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services for small and medium-sized small "IT business" to see such a sentence: "the website is a window of the enterprises show their own image, and with the development of network and the growth of young generation, this window is more important. A far sighted enterprises should not only put the site into a channel of information, but the field has a certain influence on the portal site, whether it is information, online shopping, or value-added services, there should be a point to become competitive enterprises."

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in domestic small and medium enterprises are the site of the consciousness, but the small and medium-sized enterprise official website and product websites should be what? Is not a few photos, a far sighted enterprises should not only put the site into a pile of text phone book, but should be to build a website directed at the user inside the brand Web site.


I was placed on the product manager in the antiy seat, feeling can make only superficial changes is not the products, but the company’s website and product website. The antiy Ghostbusters 2009 basic molding, with other similar software such as antivirus capabilities as well as the safety performance of the index, instead of our products website is unusually old, looks like a "Altman 56K dial produced by FrontPage 97 times".

is put forward in the formal meeting website before, I expected the scene is that, I am outraged, then sharp refers to all kinds of problems appear in the production site, then a direction, you tears full of vigour, site appearance immediately shaking.

, however, I proved overly optimistic.

The day after the

website the first meeting, the first problem is antivirus products website should highlight what? Certainly not beautiful, we should give all users access to the site to provide a variety of safety knowledge and skills including virus warning, by combining the website content and products, to help users solve in the face of computer "trouble" the troubled.

from the point of view of the positioning of the site, positioning is still very appropriate. But a series of troubles followed, but the heart of the trouble was not being able to use the Web dynamic language, and not enough ASP, PHP, CGI, JSP, and any other Web dynamic language. Without these Web dynamic languages encourage mainly for web security, in most web attacks, hackers often use Web dynamic language site program vulnerabilities by injecting and other means of attack success.

so the next meeting completely deviated from the direction, from how to advertise the website, the product evolved into an argument whether to use the dynamic Web site procedures. Until two weeks later, we only from the dynamic language trap jumped out and returned to the main thinking and construction of product site planning, and the final revision of the success proves that the site for the enterprise products driving ability.

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