Why does

want to write this article,


is mainly because the electricity supplier road is very difficult, and very few successful people will own promotion process, experience to share. Due to fierce competition in all walks of life, most of them only know about the marketing channel, do not understand what the most suitable for their own channels, which channels to promote the transformation of high, which channels the flow and so on, this should be according to their actual situation, such as the need for brand promotion, then show a large amount of marketing channels is more suitable for you. Take the exhibition advertising channels, most of the display pay per click advertising, its display is free. Another example is the need for real business promotion, so they need to make complete statistics on the traffic sources and the final conversion effect, to test which channels the flow of high quality, to the transformation of high, of course we should choose some to have the user oriented marketing channels, there are more directional indicators, such as: gender age, the user’s purchase intention, and so on…

of course, the channel mentioned above refers to the way to obtain traffic on the network, or the source of traffic. Electricity supplier network promotion, the final effect is nothing more than two kinds: first, for the site to bring paid traffic; two is not to spend money for the site to bring natural flow.

one, paid traffic

, let’s talk about pay flow first. Because pay advertising is the main support of all the electricity supplier website, without advertising, it is almost impossible to make the electricity supplier website bigger, perhaps it can be said that completely can not do it. Paid advertising in the form of many, if used properly, 10 dollars in advertising can be 100, if the use is not good, 100 dollars when not $1, below the main mainstream forms of advertising, share the experience with you.

1, search engine ad

The promotion of

search engine is mainly based on keyword bidding, advertisers according to each keyword click price to compete with rivals, then according to the total number of clicks on the search engine company paid promotion mode. Of course, summarized here is relatively simple, just click price bidding so simple, the ultimate amount paid is not only to (click X = price payment amount) is so simple, according to the quality of the key words, behind a single out comprehensive planning factors out, this is probably the first of the leading concept no, a detailed description of the specific calculation rules.

for the electricity supplier, whether in any industry, competitors are more, but the competition between different sectors and size of current industry hot degree, so the degree of competition between each industry, they are not the same, this is directly related to the overall price of the corresponding industry keywords.

below, take Baidu search engine bidding for example, detailed operation details below.

Baidu search auction: auction search advertising in the domestic leading position occupied as everyone knows is of course Baidu search. Don’t mention 100 here