take a look at the date, and have a station for one year. In 1 years, you can’t learn much. Experience the bitterness and happiness of standing

, here’s a talk about standing.. I’m still new, wrong, don’t scold me. Ha ha,

1, the choice of website procedures. Now there are a lot of CMS procedures, such as PowerEasy DEDE foosun new cloud these are very easy to get started, that started to use a friend, personal feeling easy background is the most powerful..

2, when choosing a domain name, try to register with your website theme related, and easy to remember. For example: you do game station, domain name game is better than no, QQ station is best to bring QQ meters. If you do not very tight, it is recommended to use COM meters, CN meters and now it is difficult to let Baidu included (I do stand still not included in the search engine? Hehe) there is an important point, is the domain renewal and transfer, transfer. Some agents in order to turn out when you get stuck, you want to renew a few years. Www.beidou365.cn, this is my last registered meters, now want to turn out, let me the renewal of 2 years. Depressed. Registered domain name is recommended to stationmaster net (www.admin5.com) register. The price is reasonable, but also can turn out and transfer at any time.

3 website in just online do not collected, some friends asked: I stand, it is not because I do not collect? You collected 100 articles as well as their own original article 1, amount of not more. But in essence, the content is always the blood of the website!


more than 4 make friends, less diving. Add some webmaster, do not know where the bold raise, can also put forward my own view, the old days, your circle is big, is of great help to you after the station, if nothing else, the light is friendship connection wouldn’t have to go around looking for a post. Feeling now, if there is no friend, new station is difficult to find friendship connection, or is to request PR, or request to include more than how many pages. This is a blow to the new station,