2008 I contact the Internet! Is the first thing for their hometown to do something! Set up a local information portal – Shenqiu information network, after a year of development and competition of the largest local portal!! I’m technically, propaganda has done a lot of work to create the first half of the year! Click on the highest rate of local website! Have a certain strength! Here are some of the

site experience!As

put the small website, because of funding, policy, geographical restrictions, weak anti risk ability is low, in a weak position, the development is relatively slow. Therefore, it has become a new topic for us to develop rapidly, enlarge and strengthen the local websites, and actively occupy the propaganda position of the network culture, and adapt to the new situation of the rapid development of the Internet as soon as possible. The author believes that the effective way for local news websites to become bigger and stronger is to actively integrate news and information resources and take the road of website clustering.

1. Effective use of local news and information resources

Local news information using the

to do the most effective!! so your website is fresh! People can see he wants to see something! For example: this morning our county police station director was dismissed for car with family travel http://s.shenqiu114.cn/x.asp? Cnmai=1044 the news I 5 minutes earlier than the Tencent when I! QQ group knows the news, the Tencent issued a message to


two. The formation of the news propagation matrix

as a news website, if blindly copy at all levels of the news media news, no original news of their own, so the website will not feature original news; if the quality does not go on, the site is not viable. The local website should insist on the original! Even if others are reported to have! Reports from different angles! Such site is worth


, this is what I do local information network of some experience! You can come to my online communication!