[Abstract] rice is a steel takeaway network than "hungry" it was established two months ago, but in 4 and a half years, after doing a variety of directions to try, Liu Qiang decided to transfer the company, and restart entrepreneurship. What experience does Liu Qiang have in the process? What’s the point for entrepreneurs? Follow I’s dark horse.


I admit, take this title a little "hungry", "superior" means, but still sidelined, there are two reasons:

1, I did start the takeaway in 2009 February, the name is "rice is steel takeaway" (domain name www.fanshigang.com was registered in 2008 May), two months earlier than "hungry"?

2, I spent 4 years in the field of takeaway half time (August 2013 "takeaway meal is steel net" transfer, but buyers later because of the money problem, get out of order, cause my child very bad, bad), tried to "home" and "hungry" distribution platform two model, order and flow reached a certain scale, in this area that has enough right to speak;

this article is not going to compare the reasons why we haven’t done "hungry", because each enterprise’s path of success may not be the same, the contrast is too far fetched.

I transfer the last item, "rice is a steel take away net" just one year, and my new carpooling project "spell friend" is also being used on a small scale. After thinking, a year of precipitation, combined with the new venture has now crossed the road, now turned to sum up a venture in the process of gain and loss, is to give an account of himself, also hope to be able to start on the road of friends a little inspiration.

1, have the right team,

why is the right rather than the strongest, the strongest you are millet; do not say the strongest, can start with the right team, in many cases has been very luxurious.


first started, "rice is steel net" takeaway core team on my one time a year or so, my college classmates and another friend to join, but unfortunately, we have focused on the operation team, complementarity is very small, while the core technology personnel, team need to understand logistics management has not been effectively filled, which led to the company to pay a heavy price in the process of development.

as the guidance and control of no core technical personnel, technical personnel recruitment we do ordering website spent 6 months later; although the technical way of outsourcing, but still need to update some iterative heteronomy, things often have to wait a long time to meet, when we were at the beginning of the 11 year. Tried, business transformation, with technology, to 2 months of development time, finally the project end >