traditional catering companies are using the mobile Internet to find their next transformation opportunities.

when the user’s way of spending and attention gradually shifted to the mobile terminal, the owners of the restaurant industry also began to wonder how to use this platform to interact with customers to enhance performance.

Guo Chunpeng

of Guangzhou’s food taste group information center director is a case of this industry under the trend of. The group has a large catering group of 43 stores across the country, with nearly 6 thousand employees.

recently, Guo Chunpeng in Tencent electricity supplier micro life membership card new version of the press conference to share his experience in transition.

Guo Chunpeng appears in the O2O transformation of the road, if we can make good use of the mobile terminal tool, whether it is to achieve more precise marketing, enhance the consumer back rate or provide direct customer service for customers, these can be solved.

according to Guo Chunpeng introduction, the enterprise now has a total of 105 thousand micro life membership card customers, 32 thousand of them become stored value members. Operating on this platform, so that the off-season turnover is higher than the Spring Festival season.

when using product background for members of classified marketing, three months time to help a liquor supplier sold nearly 60 boxes, and if you use traditional sales methods, six months time can only sell about 16 boxes.

the traditional catering enterprises boss in the transformation of the way O2O what the following is his wise remark of an experienced person oral:


1., where should traditional food and beverage transformation


actually, when it comes to tradition, many people think of falling behind. Actually, I tell you, we are now behind the food, because we now have very modern weapons. I in the following link to tell you, our traditional dining how to make use of micro life membership card played a beautiful turn over a battle.

first of all, I believe we all know the current situation of the catering industry this year. At a restaurant association, our leading xiangeqing in the 1 quarter of 2013 performance report, the profit is reported a loss last year overall profit 4 million.

When we met in the

Restaurant Association within this would be the case today the king boss still does, next month meeting the king boss can’t come, because the hotel closed the day after tomorrow, boss Lee can not come, because the transfer of the hotel. Faced with these problems, only change.

traditional enterprises must be transformed, and this transformation must be strategic, overall and systematic change. At the time of transformation we want in which direction to turn? Although we are cooking, we also study the data, we have no way to force, we are also learning "big data era" of the book, must play the data.

we also studied these data and later discovered that China was not