sold her hometown treasure, a more than 200 year old Tieguanyin to all parts of the country. After 80, Xiao Senzhou felt it was a way to achieve self-worth,

Xiao Senzhou is Fujian Quanzhou people, born in 1981, he retired from the school, the army, into the organs, I wish you a happy voyage. sailing. The young man didn’t satisfy him, always felt the need for a stage to realize their value of life.


network gave him a chance. Xiao Senzhou’s online shop, sell their hometown specialty – tea, the treasure of their hometown, with more than 200 years of history Tieguanyin sold throughout the country, Xiao Senzhou felt self realization.

in the realization of self value at the same time, Xiao Senzhou the creation of economic value can not be ignored: tea sales in 2006, 1000 pounds, more than 10 thousand pounds in 2007; sales of about 200000 yuan in 2006, eight months before 2008 about 2000000 yuan. In Taobao, Shaw’s shop in the tea shop credit highest, shop search rank first.

online selling Tieguanyin tea, the price can be half the price of

Xiao Senzhou retired in 2006 and was assigned to work in a government office in a county town not far from his home town, and led a "nine to five" life. After work, he often plays games online and chats. At the beginning of March, Xiao Senzhou in the online chat with a friend, a friend told him a personal understanding of selling things on the Internet to make money. Xiao Senzhou felt very curious, online can also sell things, he immediately checked the Internet, the first to find is eBay, a look to pay, gave up. Later, he found that Taobao free, readily registered a shop.

What does

sell? Shaw’s first reaction is tieguanyin. Xiao Senzhou is from Quanzhou, the family is a generation of tea farmers, the family can produce more than 10 thousand kilograms of tea per year. A few years ago, the family also opened a shop, do tea wholesale business, mainly by mother and brother take care of. Tea, tea, since childhood is part of his life, the hardships and hardships of tea farmers, he has firsthand experience.

has long been suffering from poor sales channels in Quanzhou tea farmers. Most farmers do not understand the outside market, usually at home waiting for merchants to collect tea, tea and tea quality is not good as often as an excuse to malicious demand, this make the tea very embarrassed.

does not sell tea, long storage time into Chen tea, not sell; sell it, not cash, such as tea tea are sold to get money. In Xiao Senzhou’s view, merchants have only their own money, regardless of farmers. After tea merchants several times after the transfer, to the hands of consumers, the price should be higher than the cost of more than 50%.

Xiao Senzhou every time home, see fellow villagers hard to grow tea, fried tea, but the results can not earn much money, I was in a hurry.

Xiao Senzhou in mind small calculations, through direct online shop, tea prices can be cheaper than the market price of 50%, the more expensive tea, the price range will be >