Hello, since the advent of Baidu 11, my personal website almost tried, The whole army was wiped out., revision purchase paid links etc. hope to return home, but almost no effect. Every weekend or at the end of a written summary and plan the habits, I think in September, what should I do? To do the railway station? Old station are destroyed, new sites can do the home page? Continue to update the old station? Hope to one day return home? This is too passive…… So what should I do,


my idea is to make a local information network first. The information of this information network is mainly from local advertising newspapers. People are asked to input all these information into the website. At this time, the advantages of small cities are reflected, the advantages of one: there is no similar website and you compete, advantage two: classification information is not many, but enough to the website information release. After such a period of updating, you can ensure that many of the site’s information is original, will not Baidu like these information


then gradually to the thinking of the portal site closer, using SEO ideas to update the information, so that their website information gradually enriched. Gradually involved in entertainment, film and television, health, IT and so on the channel content, and then the next is lurking, may be more than Honglei Sun played Yu Zecheng lurking longer, it may be a year. And so on the weight rises, then you can not afraid of Baidu convulsions…… Of course, you can also use the established high power to SEO some key words.

earnings direction:

one, I think after doing some local information, there will always be some effect, as long as you operate well, there will still be some local enterprises to find you advertising.

two, the use of high power re SEO traffic.

summary: the general idea is to use the original information to build high weight web site, using high weight website to SEO traffic. Facts have proved that a high weight website of a HTML page will be higher than the top ranking domain name of new sites, especially now Baidu is more like this, I believe we all have experience.

: if the local defect information network, so the company wants to advertise it, you need to talk to our family company, can make money at home all day in the webmaster, may not see the money on the one hand, on the other hand may be more lazy, do

this time?

thinking may be more chaos, not yet ordered directly sent up. In fact, to say their own ideas, but also want to get more views. I hope you can express your views.

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