recently with several companies working in the station company friends, talk about the prospects for the company’s website. The problems include: the development of space, new business development, customer churn rate, the balance is difficult to recover and so on, many people are bearish on the industry, and hope to find new opportunities. So I have to write this article ideas, hope through mutual exchanges, if you are interested in the development trend of the company website, welcome to communicate with me Liu Zijun blog. In 03 years time will work into a site, the company is like a small studio, a few people, a few business plus, a total of 10 people not to, but we no details of division of labor, is usually a person to do a website, unlike now that divided into art, the front-end engineers, programmers and other positions, then I started construction will be responsible for the 3 sites, but also responsible for the company’s website, a green hand I thought this workload is normal, you may not adapt to it, so as to catch the progress of the work can hardly be avoided.

when I worked for a year and found many colleagues around the replacement company, great mobility, then I began to see a situation, our job is to sit in the office of the factory workers, daily production in boring, products with customers (website) but no better go it is this website operation, until the domain name expired after the waste, and their value point can be reflected. Finally, a colleague said to me: "the core of the company is the person, as long as you will do the site, and in that do not like, as long as you can connect to business, their own orders are done."." There are indeed many small workshops and new construction companies are out of this way.

building industry in recent years

Now a lot of free open source

system is becoming more and more perfect, more powerful, as long as can change dedecms, shopex and Kang Sheng series of products, you can undertake any site construction projects, even larger projects can. As long as you understand the art, understand a little program (even know only some web code), you can go to the place where you have to do it. Sites or large websites that may be completed by a few people, and now fewer, or even 1, will be able to complete it. Moreover, individuals or small workshops, technical experience and strength are very good, coupled with cheap fees, you can say that the formal business site to combat a lot of companies.

began in 2005, the company began making part of site optimization of SEO transformation, SEO was still very popular, Baidu keywords to control intensity, basically optimization difficulty is not high, when the SEO service is to ensure that certain words can be routed to the first page or top, but now the search engine has become more and more perfect, strict the quality of search results, SEO optimization cycle is lengthened, and keywords ranking uncertainty, SEO business has become a content easier to search engine recognition and enhance the site service experience. There are a lot of friends in the station company SEO friends, all jumped out of their own orders to do, or >