has accumulated 7 years of time, the soil net formed a large database of land information, the company can take Chinese land area, price and trend of information integration, the formation of evaluation criteria, to assess the value of land free peasants.

Land information

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public data show that China’s current rural land market value of 100 trillion. Among them, the value of arable land is about 40 trillion, 40 trillion of residential land and 20 trillion of forest land. "Such a big market, the traditional industry is no longer found, but also what we have to do."." Soil net founder and CEO Wu Yong, in the conference to enhance the efficiency of the "new agriculture" land circulation so introduced to.

land circulation refers to the transfer of the right to use the land, which means that the peasants who have the right to contracted management of land transfer the right to the use of land to other farmers or economic organizations, that is, to retain contractual rights and transfer the right to use them. Wu Yong founded the soil net in 2009, an integrated service platform focused on rural land circulation industry, hope to help farmers solve encountered in the process of land circulation problems.

new "intermediary"

In the just concluded

NPC and CPPCC, "13th Five-Year" plan for the full release, the construction of modern agriculture system is written into the outline, and has written a chapter, also can see the national attention to the issues.

agricultural modernization has been the direction and goal of agricultural development in China. Although it has been mentioned for many years, the development of modern agriculture can not be separated from scale management. Therefore, it is necessary for farmers to transfer the land conveniently.

let the farmers need to transfer land was more to the needs of the people to see, is to solve the problem of soil net. Since its establishment in 2009, more and more land plots have been listed online. To 2012, soil net open land services company’s first line in the major agricultural province of Henan.

line, soil net timely to massive data information, the land transfer information symmetry; the line, with the land transfer service company, training with the knowledge of law and policy of land brokers, with acres of land measuring meter and other products testing professional, pH indicators and the monitoring of land and machine professional cooperation.

through professional offline institutions deep plowing and online platform information dissemination, not only for idle land to be scientific cultivation, land use efficiency is also greatly improved. We should solve the problem of idle and scattered rural land so as to increase the income of farmers as well as contractors.

as of 2015 December, net soil already has about 10 thousand people is rooted in the rural land agents, 340 million acres of land have been listed, turnover of more than 96 million acres; in the country to establish a line under 157 land transfer service company in Tibet, Taiwan, covering all provinces except China. In January 2014, soil net land circulation service > Australia