in the fall of 07, our primary goal is to explore and hope to earn as much money as possible for a living.


put off stall for more than a month, we are optimistic that: the money is not difficult, as long as you can find good quality goods, and sell them to people in need can only need to constantly expand the scale, is good, but at this moment we have love on the sale of goods.

in this optimistic expectation, by the end of 07, we decided to make a website and sell things online, because we think the Internet is a bigger stall.

the first step is to decide what to sell. Mary worked in a foreign trade company for two years and was familiar with the car, so we decided to start with auto parts and do business with foreigners.


months, the site was done, though I have tried my best, but still looks idiotic, function is very simple. The next thing is to find pictures of the goods, and can not find the samples from the manufacturers to take their own pictures. 07 years in December, bought in the domestic website space, after the test formally launched.

we didn’t know anything about internet marketing and promotion at that time, but Mary just released the supply information on some websites every day. When Mary went to work, I was going to learn more about the website’s production techniques, preparing to make more functional websites and hanging on the MSN waiting for an inquiry.

very soon we received email inquiries from several websites, but then we received no more messages. Instead, we began to receive calls from these websites and let us join their paid members. Mary speculates that the previously received inquiry emails might have been faked by the websites themselves to attract you to membership. Therefore, the initial receipt of these calls, but also polite decline, and then five or six turns a day, plus other sales, have to receive immediately after hanging up.

February 08, we have not yet made a deal, but at this time, the second version of the site completed, the appearance of more beautiful, very rich functions. When we removed the old version of the website, we found that several American companies had left a message for us and wanted some samples, but we haven’t been in the background for a long time to look at the messages.

After the new

site is on the line, only 35 people visit each day, two of which are our own. One day, talking to a Frenchman on MSN, he asked him to help drive our website and test the speed of opening. The guy said after two minutes, "it’s too slow, it’s not open yet,


, Mary and I were in a bad mood, and decided to move the website abroad. And this move not only made me see the service abroad for the first time, but also brought us a super buyer.

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