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Baidu HI, you can choose to come out, beta you can also end. Even if your function is worse, even if you are more difficult than MSN, even if you can’t compare with QQ, you should come out.



March 20th afternoon, the recent hot lead coral version of QQ infringement case in the afternoon in Shenzhen Nanshan District court verdict, the court found the defendant Chen Shoufu guilty of the crime of copyright infringement and sentenced to three years imprisonment, fined 1 million 200 thousand yuan.

Chen Shoufu, we’re still sentenced. We don’t talk about the law now, and the discussion isn’t interesting. You and I can’t change it. It is clear who the law belongs to now. You kill, death. A big star killed, ha ha, manslaughter,

went back to business, QQ, MHT, and said, "Chen Shoufu violated his rights, so let’s review the process.". At the beginning of the TMD, MHT casually changed OICQ a little bit is ICQ, and even the names are copied from other people OICQ. Then QQ will fight with a group of people, OICQ MSN~~ QQ, he hit anyone not to win, but Chen Shoufu, thought that MHT, his software to optimize, it forward to give him QQ to retain the tens of millions of users, but TMD MHT wings, began to learn Chen the United States, began to abandon his "wife"…

MHT these behavior aroused strong anger, I recently saw a large number of users said that because now cannot do without QQ, but see that after the incident, the first time they removed the QQ official version, download version of coral.

jokes, Ma Huateng downloads the coral version on the official website, and now turns it against it. It’s like you’re sleeping with your boyfriend, and when you get the money, start suing him for rape.


Chinese people also can not do without, your Baidu HI’s appearance will certainly be a QQ, you have a very deep customer base. Favorable geographical position, the Chinese own brand, we do not forget, once QQ space, there are Japanese spy plug-in, people and, QQ caused a strong anger.

Baidu HI, you come at the right time