"behind every website, all hide a webmaster to succeed!" when we asked why there are more and more people choose to do stand as a way to start their own business, many owners would say love is from the freedom, passion, sense of achievement. The webmaster can according to their own creative planning and development, one can make their own full control of the project, by their sole responsibility, with their wisdom and efforts to promote the implementation of the project site, continue to promote the goal of achieving goals, until success! This, the success of modern young people do stand in favor of entrepreneurial projects.

however, we look at today’s background and the Internet environment, the difficulty of entrepreneurship compared to five years ago, ten years ago, there have been great changes, entrepreneurs owners challenge is self-evident, compared to the Internet of seniors who need more effort. We’ve all heard: "there are many similarities between the stories of successful people."." Whether the current business owners, or five years ago, ten years ago, the business owners, success is able to achieve their goals, to become the leader in peer, we can see the internal reasons to help them succeed, we can take these factors called success with "five genes" in particular, the Internet is a combination of successful entrepreneurs, have from them the necessary gene, can to our webmaster entrepreneurs to provide reference, self control, and to improve the


, a "Forewarned is forearmed." plan

whether it is to do the station as a start-up project, or as an amateur part-time income increase of a way, as the site’s operation and management, the webmaster should have "managers" vision and thinking. According to their research, develop appropriate development plan for the site, from the theme orientation and content source site to promote early, medium-term direction website and platform selection, and then to the late site maintenance and profit pattern, webmaster should be aware of and answers. If there is no proper planning, only with a passion and ideas of free standing, will enable the development of the site into random and disorderly state, although the investment of energy and money, but the success of the target will become more and more far.

two, "modaobuwukanchaigong" ability cultivation

station appears to be a simple occupation, but in fact behind this occupation has numerous hidden requirements, especially for personal webmaster, a person should undertake the work responsibilities and tasks to the various functional departments in large companies undertake work, small detail design website the website to enrich the content, to the development planning and website profit mode of thinking and choice, all need a person or a few people to complete the challenge, it is self-evident. Therefore, in order to make the road to go more smoothly and achieve the goal of success more quickly, it takes a certain amount of time every day to study