China Knowledge Network in very few maintenance, very little promotion, without Google included in the case, half a year IP over 5000 experience!


1, very little maintenance: because I have more than one website, each website management time is not much, and now have their own cooperation with others to do business, but there is no time to take care of.

2, rarely promoted: the main feeling that content is not rich enough, do not want to hit their own feet.

3, has not been Google included: because a revision, thousands of pages of data will be lost, resulting in a lot of death, even though the site site included, but the actual antecedents of 0.

so, how does my website go through 5000,


1, QQ group: there are already 4 QQ groups, QQ group created by the knowledge network users themselves, basically full.


2, and we do the thinking is not the same, I collect data in accordance with the special form, although sometimes a month before a topic, but each topic can attract a lot of friends.

3, content: because I have a lot of content on this site, I have to use it myself, so I don’t do it for the website. I am very strict with the content. Basically, I search for a lot of information to work with me.

experience on these 3 points, in addition, special thanks to Baidu and then I left nearly 1 dead even, but also in the 3 months I got from the new update, although there are some down right on the home page.

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