my website domain name is filed in 2010, due to various reasons, the middle stop several times, last June was officially stable use, but the web server is not very good, often because the server is not stable to can not open the page, Baidu is up and down, the middle of a period of time finally stabilized. And slowly climbed to the third page, can not long because the network good times don’t last long, the crackdown, the site where the server is the first batch of the sealed up, followed by the website a week does not open, because the server migration, and later moved again not long been closed, now moved to the United States, finally stable down, but still relatively more cards, browsing speed or worse, but after a period of time, the keyword is Wuhan wedding photography, wedding photography work in Wuhan Room, Wuhan personality wedding photography, some ranking promotion, Wuhan personality wedding photography ranked first, SEO do not have a long history, is a novice, always thought that a high PR value, quick snapshot, then some links will have good rankings, try to use during the next test flow, found the effect is not big, has been hovering in the 2-3-4 page, popular keywords always less than first pages, while do not know what the reason is on page first for 2 days, the refresh after stays on page third. Because to do sales, work is also busy, also for the more than 20 links, it was the site of the PR 3 contains only a little more than 100, snapshot update is slow, while on the website of the false original article is never stopped, although it is a day for 1 days, but the ranking is still lackluster, it has been somewhat confused, but recently surprised to find the PR value to 4, ranking is relatively stable. The original is king, so people think, do website or to slow, steady, the rise will slowly rise, no change will die, so the other can regardless of the original, but has been unable to stop.

recent articles updated more frequently, found that snapshot updates quickly, basically 3 days snapshot, plus the PR value rose to 4, so came to find links are more. I believe that as the quality of the link increases, ranking will slowly forward. I remember the beginning of SEO, read many articles, increase keyword density, so in this aspect of the great time, but found that for the role of the ranking does not seem to play a decisive role, in addition to the website title, pay attention to the same industry website SEO do good, site title similar text content page keywords there seemed to be little, but also to strengthen the keywords on the bottom, Links is not much, is about 10, but found his ranking has been very stable, many key words on page first. But it is worth noting that the forum is very active, the amount collected is very large, so go then detours, combining process their own website, found the strength to do a good job, honest and good original article is the right way, ranking up naturally. Feel free to write, do not step on me, or novice, there are good ideas, a lot of advice.

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