many designers think that good design enterprise website can do industry website, actually designed for the design industry website and the enterprise website different, reasonable use of the entire site, creative style, the overall layout, text, pictures, space arrangement above etc…. With so many demands, we need to think more broadly and face more problems. For a good website designer, we must not let go of any small details. This article is about some of the issues that designers need to take into account when they are doing industry websites.

1, website style / creative style (style) is abstract. Refers to the overall image of the site to visitors comprehensive feelings. The overall image includes the site layout, color, font, browser and so on…. We think Disney is lively, while IBM is professional and serious. Every website gives different feelings to people. What we need to do here is to make the website unique style according to the location of the website. In addition, we need to grasp the same style. In fact, the unity of this style is no different from the traditional printed publications. All the images and text on your page, including background colors, lines, fonts, titles, footnotes, and so on, should be unified throughout the station. This way, the user looks comfortable and smooth, leaving a "professional" impression on your site. But the enterprise website designer often lacks this, does not have the overall significance.

creative, creative is not sticking to formalities? Some creative designers do when the trouble, it is indeed undeniable that do very creative, very chic, but often the site for the industry, why not accept this customer? Don’t blame the customer does not know, should reflect, to grasp the needs of customers. In fact, do industry website does not require a lot of creative, do not waste too much time to pursue personality, how to look good, we only need a little creativity through the station, may make the site more vivid and more attractive, more ideas, such as Chinese car transaction network ( is a good it is the case, the car shape into the site, making it talent shows itself.

two, website LOGO Logo, as its name suggests, is the logo of the site, logo, the most important thing is to use graphical way to pass the site positioning and business philosophy, while facilitating people to identify. Website logo design process, generally has the following three ways of thinking: 1., directly to the web site as logo. 2. design the logo according to the product / service characteristics offered by the website. 3., to pass the website operators’ business philosophy characteristics. Such as: global hardware network logo (

three, visual process, people in reading certain information, the vision always has a natural flow habits, what to see first, what to see later, what to see. Studies in psychology show that general >