with one of my classmates in the University, do not know how, or go on the station in disorderly fashion, this road. We ran away with a lot of classes. In other words, half a semester, we took a few classes to go. The first station of my life is for her to do, but we are broke up, in the face of A5 the webmaster, I can honestly say once, her name is Li, I love her very much! So, we gradually built a few stations, but closed a few stations.

when I thought I was a with an air of importance webmaster, but some people say that I am not a webmaster, because I was too young, I stood younger (what’s meaning ~ ~). His words, racking his brains, can only come to this conclusion: when others call you a webmaster, you have only a garbage station; when your station has been talked about, perhaps you do not have to be a webmaster.

no nonsense, get to the point:

1. novice helpless

IT the master is really too much, sometimes think he would have to face a group of us as if fierce tigers predator, footman (World of Warcraft sequelae, forgive me can’t help with hair standing on end). Sigh: Alas! Down on the luck, mingtu, born under an unlucky star, talented but unrecognized. Old but vigorous, rather shift the ambition of the elderly do not fall, the harder pressed, the stronger, qingyun.

want to be a webmaster, so you have to stand; want to have a station, then you want to site; want to build it; CMS, DW, PS, IIS, domain name, virtual host, want words, tears flow first.

companion asked me, "what CMS,


says: "new cloud!


: why?


says, "many things you don’t understand,


: so you told me that,


said, "I don’t know much about “““


2. team selection

our team, unfortunately, 2 people. One is me and the other is him. The students called him captain, and of course he wasn’t born captain. This is an allusion.

one, he plays the game is really cattle, X, from the perfect world to World of Warcraft, from legend to Moore Park. There is no knowing without a trace.

second, he is insignificant. A word on the wretched, captain of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River is a disaster caused by flooding water in an unbroken line, get out of hand.

third, he’s the overnight record holder in our dorm. 6 nights a week, 5 days, another 4 days, and 3 days. (that means he has a good physical strength, a top two, a web site to him, and I can pick up girls every day, oh yeah!)

so, he became captain, so he became our captain. Maybe someday I will write a book called: "I am the captain of my team".

3. that >