now many people do web site on a habitual pattern: find a set of templates + change the picture + next collector + collection point article.

all right. Now start SEO or ask for help. Look at the optimization. To tell you the truth, in these people’s hearts, it’s too easy to make a website. Such a collection of garbage stations, they also as a baby like, called him thrown, he also felt that his life, the day IP more than 100 wife than happy to marry.

you use the template, N, many people are also using ah, template function is fixed, give you an ordinary paper mill, you can not create bills. One thing I admit, I chose the right direction and made a good job of SEO. It’s good to do it, even if it’s a template, the website can achieve a good profit. But after all, it is very rare, and it is not very profitable. It is getting more and more difficult.

A station such as can have a big weakness even if it’s profitable. Easy to be new station beyond, others develop a far better than your system, good publicity, it is easy to ride on your head.

therefore, the website must have its own innovation, and have its own soul, so it is easy to become bigger and stronger. Collection, I will not say more, directly a word, acquisition can be equated with garbage.

sites have no value, and commercialization is out of the question. The value of a website is mainly embodied in the following three aspects:

1: Scale (quantity): the website must have a certain scale, including a certain amount of content (page number), or a certain amount of users, or a certain amount of questions, number of people;

2: originality (quality): "people without me, people have my new, people, new, I am fine" – and others are different, this is a new site of the key,


3: profit (visible profit model): survival, is the primary purpose of the website; website profit, is the premise of survival; third of them is particularly important, in the past, sites are only one-sided pursuit of visits, ignore the most fundamental question of "survival", so too the bubble. How to turn the attention of the eye into value is the biggest challenge for the existing commercial websites. When personal websites are commercialized, it is unavoidable to face the severe test.

personal website how to commercial website transformation, first of all, to make clear personal website and commercial website difference, make full preparation:

content: in this Internet filled Copy, personal websites don’t need to consider too many copyright issues, and commercial websites should pay attention everywhere;

Technology: commercial websites need more technical support, system maintenance and programming;

teams: business websites need a more complete portfolio of people: Leadership + Management + Finance + technology + Design + editing >