recently on the Internet what is the most popular topic of most concern, I believe everyone will answer "marine female" pornographic incident, compared to the 08 years of "pornographic" incident, the "ocean girl" events have not been to one. I do not know the extent of. Let’s not talk about the social impact of the "yellow and violent" incident of the "women ship" incident. Do not talk about the law or not of the communicator. Nor talk about the emotional entanglements between parties. "Marine women" event, no matter the impact of good or bad, no doubt to the vast numbers of webmasters have brought tremendous flow.

website traffic is generally divided into two kinds of short-term traffic and long-term flow. No matter what kind of flow, the webmaster is tireless pursuit of long-term. The promotion of website traffic is the key to the success of a website operation. Short term traffic can quickly improve the site traffic and PR value, directly benefit significantly. While the long-term flow may direct effect is not obvious, but its value is steady, as time slowly reflected, two kinds of flow are very important to the website, are indispensable.

the incident has been in the past week, but its network influence is still unabated. In Baidu search force search sea woman, find related pages about 36100 articles, in the Baidu index, today’s user attention is 55052.


, and found in Google about 7110000 women in line with the results of shipping, much more times than Baidu, indicating that the localization of Google search is not as obvious as Baidu. In the Google hot list, we also see that the keywords related to shipping women are at the top of several charts.


Most of the

website to smell the ocean considerable traffic can bring women "event, have joined the" ocean girl "relevant keywords," marine female works "," marine female nano disk to download "," energy-saving ", almost instantly and" ocean girl "related articles, links throughout the network. In A5, the laggards webmaster forum spider, will see many webmaster to "ocean girl" as the topic to attract spiders, people for the "ocean girl" incident of concern and curiosity even more than last year’s energy-saving, some sites even as "marine female" to bring traffic congestion problems lead to the server, web access is slow etc..

it can be seen that the "marine women" incident brings short-term traffic. Adsense nets Admin5 satisfied that do traffic should not only have rich experience in website promotion, but also have a keen sense of smell grasp popular events. Short term traffic, in particular, is often a hot topic or event that arises on the internet. Webmaster usually must cultivate keen observation ability and innovative thinking, grasp the hot information on the network.

, but short term traffic also exists