Google news and Google is warming up, really want to leave China? Chinese Google and government to negotiate these days in Google left like a raging fire, seems to have become a foregone conclusion, online speech, said 99% may, of course, ultimately what the situation is, we haven’t seen, and wait for the final official notice.

from the January 13th Google or will completely withdraw from the market China off "events since the start, Google will exit the speech has been discussed for more than 2 months, during which the netizens have speculated that the final results, Google and China official also repeated negotiations, even once heard that the United States government to intervene. For Google’s departure, there are a lot of online analysis, we can not determine what is the root cause of forcing Google to leave, but now it seems inevitable to leave. Some people say that "Google has never intended to, at the end of March" doomsday ", if you found in April 1st to open Google China website, please believe that it is not April Fool’s joke."

if Google really left, what happened China Internet will be done in the A5 forum? A debate "Google exit, China Internet supervision is to continue to strengthen or reduce the intensity, there are two aspects of the view that" Affirmative encourages Internet supervision, Yi Sheng up qiongkou Yong that may be a threat to national enterprises, contrary to the domestic law will be double the day before yesterday, Yahoo, Google, HP, XXX tomorrow today. Foreign enterprises as long as not China laws will be repatriated, the opposing view that "will weaken the regulation of the Internet, the encounter Google, have internal injuries, regardless of external communication, WTO, the external image of the image, have scars, just The word once spoken, Sima difficult to recover. Supervision will be taken seriously after this word, may often say nothing". I don’t know. What’s your attitude,


China Internet is stored in the very period, ongoing network consolidation, Minister of the Ministry of Li Yizhong said the firm attitude, although the network reorganization process some overkill, but said, "at least in the first quarter of this period of time, I’m afraid to work harder, so that it can be in this special rectification, see the effect". Do not know whether it means that Google after the incident, the government will continue to strengthen the network supervision, accountability from Google is an even tougher still behind? Chinese Internet started late, these years of rapid development, but relatively disordered, online information clutter, the Internet is not an effective policy guidance. Although the number of Chinese to millions of individual owners, small "guerrilla warfare", personal website of the lack of effective supervision and guidance, can not form a strong. This is reality.

if the government is now the responsibility back Google, continue the network against tough attitude, some do not meet the requirements of the government of national policy of foreign Internet all blow off, Chinese Internet may return to the initial state. As the article says, "if Google returns"