, I was publishing code and the like, with only a few notes and no details.

I think after you open my article, I may have looked a few times and left. In fact, I don’t want to tell you what I want, but I hope everyone can see the mystery.

each person’s observation place is not the same, regardless of from which angle can ponder out a sky, therefore I only have left the fantasy.

the secret is not how much you do not know the function, in the format you understand how formal, only then several key points, it is infinite change, every inch of it can bring changes in turn the world upside down.

when I first started working, my master told me, "knowledge, you’ll never learn."". You have to do is not the day to learn a thing, but will you a lot of time at work, a lot of time in life, learning is endless pressure, this time I have to think, what I want to learn something.

when I’m working, what I’m going to learn is the way I work, because I want to improve my work efficiency to get more pay. In life, I want to learn is to accumulate experience, because this is the cost to let you live.

while I’m studying, what I want to learn is the way to learn, because it helps me learn more and more useful things.

is not a lot of the time I want to know all the details of a thing, just pull a head, when in my ability, and I’m thinking, when my ability not and I know, I can only give up, but I can do is to give up, become to others the opportunity to continue.

, I hope everyone will understand that I want more than just sharing the source code, and that there is an opportunity for you to think about it.