on the enterprise station products should not be marked price, there are two voices. One says that products on a marketing web site do not have to be priced, so there is an elastic price area for customer inquiries; the other says the price tag will make the client clear and increase the conversion rate. This article does not discuss the pros and cons of these two methods, to talk about the things encountered in the pricing and adjustment of the remote control parking lock products.

one, sales channels affect its price

currently, the company sells remote control parking locks on the line, there are two main channels, both search engines and Taobao. These two channels, because of its operating costs, customer base, its pricing will vary. The company currently implements a dual track system of Web sites and online products. Why should the two track system, the company is the following thinking?.

1, Taobao platform

buyers who buy products from Taobao platforms are mostly private buyers, usually with small orders. Most of these consumers have such common factors as a cheap, a bargain, a price sensitive, etc.. Coupled with the Taobao platform, smart parking locks products are numerous, buyers selectivity is relatively large, so its product pricing can not be too high.

The company’s products such as

, the manual product prices in the 30-120 yuan, the company decided to take the middle price, only 70 yuan, so as to have the flexible space products bargain, while maintaining the profit of the products to maintain and store company operation. The following is a screenshot of Taobao’s platform for price and sales.


2, search engine

from the search engine flow more complex, both personal consumers, and companies, units and other major customers. Overall, the flow is still dominated by individuals. The company’s positioning of the site’s product price is more than 30% higher than Taobao stores. Why is the product positioned like this,


compared to Taobao platform, consumers choose less from the search list. Such as remote control parking locks search home page, in addition to Baidu products, 58 city and other web pages, leaving only 4 manufacturers. Coupled with the auction site, its consumer choice in the home page will generally not exceed 15. It is based on less consumer choice, coupled with parking spaces to lock, products need to install, maintenance and other after-sales service, some consumers will choose to belong to the region’s manufacturers.

the choice of consumers is less, and the content of the rare expensive, the site can moderate the product price elevation, so as to maintain the normal operation and promotion of the site. The following is the price of the main website.


two, the target customer group decides its selling price

regular products, their customer base is generally divided into low, medium and high-end customer base. The company carries on the rough score to the automobile remote control parking lock product customer group, then >