from the traffic statistics, we can see the background analysis column. Traffic statistics will flow sources one by one records and rankings, your site traffic sources rich


garbage station is almost the source of the search engine, although the flow of a single source, but to the amount of quite a lot. But because the flow of a single source, once the search engine rankings have changed, or that the site was search engine K dropped, then the flow will be reduced greatly, this is the traffic source of a single bad place. It is not from the flow of the search engine is not worth the money? This is not the case, the search engine to the visitors, as long as your website content, the user experience is good, most will be converted into your loyal users, that is the source of traffic.

What is the best source of traffic

? I think a lot of people think is directly enter the URL, or enter the website traffic from the favorites, because these users can be said to be your loyal users, is your website visitors, is not easy to lose the flow. So why do the general webmaster like to register good name domain name, because the domain name is good or bad, also affect the user experience. How to train this flow source, this depends on the content of the website, the user experience of the website. If a website content is very practical, the interface is also very beautiful, so the user will certainly put it down, or even worry about forgetting the web site, the site recorded, such as home owners (, most of the flow is through the head for home page, click on the URL directly access or favorites to


a lot of love to write soft Wen to promote your site, soft Wen appeared on the website home page, also can get a lot of traffic, but I feel soft, really want to do, is to get instant flow, flow into the faithful above, this is to write the purpose of soft wen. I think a lot of new sites in the beginning will choose to write soft Wen, improve visibility, attention, and by the way a little traffic. Of course, if the site is not good, the soft text is written well, is also in vain, so I decided to build the site, and then consider through soft Wen promotion.

in addition, in some large forums, send some posts, is also a good source of flow, but the post will one day sink, so we also want to transform this flow into the above faithful traffic. If your website content is very good, reprinted by the user to other places to share, and content with your publicity, it is also a source of traffic. I saw a download station at the bottom, there is a "key post" link, click is some software content, then with a "open" button is pressed, will automatically copy the forum UBB code, convenient for users to post, can also get a certain flow from me, I think this way is very good.

original content is a good source of traffic, such as original software, add a link on the software, once the use of the software more people, click on the link is also many, and their own people