday night Selkirk hosts Simon Fraser University in a huge game.last_img read more