(sencu information sysku.com Beijing) May 28th Baidu space to add new features online pets, I wrote about this blog information in a short time, then this blog appeared in cnbeta.com, did not expect a day brought 3348 visit.

this blog has been reprinted a number of sites, such as the sky network, China military network, China, where Fei, Chinese owners and other IT sites, was also included in Baidu news, and numerous personal blog. As an original blog that has wasted several cigarettes, first of all, thanks to those reprinted with copyright information. (distain Yesky, through long observation, Yesky through collecting a large number of information capture others)

to say here, not my blog was reprinted, and so on, I’m really surprised netizens preferences, for such a entertainment things, Internet users are very enthusiastic. Of course, this also shows that Baidu is very concerned about, or Baidu space users a lot.

earlier, my blog on Google’s performance in the earthquake, the negative information blog access is much greater than positive information. As for Baidu’s information on earthquake relief, a Baidu blog devoted to earthquake music is far more accessible than others, such as family searches.

has said, after comparing Chinese and American Internet users preferences, entertainment China users more stronger; there are clouds, there is not ideal to do.