recently saw some of the webmaster’s tasks on Witkey, some sympathy. Witkey this concept and the rise of the site, 1 or 2 years time, the media has also been speculation, and even some Witkey also melt into money. However, after the 1, 2 years of development, we can see that the operation of these people the level of Witkey platform is not enough, it may be said the strength (including Qian Li) is not in place, there is no Ma burn courage, no strong development reserves. All this is the cause of the present situation.

they are too stressed (profitable or against investors), which results in quick success and instant benefit. I used to have a mission, a simple assignment in china. I would like to know the operation of the platform and to judge the level of the workers on the regular platform.

results show that the platform consists of the following categories:

1, a student at school,

, a young student who is studying

2, new manual

that hasn’t been working very long

3 and Sohu gens

4, some small design companies,

5, a very small number of professional workers

several of my tasks are simple, and the results are summarized above.

most of the participants in my job are "immature". It looks very busy, but the quality is very unsatisfactory. OK, just try. The main reason why I didn’t dare to invest money on the platform to find a part-time job was based on distrust of his system. As mentioned in the article, some systems. This system causes money to go in and don’t think about it. In most cases, the quality of the task is not satisfactory. So what do you do, only you.

: my solution is to use very little money to release recruitment information, make part-time direct contact with me, my assessment of their ability, and then through the Alipay task for them. Satisfaction is the only payment. Of course, I can understand that advertising is not allowed by the Witkey platform for a long time. But if they want to improve and make a big platform, they should consider the following factors:

1, intermediary commission can not be too high, to be reasonable, different tasks should be different, through the system to specify.

2, there should be a reasonable refund mechanism and evaluation means

The best with

3, Alipay these big intermediary platform for cooperation or develop their own

an intermediary mechanism

this article is with the development of, and spent 10 minutes to write, and we hope to add deficiencies.