for website construction, I personally engaged in 5 years of experience, I still think it is more important. Remember, do a station is purely to make money, and then try to update, and then have a profitable effect, directly to another site, so a change to do, for profit, waste a lot of websites. Now is no longer, because now the search engine is becoming more and more intelligent, so that this way has been slowly canceled and reduced. In this way, we can only do our stand well, because this is not the case, our profit is not achieved, as far as I am concerned, I want to say is a choice of website construction, a layout. And share with you two basic elements of the station.

1: seeing development, finding advantages,

now many people are profitable and do stand, so, in the website construction of this problem, we want to be more good to look at the modern network development is how?. How to seize the best opportunity in the fast developing network era is the most important. In fact, the network construction is just like we do things, very time will be more low-key, to prevent the gun fight bird, to relax the policy, you must is to high-profile, so as to better highlight your talent. The same is true of the network, in the search engine intelligent today, we must have this understanding, seize the best opportunity, so that their website can be more outstanding. Want to become the new darling of the era of network, so it is necessary to have a keen insight, see the development trend of the industry, so you can give more good to develop their own advantages, the same kind of website behind.

find the advantage, is to find your own advantage, in fact, website construction, as we all know, one is relying on their relationships, because you can go directly to the station do you want to do, like the local portal website is a good example, and the the benefit is very considerable. The two is their technical ability strong, this is to rely on their own, talented people will be found one day sooner or later, do not rely on anything, by virtue of their ability, their website construction has become a highly specialized type of site, this site can also be recognized and welcomed very much the people.

two: Solidarity team, perfect marketing strategy,

goeseveryone material high flame, this sentence is not wrong, the construction site is not a person to do it, because it requires a lot of maintenance, so that a stable, solid team becomes more and more popular, a very simple comparison, if the company site optimization, only to find as the team to complete, instead will give you a person to go alone. People are not perfect, so everyone in the team has its own advantages, and our team of all division of labor, mutual complementarity, or is very good, and this also has the same industry