registered Weibo for a long time, but not until that collar meaning in what. So registered for a few months, have not landed a few times, basically did not make a statement. But an article saw yesterday, so I had a great interest in Sina scarf. As domestic blog blogger Han Han greatest hits, 4 this month, Sina opened the day W fans on Weibo. 6, Han Han sent a "feed" word through mobile phone text, although no one see what the meaning is, but a "feed" word forward 6108, comment 12418. One aspect of this data illustrates Han Han’s personal charm, but also indirectly shows the Sina scarf much user group. Such data can be generated on the basis of a large user base.

, Han Han’s surprise, "Hello," (pictured),


was surprised to find that the most popular Weibo Chen Yao fans has reached about 900000. How much user base ah, as long as Chen Yao say a word, can be hundreds of thousands of people to pay attention, to some well-known media influence public opinion. Later, also found a lot of friends around, are also active in Sina scarf. Suddenly let me feel, if not a collar is not outdated.


in Sina before Weibo is not active, so the number of fans is pitiful, dozens of. See this data, do not say, and those stars than, that is, compared with friends around, but also far from the gap. So I began to secretly determined, Weibo own good business in the scarf, also a lot of sharing good ideas and content, which can be more attention.

Sina Weibo information release interface (Figure)


as a marketing personnel occupation sensitive, I had to N a good way to promote their Weibo, also thought a lot of sina Weibo significance. As I wrote an article before, "what do I want Shanghai Intranet", there are so many meanings behind it. Just today I do not want to share how to promote Weibo approach, and developed the meaning of collar. Because have not to perform, now these theories may, after 2 months, I will experience a good summary of this period of time to use the Sina Weibo experience, and then we can share. But now the Spring Festival is approaching, the number of people on the Internet is getting less and less, and many things are double work and half work.

finally on Sina scarf function definition

on Weibo: Sina micro-blog is the main SNS in the community to strengthen the version of the mini blog, is also a brief language, can whenever and wherever possible release, can make so many friends to see. But Sina added collar insert video, pictures, music and so on.

for fans: Sina, micro-blog is a WEB2.0 RSS subscribers, and as RSS subscribers, only focus on fixed group speech, >