"I particularly want to," people.com.cn forum "is one of the websites I visit." This is general secretary Hu Jintao in the morning of June 20th in the people’s daily investigation, and with the "Power Forum" online communication friends said a word. Today, it has become the biggest encouragement to the great power forum.

was founded in 1999, "the forum", because they do not avoid sensitive topics, posting relatively free, known as the "China network speech zone, also become a barometer of foreign people to observe the Chinese political situation"". In between friends, they are more accustomed to calling the "powerful forum" as "strong altar", concise and cordial.

May 8, 1999 Chinese embassy was bombed, China people filled with righteous indignation. In May 9th, people.com.cn homeopathic launched a "strong protest NATO atrocities BBS forum", when users responded enthusiastically. Article called "millions of Internet users millions of soldiers", recorded the netizens protest in the forum of passion. This is the predecessor of the "Great Power Forum".

Sun Zhigang event in 2003, so Liu Hong really began to understand the internet". In April of this year, a newspaper in the South first reported the Sun Zhigang case, the websites were reprinted, and all kinds of critical comments spread widely on the Internet until they became unified and formed together. In those years, the "Urban Vagrants and beggars" measures were abolished, and the role of network public opinion played an important role.

at the end of 2007, Southern China Tiger Photo event, "strong altar" users will not lose their voice, some posts are super high standards. "The fact that Internet users in a step by step to promote this thing." "Power Forum," said Liu Hong, head of the forum.

After the

earthquake in Wenchuan, "strong altar" appeared again with full screen focusing on the same subject. Before officially announced the news of the earthquake a few minutes, Liu Hong received a "strong forum" Chongqing netizen message: "earthquake, fast post! Soon begins with the earthquake post forum. "Strong altar" use their own special platform for disaster relief, they are "today you donated?" as the title, launched a hot topic, "we can not receive donations, but we can call."." Later, netizens began to pay attention to the use of donated materials. "Strong altar" launched the China Red Cross and the National Seismological Bureau, the Ministry of construction, the Ministry of education and other departments led by the interview, "almost every day," Liu Hong said.

nine years of history, change breeds among them. "In the beginning, it was only in the network community that the influence was relatively large. In government officials, the influence was limited. At that time we could not imagine that the general secretary would come.". This is the stage of development of the network. But in the late, especially in the past few years, officials and experts paid more and more attention to the network." Liu Hong says. Liu Hong said, came to the "strong altar" are some concerns about political life, economic life of people, once encountered hot issues, users are accustomed to look at the "Power Forum."". The concern of officials and the enthusiasm of netizens have become two aspects of mutual promotion.