community is nothing more than the profit pattern of advertising and advertising traffic, but the premise is that you want to make money, there is no user traffic enough, if the user clicks, your income is scanty, there are several sites like Sina, Google such a huge user resources, they certainly can flow to maximize the value of and we, as a personal forum but poor people put ads in their pages also have not received a few coins, not enough money to pay the cost of space, oh ~ ~ ~ no flow how to make money? Many of the webmaster card died in the flow of small, no income of the face of adversity, and gradually go to the community business end.

I’m here with all the webmaster community to share adversity in his own way, the community is also a long time before I was in trouble, I community flow is the main location of my own community is not a professional community, entertainment, comprehensive community, not what their own characteristics and expertise. Where big enough fame, relying on the community entertainment topic is difficult to sustain, but seeing the on-line membership and fewer traffic going straight downhill, I also helpless ah. The flow is too small, advertising can not pull, and not their products can be sold, others refused to take me to sell this product, free and open to the public areas such as community, I really can not think of other ways to profit, I once wanted to give up the operation and management of their own set up the community, or entrust and transfer to others, engage in legitimate career, when I want to give up, a friend recommended a new profit model, the joint operation of web game platform a webmaster to me, the joint operation of the so-called, is simply the game manufacturers + + personal bubbles webmaster = win-win, is said to be without any conditions to join, you can immediately have increased community entertainment game channel, which does not need to pay any fee to have the game The right to operate, just my community also lack the game, this plate, really have to pay all the time ah, but also does not need my daily maintenance, just like the sky pie, incredible!

!After joining

, our main push all platform game in the community, led members to experience the game, did not think of this sector since the fire, I have been ignoring the fact that everyone has game needs, but the hidden demand was not excited, under my step by step guide, I the game board become a member of an indispensable part of daily leisure, they will often have time online play, even in the work of members will play two time. The game is also unprecedented lively discussion, help members in the area, shouted beaten giant miserable, the forum of the martial arts master asked the rescue, all kinds of communication can be said to be all kinds of. The Forum on the popularity of fire, more important is the stronger cohesive core users, because the game, enhance the forum users feelings, we are all in the game and the game like brothers, alliance "