according to the rapid development of the current information network, many SMEs want to reach their promotional brand and product promotion through the Internet, which also led to the rapid development of the SEO industry. But now the author is embarking on a professional production enterprise website optimization of tea packaging, before I enter the industry to optimize tea packaging industry is really a bit ignorant do not know when to enter the industry to understand the competitive nature of the industry, here comes the most fortunate is the author from the site on-line just a week’s time the station is ranked, it is far beyond the author’s plan, here may have many webmaster friends will ask you how to operate it? Maybe some Adsense will still want to use black hat gimmick ah, I will share with you to share.

one. Research on competitors


at this point really spent a lot of time on the top 10 natural tea packaging enterprises is analyzed here may be some new Adsense will ask you what is the analysis of competitors? We simply talk with you together, I usually are the first of his keywords layout, keyword layout is divided into three big 1. title tag 2. tag 3 Keywords tag, description tag and its navigation channel, on page column page keywords, the author of the three major labels and navigation keywords design value. As I now optimize the title for the tea packing box, tea caddy

general title tag is the three most important label is the site of the remaining two weights, labels now search engine is not without its attention and to calculate the website weights, here I suggest if you can put these three labels written words or the other two labels also write a particular description tag, he will as the keynote of a website display in front of the user, in order to attract users to click on the desire.

The second is the design of

navigation to clear do not take JS drop-down menu, the optimization is not friendly to the search engine JS scripting language is not conducive to, also do not use frame and iframe framework of the search engine can’t grab the contents inside.

two. Originality of content

this year Baidu webmaster general assembly once again stressed that content is king, the chain for the king, said before the content is king, the chain for the emperor’s argument has become the past, the station now is to do the optimization of the packaging of tea the station content is original and content are associated with the theme of the site, the author gets from an unexpected effect on the line for 3 days within the page have been found recorded, there are some key words ranking for a week, according to the general situation of a new basic will be one to three months to see this effect, it is not difficult to see from a station of the original article plays an important role in optimizing.

three. Construction of the chain

like tea bags of the author