in fact, long ago, there is such an idea to talk about their feelings, after all, it has been nearly 2 years. In the past two years, I have experienced a lot of unforgettable experiences, and it is difficult to explain them here. Have vowed to do a decent site, but more time to adhere to, and soon there will be no perseverance to go on. Of course, there are many reasons, there are subjective, objective reality requirements are also exist. But today I don’t want to talk about something empty, just share my experience with the CMS program.

also can not remember exactly when it is really started to contact the site, but still vaguely remember that he was in the school four floor of the computer room, with FTP uploaded the first program source code PJblog. This is the search for a number of engines concluded that domestic is more suitable for novice blog source. Ftp upload files one by one, my heart is so nervous, because, after all, is a virgin station, ha ha. So, I continued my PJblog love, though several times to change, but has been very reluctant, this is the reason why (this is not in publicity PJ how good, said a lot of truth and the function of PJ is not ideal). An accidental opportunity to know that there is a call to change the existence of the system, after all, he is not learning computers, many things contact less, especially those who have just come out of the countryside. So I keep on studying, because it’s a very good thing, at least that’s what I thought. Due to the limited economic power, all my virtual hosts are ASP, so the powerful function of mobile can satisfy my vanity to a great extent. With the move, Yi has done two or three stations, but in the end gave up the Yi Yi, as for the reasons, the following will be more elaborate. Then, take low price to buy the PHP space (later that is WIN), began to contact the PHP class CMS, the ratio of DEDE. But suffering from my ignorance of PHP and my distaste for space providers, I completely vented my boredom on the CMS system, so I had no money and two had no ability, so I rarely used PHP.

along the way, I also have some of my own style. Perhaps these experiences for similar to (I have no money, that is poor; two no technology, namely non professional; its name is Mitsumi small owners, which might be a garbage) who have much in common, or to not have kind of people will be laughable, but it can happen


again, I chose PJ started his own blog site, after the optimized system has its unique advantages, the so-called small boat u-turn. Blog background, although not many functions, but they are very practical, very classic menu, compared to the big can not be big CMS, the background is dazzling. The template of the blog system is easy to change and change, and it is similar to CMS. If you change a set of templates, you really need to worry about it