last year I follow the teacher to do things together, she is out to others and ask her to do something or school, we went to exercise, exercise, do a website.

at first, I was blank and didn’t know where to start. For me, the web was like a hedgehog. Usually we class are not these things, said only one or two hours, to understand what is HTML, others do not know, maybe some people think about html as a static website can also, but do not know a person or mumbo-jumbo ah!. But what she wants to do is ASP’s dynamic web site.

the first thing that my classmates brought to the website was to understand that it was the front desk, the background and the database. Halo ah, I can not think of the site, not a net bar!! so much to do ah!!!


check the information for about a week (of course, not all the time, I still want to play in class), understand the stomach front desk and background, as well as database.

second, understand the three, and what’s the problem? How do they link each other? How do you implement the connection?

know this is not so easy to learn, learning to code, database connection, query (select statement), insert, delete (input) (drop) and so on of the meat, spent half a month, the head turned to rust. How to start a new site, I see you want to see asp

all time to me now to help others to do the marine sewage treatment plant to see, make a suggestion, and together we do website QQ:441362221


that’s OK, IP is ready-made, and the website is ready to hang up directly! OK!


if we apply for it ourselves, we should pay attention to it:

1, remember what people remember at once.

2 is best to link up with the theme of the website or the meaning of the site.

3, no K had been IP (this is the most simple, most important, or your website is ruined by webmaster feeds).