website built, how to promote, how to advertise, has been the website operators are concerned about the topic, let us to home network in the website operation example, to communicate with you about promotion experience.

the first thing to note is the site is a complex, it contains three parts, website construction, website promotion and website operation, the three part although relatively independent, but are inextricably linked, the three indispensable. With the website is only the first step, need to be promoted in order to realize the operation of the website, can let the website produce value. Therefore, the importance of website promotion is self-evident.

website promotion way is the first in the search engine promotion, through the search engine can bring traffic to the site, especially early in the site, the site visibility is low, the urgent need for more people to visit, with the power of search engines can play a multiplier effect. Secondly, you can also choose to publish information in some information sites, ADKC mail, advertising, mass and other alternative ways to promote, as well as QQ news, blog writing, forums, mass, etc.. Home network has also adopted a "celebrity promotion" approach, with some of the circle of celebrity effect to enhance the popularity of the site. Such as: Home Furnishing network in art crafts and famous calligrapher Mr. Sun Daichan and other celebrities Akie, painter to the art of genuine cooperation, the way to the netizens recommend, receive a good promotion effect.

website promotion has many ways, each has its own characteristics and effects, in general, website promotion needs to emphasize the following three aspects:

1, website content is the basis for promotion, only content of the site will retain visitors. In the aspect of network Home Furnishing website content arrange maintenance and update, improve information update frequency, increase the Home Furnishing related articles, especially for some of the popular Home Furnishing products, is to increase the intensity of the text, allows the visitor to find rich content in the Home Furnishing network, find their interested information such as news, let visitors have a "trip" feel. This will certainly make the website promotion has "the quality" the safeguard. At the same time, and for some Home Furnishing products closely related to the channel, Home Furnishing network but also to strengthen the interactive features, make each channel has certain pertinence, have vitality make every channels, these channels often become the most visitors of the column.

2, online and offline entities with website promotion and online promotion has already been said, and a website is also reflected the vitality of online interactive operating entity, is also an indispensable factor of website promotion. Because the difference between home websites and other websites is that its visitors often need to investigate the performance and quality of the products on the spot, personally feel, experience and choose. Therefore, to provide users with sufficient offline experience space, so that online and offline entities together to provide users with services. This combination promotion model is often welcomed by users, such as, home network and Jimei home regularly held a variety of offline promotional activities, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of user participation, home