many webmaster compatriots often ask me, how to optimize content optimization, in fact, one of the optimization of the site is the optimization of information content, but also the optimization of the article page. The maximum flow rate of a web site is included from the final page (i.e. search engine), because the number of the final page is far beyond the classification page, even classification page keywords flow very popular huge, far more than the content of the page is a large number of small flow group, so that SEOER not in the Optimization Website Optimization content information page ignored.

information content optimization is divided into several steps:

1, title and meta to optimize the information content of the page, the information content of the page title and meta and the optimization and classification page page may be different and the program structure of some websites is difficult to achieve title and meta optimization effect, title and meta optimization is the content of the premise, if not this, after work the effect is not very good, is also the first search engine judgment is an important indicator of the content page. You can refer to the station "fan title" and "" and "meta" in

2, the training of editors, aims to edit the article in a way that the search engine loves and is easy to read. This step now only have some understanding of SEO webmaster, will seriously edit the article, is a step more troublesome process. The title of the article, how to set the keyword, and how to respond to the title of the content, which is search, you need to determine the weight of this article. How to introduce the related contents in the article, this is very helpful for the user experience and search, can also do flow interaction, search the extension of a title "do my boss two days before the mean girls: bags and A Zi 90 girl blog blog address" links: this article either for spiders or for the user do full optimization, I declare, is about a station on IP is only 1500, but the single page to the IP on the 7000 day.

3, the website program staff, able to do keywords in the text automatically add the corresponding list or column links, this is the most important basic work site within the chain, a site within the chain if you do a good chain naturally do not worry, the weight of the whole site will be increased.

4, the page structure of the above requirements, if can do this naturally is very simple, there are different ways to optimize the structure of each person, the important point is that it’s easy to catch the important information search.