my station (263 classic games network), just on the line less than 10 days, there was little harvest oh! Although one day only a little less than 100IP, but the direct benefit is really motivated me! But to do so is not difficult, the following is my little summary:

one, website navigation should be clear,

many small game station are the big gate apartment layout, game station is very suitable, but for our station, I have to do to try to do simple, but in fact, simple for any degree of development of the website;

two, ad position should be cleverly arranged

this is the key, in fact, in Google webmaster guide also has similar hints, but we have no experience of small Adsense, often ignore it.

usually small stations can put or choose to put advertising, basically Google (mother’s commission is poor, and Baidu theme is difficult to apply for, and the other league seems to be not very credible). Generally speaking with a Google advertising in the form of a page can only put three, of course, a page put too much advertising will affect the user browsing real content, if you want to make a sustainable development of the station, should try to put fewer ads placed in the most easy to make visitors see the place is easy to click on the place, according to our people’s browsing habits, my view is that the picture generally placed on the right of the window or the middle

as well!

three, do the most basic SEO

is nothing more than this: to finalize the good keywords, try to use static HTM pages, to each big search engine registration, do the site map and submit the updated every day, even if it is one or two; I am not just, the initial station, do the small game, this is small, is very happy, but not don’t continue to work hard, to integrate into the world, we will

webmaster! (263 classic game network)