local recruitment network as a branch of the local website, in the local recruitment network can be said to have as many job seekers and recruitment of enterprises to create a good communication platform, but with the increase of the local recruitment network competition, there are many local recruitment network: the first is the misunderstanding of some misunderstanding accepting intermediary costs more, second such misunderstanding is exaggerated or job seekers recruitment information, third types of errors is to job seekers and recruiters agree in intermediary fees no matter what.

I also operates a local recruitment network, said that if the three types of errors can be avoided, in May this year when my website operation policy with most local recruitment website webmaster, as long as today made money on the line, but I found that the operating principle of no, though the website ranking and Baidu search engine in fifth, but turnover list is less and less, in the face of this situation of the local network recruitment I carried out rectification, below I talk about my rectification plan:

is the first error change accepting high intermediary fees, you do not know the local recruitment fees for what is, my city is Anshan, our local intermediary fees is the first month of fifty percent, that is a candidate for a month and half hard reward, this a bit unfair for job seekers, so I take the initiative to cut my website intermediary fees, the previous fifty percent intermediary costs down to twenty percent, and through the web site news broadcast out, I still remember the first day of the published website QQ consulting I reached more than 100 people however, not previously released this time of the day is 10 and I consulted, this is an important step for my website to attract traffic.

is the second release from job seekers and recruitment information, remember at the beginning of the operation of the site, we will call the local company millions, some just graduated from university students called with high knowledge, rich hands-on ability, and these are recruitment websites have used techniques, in order to improve the credibility of the site, breaking the local recruitment network has always been unethical, I first start from the site, the first step is to clean up the site information, through the recruitment of the company know I found a lot of companies are actually known as the company, is a more dressing and some companies are bidding construction personnel services company, these companies are the object I clean; I asked for job seekers is to provide relevant Knowledge, qualifications, certificates, through the first step to clean up, I understand the information of the entire site, in hand with a new EXCEL document. The second step is the site of the internal information issued rectification, the main purpose of this step is to allow job seekers and recruiters are not understand real information of this website will not be accepted, this not only ensures the interests of job seekers, but also to maintain the recruitment of interests to a certain extent, many employers are through >