SEM- search engine marketing, countless SEO webmaster want to do, because whether it is to do SEO, do rankings are to start marketing work better, and for the medical industry, SEM and SEO need more cooperation, as well, with only two patients with good, to solve the problem in order to better, to make patients trust your site, in order to enhance the conversion rate, so today from here and the webmaster to explore the relationship between medical SEM and SEO, hoping to help us improve.

1) SEM is the target of SEO optimization

SEO is for the SEM service through the SEO, when the SEM achieved good sales, it is no doubt gratifying, but when you find that your website ranking first, traffic is quite high, but rarely on the website of the patient consultation, patient amount to diagnosis of the poor, this time to consider next, whether the SEO keyword can really for your SEM, or search engine marketing services, it requires SEOER to analyze the opponents, high conversion words to enhance the effect of SEM.

2) SEO is the foundation of SEM to ensure

webmaster, all know the words "content is king, the chain for emperor", successfully helped many owners, while SEM was more stationmaster attention, but it is because of SEM in SEO on the basis of upgrading, especially in the content and the chain up, a real-life example: a large number of each promotion Suning’s day before, the propaganda is actually the process of our SEO, and customers to shop, whether the transaction, it depends on the ability to store sales staff will be the customer into a product owner, and this conversion process is SEM, so SEO is very important to ensure the foundation.

3) SEM needs new relationships outside of SEO,

now network marketing is not limited to the engine optimization, more and more media propaganda platform, such as alliance advertising, advertising platform and marketing platform, from the simple to the expansion of Baidu, Google, Sogou, soso and other multi engine marketing, even including the new micro-blog, so the SEM needs more combined with the times combined with the user’s habits, and marketing.


, the two are inseparable, interdependent, to reasonable understanding the relationship between the SEO and SEM to carry out accurate search engine optimization and search engine marketing, to better do promotion and conversion, let us reflect our values. To summarize my feelings for everyone to share, I QQ597681772, the Beijing Tian Dermatology Hospital ( chief Luna Rooney, racked her brain to write out, do not want to link deleted it, thank you for your cooperation.