this time, the movie "Afanda" is very hot, the box office also continued to record high, it is reported that the global box office has exceeded 2 billion U. S. dollars. Created in 1997, "Titanic", after 12 years of silence and preparation, director Cameron once again created the wonders of the film industry, refresh the box office record. Low key for 12 years, Cameron again from behind the scenes to the stage, with his "Afanda" created a new myth, refresh one after another record. For the film industry, this is a miracle, for individual owners, there are many more worthy of reference.

Cameron twelve years of silence, experience a "Afanda"; personal webmaster how many people have to endure loneliness, in order to achieve successful transformation? In the webmaster circle, only get lonely, can persist in the end, only fame and fortune, such as the laggards Forum – fish. From the 2001 establishment of the laggards forum, fish was hardly profitable in the preceding few years, but he continued to adhere to it. During this period, he accumulated contacts, accumulated fame, a few years later, the time is ripe, the forum began to receive advertising, only to achieve profitability, and now become one of the three well-known webmaster forum. In the early years when the site was unprofitable, how many people were able to hold onto such obscurity for so long,


bided no one asked, "fame, if not years, could not have made that day, the first ten years is the accumulation of experience, years after years of washing, there will be a day to achieve success and win recognition. With the rapid development of modern society, more and more people become impetuous and unable to bear loneliness. Many people are impatient for success, hoping to achieve overnight success, hoping to find a shortcut to success. In the A5 forum version of the chat activity in many, many new Adsense in exchange with the old webmaster, asked the most is how to quickly achieve the goal, such as how to quickly improve website traffic and popularity, how to quickly achieve profitability…… Social development is more and more fast, but people are more and more impetuous, confused, and even lose direction.

is the efficient society in the present moment. Everyone wants to shorten the time as much as possible to achieve the goal, but in many cases, there is no shortcut, or there is no shortcut at all. The development of anything can not be ignored and change, has its own development process, a certain amount of time required from quantitative change to qualitative change, if not up to the requirements, even if there are more quantitative up to the qualitative change. Many people venture to prove it in order to achieve their goals quickly. Sometimes you can really achieve more; when you are empty. For example, some irregular advertising, advertising language is very attractive, click on the price is very high, let a person feel really can easily realize how much income. In order to achieve profitability, to hang these ads, only to find the end of the month, can not find the union, the so-called advertising revenue also disappeared. Not realize profits, not to say, but also seriously affect the mood. There is no free lunch, but most easy monthly income of tens of thousands, is a beautiful lie. >