With the popularity of

soft in the webmaster industry, the soft chain make only superficial changes have emerged, a new generation of soft chain with low price, website diversification, content related features of the majority of owners of praise, has a slice in the webmaster industry. But everything has two sides, the soft chain brings to the webmaster of good news, so we do the webmaster should have a correct understanding of the soft chain, under starry sky and everybody simple chat text chain.


chain is the early evolution of the soft text chain, the chain is a new derivative, the stars at several sites in the previous selected soft chain, good keywords ranking have effect on the B2B site now runs north China pipeline network is prepared by soft Wen chain, induction it has several soft chain advantages, to facilitate reference when choosing soft chain:

The low price of

1. is the first reason for the low price feature, which is that we need to spend the least money to achieve the best results. Take writing soft this one, if not what in his writing skills you have to find someone writing soft article, the price according to the commercial value and the size of soft the difficulty between the 100 to 1000 range, and then talk about looking for media release was 100 to 300. Moreover, such a good job does not necessarily have much effect, such investment for the general owners is quite uneconomical. And soft text chain can be at a very low price, quickly in the big and small web site appear your keyword connection, can say that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

2. high weight, this weight is high, just relative to the ordinary chain, such as some traditional BBS post, BBS signature. Most of the soft object chain release platform is the personal website, itself has a certain weight, the weight of an article published in nature than the weight of the forum signature forum posts must be high, and a lot of soft chain platform also invited a lot of high-quality media to facilitate the selection, weight aspect needless to say.

3. anchor text links, soft chain release soft Wen, can bring one to three anchor text links. It’s not only expensive but also impossible to link you to an anchor when compared to articles posted on big web portals like Sina and Sohu.

4. link is relatively stable, because participate in the soft chain release of media are soft form, in their own web site published, so as long as the site exists, this article will exist forever. In today’s search engine value more than the stability of the chain features, this is very close to the resistance of the webmaster.

Significant characteristics of diversity

5. link diverse characteristics is also the soft chain, reason is involved in the release media to weight different levels to have everything, as long as we make choices, to avoid a single chain, the search engine has been a natural concern.

6. link high correlation is high correlation in our choice publishing platform >