to do stand, operation is the soul is the core, and the program is flesh and blood is the body, if there is only one soul, without a sound and strong body, then the good operation is difficult to be implemented, the development of good ideas also ultimately can only be "draw water with a sieve basket". Therefore, in order to make the website development success, not only has the development of good ideas, but also to the development of a good reliable and has long vitality can continue to provide a good program of dynamic website.

as a webmaster, because it did not do a detailed investigation and in the selection procedure to eat the loss, waste a lot of time and energy that makes the site with counterparts in the competition to lose at the starting point, not to mention the subsequent development. Especially when you spend a lot of time and energy to content and traffic has to do a certain extent, in this critical juncture on the program was off the chain, the site faced scrapped embarrassment, let people be mad like pain really suddenly crushed do stand in confidence. It suffered, so to remind just beginning to do stand friends, must do in the initial step, not because of a careless move, the tragic consequences of

!The cause of

: "squandering charming eyes", is the choice of

function a fancyA review of the

when I choose to later give me endless pain from the program, then do the idea of choosing to start, because it is in the business of a forum for the sake, then more want a forum and exchange of their own, the information website, then I must choose a suitable from several the mainstream of the CMS program. By contrast, like dream, Empire, including Kang Sheng CMS program have entered my consideration circle, but introduced and do experiment, feeling these settings like dream weaving and Empire has higher requirement to modify the program template, their Technology Co. have considerable difficulty, and then continue to look for other the relatively low recognition program. When the program has entered into my field of vision, after the local installation test found that the label is particularly strong, can make the website homepage and other pages modify almost "fool" type of operation is simple and convenient, especially, at the same time in the function also looks very strong, the others have, at the same time, layout design good. But the only drawback is that it is different from the previous mainstream CMS programs, and the design and management team, as a few people, is better than the first few in terms of program updates and maintenance. But with all this fancy features and a particularly quick and easy way of doing things, I finally decided to use it with a fluke of mind, which paved the way for a tragedy to follow.

goes through: overnight, bugs are being exploited and implanted in malicious ads,

so the site installation into space and started operations, after several night of Kung Fu, in the forum to extract information into the website, and manual collection and modify the number >