soft text marketing, is the most common and the most effective marketing tool. The Internet did not exist before the popularization, and popularity of the Internet, this marketing model is a necessary means of enterprise marketing, because the Internet will model the cost is very low, so many small and medium-sized enterprises can do up.

although this marketing method exists for so long, but many enterprises and marketing people do soft marketing is very failed, they still don’t know how to effectively use this method. In this article, I will be combined with their own soft marketing experience, as well as many excellent soft text marketing case, complete and share the operation of a successful soft text marketing specific methods and steps.

of course, will also include theoretical content, pure operation of the coverage of things will be very narrow, do not have replication, including theory of things, so that we can get more industry to apply.

one, soft Wen level

Before the

to write the specific operation method, the first analysis of several levels of the soft, it is necessary to look at this, see this, we can understand their own lack of more straightforward ones where need to force, after the operation will be more targeted.

the first level, the negative level. What kind of soft is negative level? Is all own product information that passes down, boasting of products, enterprises more powerful, how much innovation etc.. Such soft text, is thinking in 90s soft Wen, put now, not only no effect, but will play a side effect, will let readers to promote products produce great aversion.

we don’t think, no enterprise will be silly to write such a soft text, such soft or exist, especially in the traditional offline media, but also found. Write this text, most of them are traditional enterprises, the boss is the love that boast the types of articles, part of the marketing staff and the third party marketing company will cater to their psychological, to write this kind of soft rotten street. We ask ourselves, have you ever written this kind of soft text,


second levels, zero level. Zero level soft Wen, not called is soft, but more than the first level of soft Wen slightly higher, is product description article. This text put the product from head to foot all his description again, do not forget to contrast and opponents, but objectively, also does not boast, honest description. This article can be seen by ordinary consumers at one glance, is the enterprise to write their own.

this kind of soft text is not soft, should call product description, put on your own web site, is absolutely excellent product description article, but put third party media, this article is a problem. Because consumers have been cheated, afraid, as long as it is felt that the enterprise itself published articles, there will be subconscious distrust, even if you write is true.

this kind of soft text in all soft Wen in the proportion of the largest, most of the marketing personnel will write this kind of soft wen. This >