I have been in the network company to do promotion, but this year to enter traditional enterprises, time suddenly enough. One day, I suddenly found little money Ali mother account, know last year with a WP program to do a single page station also generated income, the station is an idle with the domain name of the space is the company that sent ten articles did not care too, and today it is the domain name space and money back. Taking into account their own time to teach by play the abundant guest.

1, Taobao

customer first

at the beginning of last year I contacted Taobao, when a team of YY channel, share their experience Amoy Amoy lecturer. At the beginning of the side, there are friends through a large number of free blog, or go to the forum to optimize the post, or do a single page stand to profit. I don’t always love to do this blog and forum posting live itself and no toil, do large lecturer guest site experience, the use of WP linked to a single page, because not much spare time, in addition to the cited the spiders in the Webmaster Platform, did not deliberately send the chain.

2, flood templates give me lesson one,

because the author is a technical white, will only be a WP or DEDE template to do station. The large guest site cannot play, not so much experience to toss. Just have extra space, their hands and have a domain name, the author has done a bang bang pig bed guard WP single page station with a template with rotten pills.

After the construction of the

website, according to past experience, the author who do content construction. But a week, half a month later, the site has not been included in Baidu. I use log software analysis of a website log, found that Baidu spider often follow the link into the web site, but it is not included. Even appeared on the day included, the next day and delete the phenomenon. I consulted a friend just know this old Amoy, single page template has been used in the disaster caused by flooding water. Later, I change another set of templates, and then go to lead spider, the site included in three days.

concluded: try not to use the template if the disaster caused by flooding water Amoy, and also need to change some tags, typesetting and other information.

3, the unpopular keywords gave me second lessons,

in addition to the company’s website needs the author to promote, there is a private list, the author did not intend to put most of the energy to the Taobao railway station above. So the choice, try to avoid the fierce competition, and the choice of some popular, but high conversion rate, high commission words. As the recent selection of bang bang pig flagship stores, although the brand word has a certain index, but even if you will "XXX flagship store" optimization to Baidu home page, every month to bring traffic is pitiful.


pre made such a mistake, although I will stick the pig’s flagship store, XX flagship store, the official website of XX multiple keyword optimization to Baidu home page, but every month accumulated.